Our Christmas Eve 2012

Thursday, January 3, 2013
I know. I know. Call me lazy.  I have been a lame blogger. BUT I have actually been quite busy working on a lot of projects. They just have not been on my computer.  I look forward to sharing them with you very soon.   However, as you know I share a lot about our Christmases here.  One year,  I even went back  and entered all our Christmas pasts since Will was born!

This year a friend asked if we go to church on Christmas Eve.  That is one of our traditions so I invited her to join us and she did.



So, we went to the children's mass and then we went to Fleming's Steak house for dinner.  That tradition varies back and forth between eating at home and going out.  If we go out (which Will prefers) we let the boys go all out and order whatever they want. Will talked all month about wanting a really good restaurant meal which is funny because we kind if eat out a lot. Will had a filet with a red wine reduction and madeira mushrooms and Harry had Alaskan King crab legs.  My boys LOVE good food and this night is a special treat for them.  They ate well.  Kate and I stuck to salads and sides and shared dessert.

After we got home, we cozy-ed up into our PJ's and read Twas the night before Christmas and the story of the birth of Jesus...


That Harry is such a clown!



Even Scout listens carefully to the stories...


After that, we let each of the peanuts open one gift.  I always but the boys a nutcracker and I get Kate an ornament (although she wants nutcrackers now too)...

Harry got to go first since he is the middle child (I was a middle child too;)



Harry is playing Lacrosse this year and I was able to track down a lacrosse nutcracker (albeit small).

Next was Kate's turn...



Kate fell in love with this ornament went we went to see the Nutcracker ballet.  She asked for it then but I said no as I had bought her a book.  I snuck and bought it for her as I was buying the book and tucked it away. She was thrilled and surprised.

Finally, Will had a turn.
 I searched for a swimmer or water polo nutcracker for him as he on on both teams at this high school.  However, I could not find them.  I saw this one though and knew he would love it.  And he did!  He told me it was one of his favorites of all time!

It is a cuckoo clock!


Next we hang our stocking...Harry was not feeling well so I think he went up to bed...




Finally, Kate had some reindeer food that Bagel sent to sprinkle on the front lawn...



Honestly, we were all so tired that I think we forgot to leave Santa a snack!  I am sure other people left enough food for him though...





Next post will be our Christmas Day.

I am so excited for 2013!!  I have some very exciting things on the horizon and I feel so hopeful.

I need to go check on Harry as he is upstairs really sick with a BAD migraine.  He clutches that holding cross  when he is in pain so another thank you to our "friend" who sent it.  And Will is on a date!  Sshh..he'll kill me if he knows I told y'all.

{And I know it upsets/bothers some of you when I apologize for my photos but oh well I am honest here.  These bother me.  I wish I could crop some and lighten some. I still don't have any editing software on my new computer and my laptop is still crashed so I could not brighten/lighten any of these.  I do not edit a lot of my photos but I really hate not having the option to lighten some of these up.  I was using my external flash but it did not always go off.  I am sure I will go back and edit them and fix this post sometime soon.}


  1. Harry's Nutcracker is perfect! Can't believe you found that.

    Love your traditions,

    Santa certainly had a lot of patience for wrapping those gifts so perfectly.

  2. It's funny because I am always in awe of your photography. But I know we all have our "things" that are just never quite how we envision them to be in our heads. I love your brown craft paper gift wrapping. A classic!


  3. Moments captured are more important than perfection. Hope your son feels better
    Your sons are expensive eaters, better watch that wallet. Christmas deserves big!
    Love the gift wrap.
    Can't wait go hear your news!

  4. What a fun Christmas Eve! Love all of your sweet traditions!

    Carson is playing lacrosse for the first time this spring so Cory found that same lacrosse nutcracker online for him. He was thrilled!

  5. Christmas is beautiful at your house!
    I have Harry in my thoughts and prayers. Poor guy, migraines are the worst. I hope he outgrows them and learns his triggers and how to avoid them in the meantime.

  6. What a beautiful Christmas Eve. I love seeing the traditions other families have.

    And yes, poor Harry. I have migraines (as does my mom, for days at a time), and I can recall feeling so sick when I was young and had them. My mom would put cool sheets on the bed, and I loved it.

    Happy New Year!

  7. I feel a warm smile come over me when I see your family posts! You are such a beautiful family and I truly feel the warmth and love. I MUST get that lacrosse nutcracker, where on earth did you find it! My son is a serious player and this would make him so happy!! Everything looks stunning...and indeed it looks like Christmas 2012 was a mighty good one, Kim.
    May the blessings and good fortune continue in abundance in 2013!

  8. Lovely Christmas Eve! Looks so sweet and special -- just like you and your family. Praying for sweet Harry to feel better! Happy 2013!

  9. Poor Harry!! Hope today is a better day!! And your pictures are fabulous!! I might just post one of our Christmas day photos so you can see what bad phototgraphy looks like. My kids are going to think we spent our holidays out of focus.

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  11. Everything looks P.E.R.F.E.C.T.! I recently purchased a new camera for blogging and have been playing with all the settings. Photography is so tricky :/ Keep up the great work because we all love it :) Your such an inspiration to us all! I feel bad for Harry :( I suffer from migraines as well, Maxalt and a dark room are the only things that work for me.

  12. Happy New Year Kim! You totally made my day with that comment - and I'm sure going to try and live it in 2013. The shirt is from www.randomobjects.net - I ordered one too :) Good luck with your new office and may Gob bless you BIG in the new year. xo

  13. where did you get the cute pjs you are wearing?

    1. I got them at TJ Maxx. I love a good bargain so I go there a lot. They are a light soft flannel and I love them. I think Valerie Bertinelli is the brand...so weird?!

  14. I hope Harry is feeling better! When did Will get so tall?? Looks like your Christmas Eve was really nice. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

  15. Oh I love the cuckoo clock nutcracker, and your wrapping is exquisite! Well done. Must say, I snorted out laughing over that photo of Harry... he really is a comic!! :)


  16. Such a beautiful home, I love your decor. Sweet sweet chrismtas photos.

  17. I't looks like you had a warm and beautiful Christmas Eve. I love the pajamas and all of the other sweet traditions. We totally forgot to put out milk and cookies for Santa, too...thankfully Kerry didn't seem to notice. I hope Harry is feeling better. Happy New Year to you and your sweet family.

    Gin =)

  18. One day you will have some VERY blessed DIL's! I hope they will TREASURE the Nutcrackers that you give their *husbands*!!! What a great tradition!

  19. Such wonderful family traditions...your children are very lucky. (And the best part is you can tell they know it!) Happy new year!

  20. i love your christmas eve traditions! and i think your pictures are beautiful! your family is growing up so....all so good looking ;) cute jammies too. thanks for the recap.

  21. Happy New Year Kim .. beautiful photos and Christmas eve traditions. Love both yours and Kate's pj's! And the nutcrackers .. adorable. We need the lax one for sure ;).

  22. Happy New Year Kim and Co! Beautiful photos and it sounds like the new year is off to a great start.

  23. Happy New Year Kim & Co. I am one who thinks that your pictures should never arrive with apologies. They are fantastic and thank you for sharing. It looks like this year is off to a great start. :)

  24. Happy New Year!
    Sounds like a sweet family time together on Christmas Eve!
    Somehow we ended up with the tradition of eating Mexican food on Christmas Eve!


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