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Wednesday, November 21, 2012
I know it is not even Thanksgiving yet but we always go see Santa Claus the day before Thanksgiving.  See, everyone else is busy getting ready for the turkey dinner or travel so there are barely any lines.  And I detest lines.  So, every year we are amongst the first in line to see the big man the day before turkey day.  And can I say how great Will is?  He is a teenager (15 and a 1/2!) and he will still go see Santa to make his Mama happy.  I'll tell y'all~ whoever marries that boy is gonna be one lucky girl!!!!

Kate and her American Girl "Katie" were very excited standing in line.  


 As you can see, Harry was more interested in his phone!






Kate told Santa she wants a sewing machine.  He was quite surprised by that request.  It is what she really wants though.  She has hopes of being a fashion designer.


I know this one above is blurry but I love Harry's facial expression:)


Ksanta 12_0427

After Santa, we go let the kids eat whatever they want from the Food Court.  I think they love that because we rarely let them eat fast food.   Of course, we needed a few obligatory tree shots by the ice rink and food court...



Then after browsing in a few stores, they go to Dylan's Candy Bar for a treat!




I am so disappointed in my photos this year.  I just cannot stand indoor/mall lighting.

Here is a short video of them talking to Santa...

and here is the "mall shot"

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!!!

We are about to partake in another annual family tradition...
watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and bake an apple pie for tomorrow!!!


  1. I love that I have followed you long enough to know your Santa, then candy tradition :) You have an amazing family! I absolutely love that Will and Harry get in the photo, too!!!

  2. Happy thanksgiving! What a great idea!

  3. Haven't commented in Forever but continue to LOVE your blog,advice,style...
    3 years ago our daughter asked Santa for a sewing machine and because of her age, Santa brought a "toy" machine that he thought looked pretty good-it ended up to be totally junk and we had one disappointed child whom I ended up teaching to sew on my big good machine. And she was totally capable of using a real machine. The next year Santa brought her a Real machine-she loves it. My advice have Santa go for a real machine. Our sewing store had a lot of entry level machines and I'm sure Kate will be capable of using a real machine and will love it!!! As always thanks for sharing through your blog. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Sweet photos!! Wish we had been smart enough to see Santa before the lines!! The kids look adorable and so do you and Dave. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I remember seeing these "same" shots last year, and the year before! It's been nice watching your sweet Peanuts grow..thank's so much for sharing. Kate looks so sweet in her dress and I love that she's requested a sewing machine. And I can't get over how tall Will has gotten! I love, love, love the shot of you with all three of them.

    Gin =)

  6. LOVE! I am definitely snitching a photo :)

  7. i seriously teared up looking at these photos. I love that will took a picture with santa. i hope my bradley is so sweet to his littles when he grows up!

  8. I KNEW Santa was originally from Texas!! Ha! I love his Texas drawl. :)


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