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Friday, November 16, 2012
As all the catalogs start to pour in, I really enjoy seeing what is out in the stores.  I love fashion and I love shopping.  But these days I prefer to do it from my computer.  I loathe going to the stores during the holidays.  I get a bit claustrophobic. So, I thought I'd share some things for the next month that are on my radar.  Some I might be buying as gifts and some I just think are really cute.  This post is all about little girls but don't worry, I will post other ideas as well. (don't worry, I linked everything)

For little girls....

I LOVE these quilted Boots

And these Wellies of course.  

How fabulous would they be in Sparkling Silver or Hot Pink on a rainy day?

  How cute would this ♥ tee  be for Valentine's Day?  Or anyday.

And all of these dresses are so cute....

This one would be so cute for a Christmas of New Years's party...

And I am LOVING Tartan for both me and for Kate.  Look at these...

They even have a little girl's bubble necklace out now!

And on my cute is this tulle backpack for sleepovers???

These cupcake lip glosses would be a perfect stocking stuffer...

and this belt would be good for the stocking too.

And as far as a creative toy, I know one little girl that has this on her Christmas list...

Have a great weekend.  I'll be back soon:)


  1. Oh my -- so many cute things! Love it!

  2. Goodness...those backpacks are DARLING! My oldest (10) has the pink Hunters...seriously wears them a TON...rain, snow (with the socks), to/from basketball practices, soccer games, etc. Really get our $ worth, so bought the silver for my younger...xmas gift (got silver so my son can eventually wear). They really are FAB boots!

  3. I can honestly see Kate in every thing you post. You know her so well :)

  4. I really like the tartan too!
    I was out shopping this morning for something for my 12 year old daughter. No luck, but maybe this afternoon!

  5. OMG that tulle backpack is too cute. I love anything plaid or tartan...and have a "thing" for rainboots! All great choices!

  6. that backpack is to die for! I just got Coco the tartan tunic shirt for her Christmas pageant, love it.

  7. You had me at the boots!! I have seriously bought 3 pairs of RED cowboy boots already for my girl....but GUESS WHAT...she doesn't have quilted RED boots!! Ha!!! That Tulle backpack caught my eye as well!!! LOVE!! LOVE! LOVE!!

    Wishing you and your beautiful family a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

    *Ok...going page thru your old post to find out how to order my Christmas cards!!

  8. I am currently trying to put together a favorite things post too .. LOVE so many of yours - even though they are for little girls and I do not have one! :(
    I have those those pink hunter wellies with the leopard inserts .. and just got a pair of black quilted .. you know, since it it sooo cold and snowy here in florida ;)


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