Nutcracker 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012
Last year, I took Kate to see the Nutcracker for the very first time.  She LOVED it!  So, we decided to make a tradition of it  (for now).  We went to the Houston Ballet matinee today and it was so good!  We took a few photos before we left for the show....


Kate wore a hot pink silk tunic with gorgeous swarovski crystals and velvet leggings.  We bought this outfit a few years ago when I fell in love with the dress that is similar from Moo Boo's (you can see Kate in the dress here). A little boutique sold me this outfit after Christmas for a song.
We have just been waiting for it to fit.



Before the show, Kate watched the musicians warm up in the orchestra pit.
She particularly loved watching the violinists as she plays the violin too.


After the show, we raced up to the green room to meet some of the performers.  Kate was so excited that the minute the curtain went down, she said "Let's go mama!" And we were the first in the green room to meet the ballerinas!  Like Mother like daughter!

Clara came in the room right away and Kate rushed right up to meet her.


I bought Kate the Nutcracker book right before the show and she had the ballerinas sign it.


Next, we got to meet the Sugar Plum Fairy.  She was AMAZING!!!
Truly, she was one of the best dancers I have ever seen.


Then Kate met the Arabian dancer...


It was another magical Mom-daughter day.  Watching Kate watch the performance is such a JOY for me.  Kate is not only wowed by the visual beauty and dance but she would also constantly tell me which instruments were playing.  She could hear the various parts and would tell me that's the tambourines/violin/cello, castanets/harp Mama!  She mimicked playing the violin along with the orchestra. She even has a favorite song in the show.  She has such a musical ear.  I never noticed the various instruments as she did.

We had such a nice time together.  Kate really loves the arts. I would not be surprised if someday Kate either dances in or plays the violin for the Nutcracker as she dreams of doing.

I hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving!
 I will share a post about our Thanksgiving in a day or two.


  1. How wonderful!! My youngest is having a Nutcracker birthday party in December. We are also going to see the performance this week!!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. What a special day! I can't wait for our little girl to be old enough to enjoy the nutcracker. You are such a fabulous mom! If you ever decide to sell Kate's darling tunic and velvet leggings please let me know. I too, would wait years to see my daughter in such a sweet outfit! Happy Holidays to you Kim!

  3. What a special day! I look forward to the day our little girl can enjoy a live performance of the Nutcracker! You are such a fabulous mother Kim! If you ever decide to sell Kate's darling tunic and velvet leggings please let me know...I too, would wait years to see my daughter in such a cute outfit! Happy Holidays to your sweet family!

  4. I do the Nutcracker with my girls, my Mother and my sister and neice. This will be our 3rd year. I love the tradition. Glad you and Kate had a wonderful time.

  5. I do the Nutcracker every year with my girls, my Mother, sister and neice. This will be our 3rd year. I love the tradition too. David takes our boys on a special afternoon as well. Glad you had a good time with Kate.

  6. What a fun mommy/daughter outing! Kamree and I are going in a couple of weeks and I can't wait. We always sit in front so we enjoy watching the orchestra in action too.

    Hope you had a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving!

  7. I take Addison every year to the Joffrey ballet to see the nutcracker.. We love our special time together .. So happy you two had a wonderful day together .

  8. How sweet! I can't wait to go to the Nutcracker with my little girl someday!

  9. You both looked beautiful and it looked like a perfect, festive day!!

  10. My favorite show too!!!!!! In fact working on getting tix now for when my sister and family come to town before Christmas. Love the tradition of going every year. You both look so pretty, and I love Kates top! Happy you enjoyed your girls day!

  11. Love, love, love Kate's outfit!! Carissa and I are also going to see the Nutcracker in a couple of weeks with some of our friends we have met through our Adoptive Moms group. It will be our first time together and we are both super excited.

  12. Love, love, love Kate's outfit!! We are also going to the Nutcracker for the first time (well Carissa's first time) in a couple of weeks. We are both so excited for it!

  13. you look so cute!!! hope you had a fun time!!

  14. Oh fun and you two look so glamorous!! Jodee and I are taking our girls in a couple weeks -- it will be Maddy and my first time. Excited! Hope you have a great week!

  15. My daughter was in the Nutcracker Ballet this year and it was so fun to watch it. I have never seen it before. Did you mean to title your post nutcracker 2011....? Just wasn't sure if you realized it was 2012? (smiles)....LOVE your blog. LOVED Kate's dress, so beautiful. And so are you Kim.

  16. What a wonderful tradition! Mia and I started this tradition also last year :) We are going this coming weekend to see the Nutcracker and we are so excited. Love the pictures! Happy Holidays!

  17. Love the pictures! Mia and I also started this tradition last year :) We are going this weekend and are both SO excited - Happy Holidays!

  18. Love the pictures! Gosh, I can't tell instruments apart in an orchestra... So impressed with Ms K!
    The Nutcracker is one tradition I hope to have with my daughter when she gets older, I think at 3 she's too young for it...

  19. Love this Kim, what a special day together!! The Nutcracker is SO magical, how wonderful that Kate appreciates so much about it!! Love the idea of signing your book, will have to keep that in mind!!
    Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!xo

  20. Your Kate is such a beauty and looks wonderful in hot pink. I'm so impressed with her love for the arts and her ability to pick out the instruments. She seems like such a joyful child.

  21. you both look stunning!! i was in the richmond ballet's nutcracker for years at the mosque in richmond. what an event! I am thinking ellie might be old enough next year to go and enjoy it and i can't wait!

  22. Y'all look so sweet! It is so fun to dress up and go out with our daughters!
    I've always loved the Nutcracker!

  23. What a magical tradition! You both looked lovely, as always, and it looked like a wonderful event!

    We sure do love the Nutcracker! This year Adrienne is a soldier in the first act, and a bee in the second (waltz of the flowers) . . . so we are knee-deep in Nutcracker rehearsals!

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas traditions . . . I always enjoy your holiday posts!


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