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Tuesday, November 20, 2012
I have been so absent from the blog world lately. As is true with everyone, life just gets busy and before I know it, I am too tired to do anything else. Anyway last week my very dear friend from Virginia flew in to visit for my birthday.  It was very special.  We had a great time!  It was so good to have extended time hanging out with one of my besties.  You know it is so hard with all our kids (she has 3 too) and busy lives to really get uninterrupted time like that.  We both instagram so most our pictures are from our phones:)  And this was before I got the new Iphone 5 so mine are the bad ones.

Bagel arrived last Saturday at about noon and we wasted no time.  We went to a mall in the suburbs that has an ice rink, a build a bear (for Kate) and an Apple store (for me).  I am not a mall person at all but Bagel wanted to spoil my kiddos and Dave and I needed to look at a computer.   Bagel was kind enough to offer to skate with the kids while Dave and I looked at computers.  She is so thoughtful that way.

 First, Bagel ice skated with Kate and Harry...

Kate skating toward the American girl store:)

They all love to ice skate.  Kate is very funny.  She watches the really good skaters and then tries to imitate them.  She is rather good considering she has only skated 3 times in her life.  Wish we could find the time to squeeze in some lessons but she is too busy as it is with dance, gymnastics and violin.

While they skated, Dave and I went to look at a much needed new computer for me.  My laptop is so old.  It is out of memory.  Some of the letters on the keyboard don't work (hence all my typos).  And the power cord is being held together with duct tape (not kidding).  We found one but in true Apple style, they don't have any yet.  Should be out any day now.

 The boys all went back to the Apple store while Bagel and I took Kate to build a Bear.

Bagel absolutely spoiled Kate in Build a Bear.  
She seemed to get so much JOY out of watching Kate be happy.  That is a true friend.

 Kate chose Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and lots of fun clothes/accessories too:)

After the mall, we got cleaned up and Dave, Bagel and I headed out to a chic restaurant called UP.  

I know I look tall next to Bagel but I am not.  She is really tiny. 
 Usually, I am the petite one in photos but she is really petite.

UP was so beautiful and the food was fabulous!

It was all decorated for Christmas and the restaurant is all windows so we got to see all the beautiful white lights wrapping the palm trees along Westheimer Blvd.  It was gorgeous.

You enter the restaurant  in that glass elevator.
Once inside, you see this STUNNING chandelier...

The whole restaurant is beautifully designed and the views are fabulous and metropolitan.

I had roasted butternut squash agnolotti with sage brown butter, toasted pumpkin seed oil and shaved  two year aged parmigiana.  It was divine!   It was the perfect serving size and it melted in my mouth.

Dave started with the lobster bisque which was large and quite good. Then he had a seared red snapper filet in a tangy sauce atop jasmine rice with leeks and garlic chips.  It was delicious  too.

And Bagel had the beet salad with arugula, toasted hazelnuts, goat cheese tossed in a citrus vinaigrette. She really enjoyed hers as well.

Sunday, we went to church and then took Bagel to our favorite breakfast place in town.  It was SO good. This is seriously one of our favorite places on earth.  My favorite is the Mexican Omelet.  Harry and Kate love the cinnamon-pecan waffles.  Will loves the bacon (surprised?) and the cheese and avocado omelet.  And Dave always gets Huevos Motulenos and Bagel tried them too. It is making me hungry just typing this.

That usually puts us in a food coma but we somehow managed to muster up some energy and hit the driving range with the kids.  The boys recently got some "new to them" golf clubs.  Dave is a really good golfer and we hope that this will become a family sport.  Or at least all the boys can golf together.  However, one little girl really wants to get in there with them.

Dave is such a great teacher.

Harry golfs lefty even though he is right handed:)

Will is doing pretty well.

The rest of the visit Bagel and I shopped, ate, and had a reflexology massage.
  She also wanted to observe Kate's ballet class (and they let her).

 Bagel got this one with her phone of Kate looking up at Dave:)

Thank you Bagel for flying out to visit us.  You spoiled us all with your love and generosity!!!  Everyone on our family was sad to see you go.

The story behind Bagel's name...  When Kate was a baby we would often meet my friend at Panera and I would asked Kate if she wanted a bagel.   Kate associated my friend with the word Bagel and when Kate started talking she called my friend Bagel and it stuck.  So cute!!!

And finally, I am not one to usually snap my outfit with my phone like all those fashion bloggers but I loved my "budget conscious but cute" outfit the other day.  I got my denim skirt and the heart sweater (similar here) both at Old Navy.  My gingham shirt is from here and it's a deal too.  It's 30% off with code right now.

Excuse my awkward smirk/smile.  Clearly I was uncomfortable.

Okay, so this was a big catch up post but I am really behind and will probably do a few more like this.  I love storing all our family memories here.

I am going to try to post tomorrow.  We have one of our annual traditions.  But in case I don't....
Happy Thanksgiving!!! I love Thanksgiving because I love the virtue of gratitude.  I try to practice it every single day and teach my kids to as well.  So I love a holiday that reminds us (even in hard times) to count our blessings.  


  1. At first I thought that picture was taken at a dry cleaners, now I think it is actually your closet and I am SO jealous!

    What a great time you had with Bagel! Do you really call her that in person or is it her blog nickname?

    1. It is my closet and I LOVE my closet. I am super grateful for it.

      We DO call her Bagel. I just added the story of why to the post. KAte called her that first:)

  2. Love this...things look great over there,and happy to see you are having a ball in your downtime:) Its a busy busy time and I find myself being spread thin too.....either late morning or late at night. Oh well we do what we can! Love the name, can you not love her with a name like that? And love your outfit, have a thing for gingham....those fashion bloggers have nothing on you.
    A happy and healthy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  3. So glad you had a fantastic visit with your good friend!

  4. What a fun time and sweet friend -- you are so lucky to have her -- she's pretty lucky too to have you! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. kim- so glad you guys had a chance to catch up, clearly you had a SUPER time!! i did chuckle when you added that 'bagel is teeny'- i thought in my head when i saw the picture, wow, kim must be taller than i thought!

    AND, although i too thought your outfit was adorable, i had trouble focusing because your closet made me drool. love that it's color coded-

    happy thanksgiving to all the peanuts!

  6. kim- so glad you guys had a chance to catch up, clearly you had a SUPER time!! i did chuckle when you added that 'bagel is teeny'- i thought in my head when i saw the picture, wow, kim must be taller than i thought!

    AND, although i too thought your outfit was adorable, i had trouble focusing because your closet made me drool. love that it's color coded-

    happy thanksgiving to all the peanuts!

  7. Thank you, Kim...for this lovely post and an amazing five days. You are an incredible friend, wife and mother. I'm beyond blessed to have you in my life. Can't wait 'til the next time. XOXO, Bagel

  8. Oh my! Miss Kate looked like she had a lot of fun! :) I love build a bear. I think it's positively the coolest place. It sells teddy hearts and stuffed animals! What's not to love? I fact, all of you looked like you had fun. I have a special post on my blog, it's meant for miss Kate :) the pictures and the video. I thought maybe she would like seeing the post because of her love for gymnastics cheerleading and dance :)

  9. i am so glad her parents did not name that beautiful woman Bagel. LOL. I was reading the whole post thinking her name was really Bagel until the end. LOL! i love great friends like that! my bestie lives 2000 miles away - we've been best friends for over 20 years now and talk on the phone every day!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving "S" family!!! What a fun time with your pal!!!!!!! One of these years, I am getting Kate out on those skates!!!!


  11. I have that same heart sweater from ON! Sounds like a fabuous time with Bagel! And what a sweet rudolph Kate arrived home with. :)

    Happy (American) Thanksgiving!!!



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