Tiny Dancer

Saturday, October 27, 2012
Last week was observation week at Kate's ballet studio.  And although Kate dances her way through life all day long, I never get to see her in her actual class.  First, they stretched....




Then they get up and walk to the barre in a very specific way...it was so cute.
 (I am sure those of you who are ballerinas know all this).

My creation

I have to admit that as often as I see Kate dance at home, I was quite surprised by her grace and poise.  Especially, when I recall her first steps in life.  Seriously, watch this video to see what I mean.

They did some work at the barre for a little while...





After that they did some dancing and leaping....





Finally, they did some tap which Kate really loves!



I know there are too many photos in this post.  We missed observation day last year so the only other dance photos I have are at the recital and I think these show Kate's true love of dance more than those.  I cherish these memories so much.

I hope I do not seem like I am bragging about Kate.  I am not.   She has her gifts and she has her weaknesses. I tell all of my children that God blesses us each with different gifts.  But the gifts are from God. Our job is to use those gifts in a way that honors Him.  I hope all my children do this in life.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.  James 1:17

Have a great weekend!! I am off to bake a tres leches cake with Kate for Dave's birthday!  And thank you for the prayers.  My Mom's cornea transplant went very well and she is recovering well so far.

A few people asked here and on FB about Kate's tights.  They are from Sophia Jane Boutique.


  1. Oh she is so cute, and she has beautiful form! I would totally brag on her! What a sweet, gorgeous girl!

  2. I've said it a ton but you are an amazing mom!

  3. My daughter is sitting over my shoulder and says: "Oh Wow! she really knows how to do ballet well! She must have been practising."

  4. And WHAT a gift she iS! These are Priceless! She looks very serious about it! Soo sweet!

  5. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. Kate is growing up!!! She is beautiful!!


  6. She really looks like she just loves her dance classes and she looks like a natural! And, where did you get that those adorable tights? So cute! Hope she has a lot of fun dancing! The pictures are wonderful and these are great memories to cherish.

    I love ballet...we were at the Boston Ballet last night!

  7. She really looks like a natural...my daughter takes tap and ballet as well and I love observation days!!

  8. These pics totally show tthat she is a natural...such beautiful form and flexibility! Definitely a gift!

  9. Kate shines! Look at her! What a joy she is.

    So thankful to hear that your mom is doing well! And Happy Birthday to Dave!

  10. All of the girls look adorable, but Kate seriously looks like a natural! Can't wait to where her "dancing through life" attitude gets her!

  11. I adore these photos. Her love and gift of dancing come shining through!!

  12. No such thing as too many photos. She looks so natural and beautiful, and really seems to enjoy it. I'm happy to hear things went well for your mother.

    Gin =)

  13. Kate is such a natural in ballet and gymnastics!!! You should be very proud of her talents! She is truly blessed!!

  14. Kate you are extremely graceful for someone so little. I'm very impressed!! And you are very flexible too! I bet you have those splits in gymnastics like its nobody's buisness! :) You are a natural at ballet and tap and all things gymnastic-dance related. You are going to be very talented when you grow up!

  15. Wow! She has great form. What a beautiful little ballerina.

  16. She looks so sweet and graceful! Such good news about your Mom. You must share your cake recipe. Have fun at the party!!

  17. She truly is a beautiful ballerina Kim!!! I finally found a "pure ballet" class for Sienna. I am so excited for her to start.. I hope she loves it as much as Kate!!!

    Praying your Mom did well yesterday!


    PS: Happy Birthday Party Dave!!!!!

  18. I loved every single photo here Kim, I could have seen more! She is such a blessing and what a natural talent in the areas of dance and gymnastics. She is blessed to have a Mommy that will help her cultivate it:)

  19. Kim, I could have seen double the photos you posted. I loved every single one of them. She is so blessed to have a Mommy that will help her cultivate the natural talent that she displays.

    xo, Nickie

  20. What a sweet post. She's adorable. With two girls, we love dance!

  21. Your daughter is beautiful, in every way. Brag away!! A blessed girl she is to have a Mommy care so much and think so highly of her!! Don't apologize for ever bragging about your kids, every child should be so lucky to have a parent that does. My 4 do :)

  22. Look at that form! Her form is very impressive...I mean, just look at the girls around her! I think she may have found her her calling! Lilly tried baseball, soccer, golf, and swimming. She's a great swimmer...but my girl, she can't run! I was a dancer, long distance runner and soccer player for 25 years...and it tears me up my girl can't fun. Now, she's burning up the court playing racquetball at the club! I think we may try tennis next summer.

    I'm not trying to kiss up...Kate really does have excellent poise and placement!

  23. Kate is a natural! So graceful and adorable! Love that you have her dancing and cheering!

  24. WOW what a gift!!! She has amazing and elegant form. I hope she loves to,dance for a long time to come. I have been reading your blog for quite,some time but I am not all that outgoing so I don't comment much. However, my breath was taken away by her. She reminds me a lot of myself. I am now 35 however I struggled with severe dyslexia, delayed reading and spelling until it was finally diagnosed when I was in FOURTH grade. I remember being so,embarrassed that I couldn't read but I could fake it with the best of them. I also started dancing whn I was 3 and it was my place to be comfortable, be the shinning star and be admired. I feel it was dance that really helped me realize that I did indeed have a place in this world. I will let you know that Kate will be just fine. You are so in tune to her needs ( my mom was in denial) and you will fight hard for her. Once I learned to fight for myself I soared.i graduated from college with honors, I got my MBA and now I am back in school to be a kindergarten teacher, I want to work with children with learning disabilities or delayed learning. Ok off my soap box now but I just had to,comment when I saw these pictures. God Bless!

  25. Kim she has raw talent! Add that to the pure joy in her eyes, yep I think you've got something special there!!!! And she's SO darn cute!!!!!!! Sweet Kate, you are amazing! Love to you both. Thank you for your prayers for Ivy. <3

  26. Wow, she has beautiful form! I danced all through childhood and though I enjoyed it and did well, I never had that innate grace, that I can see Miss Kate has!
    You are not bragging at all, you are such an honest mom - you know your children's strengths and areas of opportunity, and you celebrate the first and help them with the latter.
    Happy Sunday!

  27. Such beautiful lines, grace, elegance, and some very natural flexibility! How wonderful! Your Kate is definitely a bodily/kinesthetic learner! (My daughter is, too.)

  28. She looks beautiful. You can see that she is naturally graceful. :) Kimberley

  29. I am amazed by Kate's flexibility in the stretching photos!! Very impressive!!! :)

  30. What beautiful pictures... and such a beautiful ballerina!! I always enjoy your pictures!

  31. I think this is great for the little ones to be involved in. It teaches them disciple and patience.



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