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Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Lazy Summer Saturday

I wore these striped shorts and a pink shirt the other day and it felt so summery and fresh.
I loved it.  I  really love navy and pink together.
Those shorts just might be my favorite purchase this summer and you simply cannot beat the price.

Will started high school this week!  Be back soon with first day photos:)
 Kate and Harry don't begin school for anther 2 weeks.


  1. Love it all and I really wish I could wear shorts like that. My legs are so long and skinny shorter shorts make them look even more like toothpicks! You should have posted a picture in this cute outfit!

  2. I love it all. I have those shorts in the green. I wore them with yellow. Just got the sail boat ones too - everything is now on sale - love Old Navy. Hope Will is loving high school. Robert is off to college again.....on Friday - wahhhhh. Blessings to you :)

  3. we ordered several pairs of shorts similar to those for emi & they look so classy!
    love your picks!

  4. Fabulosity!! I adore the watch...gorgeous!!! I love big clunky watches...mine recently broke...I need to find another one!

    Good luck to Will...officially I can't believe he is in high school...but I know he will do so well!

    Enjoy the last few weeks with Harry and Kate.

  5. I love the shoes..
    But I am not sure I can go for them at full price plus shipping. Wondering if they will go on sale soon??
    Were they true to size?

    Love them... great outfit...

  6. So many cute things! Think i need you as a stylist. Am feeling in a big frumpy clothes slump lately! Hope Will enjoys high school! Enjoy the last couple weeks with Harry and Kate!

  7. Kim,

    I just had to thank you for showing us the eye concealer that you use (amazing cosmetics by sephora)!! OH MY I am in love. I have dark circles (runs in our family) that I have struggled with all of my life. I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing really seemed to work...this really does!! I am so excited! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! IT is amazing! The simple pleasures in life! Seriously!!!

    I love the outfit combination above! I actually have that nail polish. I am going to check out Old Navy for the shorts! So cute! I actually buy quite a few things from there for Brooklynn.


    ps. Have you heard any update on your friend who won the infertility contest? Praying for them~

  8. A PERFECT outfit!!!!!!! I had those sandals too and lost in my move and am bummed, because they are so great looking. Love your taste and love to dress the same, chic but comfy!

  9. Cute! I want to know about the adorable tea party dress!!!! ;)


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