High School and prayers

Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Will started high school this week. I cannot believe it.  I cannot believe he is old enough (and really he could have gone last year--we allowed him an extra kindergarten year way back when) and I really cannot believe I am old enough!!!

He was very fortunate (and he works hard) in that he had his choice of schools to attend. Will was even awarded a partial academic scholarship to a private high school here based on high test scores.  In the end, he felt most at home at all all boys Jesuit college preparatory school.  I really hope he loves it.

So Will had two days of  freshmen orientation and on the first of those days, there was a welcome brunch for us Moms.  This school is all about parent involvement.  I think I had been to 4 or 5 lunches/brunches and dinners before the first day of school!!!


Me and my son.  He is really a lot bigger than me now! 

Will and his best friend, David have never gone to the same school.  They have been friends since they were 5 months old and they have stayed in touch as they lived all over the world.  FINALLY,  they get to go to school together....


David's family have been our very close friends for 15 years.  He is a great kid...awesome student, compassionate and a fabulous baseball player.

I caught this one as Kate was hugging her Willie goodbye yesterday:)


And these last shots are from today which was the first official day of school.



They do not wear coats and ties everyday but it was a holy day of obligation today and they wear them on mass days.  It was fun to see all the young men dressed up today when I picked Will up. Some of the guys even had very stylish bow ties on!

I am excited to see what kinds of things Will does in high school.
 I know he is interested in debate, swimming, and running track.

And the first dance is this weekend at the all girl school next door!

I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have 3 pretty healthy kiddos who lead very normal lives. It breaks my heart to know that there are so many children out there suffering.  Please join me in praying for these children specifically....

  I ask you to keep in your prayers these two families who really need prayers for their darling kiddos.


Please continue to pray for cutie pie Evangeline (above) as she is having pre-surgical tests (MRI and angiogram).  Her surgery is next week. I will keep y'all posted.  It was because of all the signatures on the petition and all of the prayers that she is even able to have this particular surgery...so thank you!!!


{Ivy Joy}

Please also pray for this family. Ivy has been home for 6 months and continues to have very serious health issues. You can read about this little angel, Ivy here.  Mary (her Mom) is very specific in what she is asking for people to pray for so please go read the post.

Thanks y'all.


  1. Kim, I cannot believe how much Will has grown this past year. I know he will do well in school! I love how those boys love their little sister!
    I still owe you a catch up email...so much going on....
    Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Will looks so cute and grown up in his school clothes! Cheers to a great year for all three of your peanuts!


  3. That is so awesome! I hope Will loves it. Robert loved Jesuit High School here in Tampa and I loved that they dressed up. He had to wear shirt and tie every day just not the coat - as Seniors they got to wear Polo Shirts. His school also had parent involvement and I loved the mom's club. Jesuit schools are truly amazing. God bless you both! xo

  4. oh my. the one of them hugging...sweetness
    & he is SO incredibly handsome!!
    i still am pinching myself that we finally were able to meet!

  5. Keegan (my brother) went from public school to an all boys Jesuit school. The first year was so so until lacrosse season and then he never looked back. He still stays going to his HS was the best experience of his life. I am sure Will will feel the same!

    And sending prayers...

  6. I hope Will loves high school and has a great year (and his matching friend:)!! He looks so handsome dressed up, can't believe how big he's getting!
    I'll be praying for these two darlings.

  7. It really is amazing (even for me) to think of Will all grown up and going to high school. It sounds like he has chosen a fabulous school!!!! I know he will have a fantastic year! Thank you for posting about Ivy Joy today and for the update on Evie's surgery!!!!


  8. Awwwww.... Will is going to rock high school. What a handsome young man!

  9. Love it. Our oldest just started 9th grade this week. And I know what you mean ... how can I be this old?! Really?
    And our nephew is falling into his father's (and Uncle) footsteps and started Dallas Jesuit High School this week.
    What a small world!

  10. Love the photo of Kate hugging her big brother. Priceless. I hope all your kids have great school years...hard to believe school madness is already starting all over again.

    Thank you for continuing to highlight our daughter's story and asking your readers for prayers. I'm certain they have got us this far, and we will continue to need them the next few weeks more than ever.

    Lindsey xo

  11. Can you believe your Will is at this stage in his life???!!! He seems so mature...though I know you probably see the *needs a hug from mom* side at home that we don't see....those are the times we see their vulnerability! Those are the times to cherish. Just prayed for his year...keep us posted. You are one blessed mom!!

  12. Talking about Will and high school sounds so much like when I was in high school and the first "mixer" at LaSalle and at the Prep.
    You are so blessed to have raised such a great young man and it shows too by the company he keeps. My mom used to really enjoy the mother/daughter events at my school and ended up with fe great friendships as well through that.
    The two cuties at the end of your post are in my prayers as well!

  13. I just love it when men (young and old) dress up. Will looks so handsome. I hope he has a great first year of high school.

  14. Love the pictures! Good Luck to Will in H.S.! My Anthony is starting H.S. this year; he's turning 14 next Wednesday and he's so much taller than me too!! It's so hard I think especially when it's your oldest-it's our first time going through it all...does it get easier with the next two???

  15. Look how handsome he is! He is going to have a great year, I'm sure of it!! So fun when you see all their hard work pay off!!!

  16. I'm sure you will hear a lot of comments like this, but seriously, the first photo looks like Will and his big sis! It seems like I happen to be reading a lot of blogs written by mamas whose oldest sons are coming of age and entering high school and it makes this mama get all choked up :( Sometimes, lately, it feels like I am stuck in terrible two's purgatory with my son, but my 6 year-old daughter reminds me that this phase will be gone in the blink of an eye. Seeing Will looking so handsome and grown-up, when he was only a young kid with those long floppy bangs...I'm sure you feel like it was just yesterday that he was an energetic little toddler! Good luck with high school Will!

  17. it is truly amazing how fast the kids grow up... Have a blessed weekend..
    Love ya

  18. You should be really proud, you have raised a fine young gentleman in Will and a lovely young lady in Kate. Best of luck to him as he begins his high school career, sounds like hes off to a blazing start!!
    Will keep the darling little girls in my prayers.

    Last a bit of great news...you won my Sailormade bracelet giveaway!! Let me know which one of the two featured you want and if you are a s,m or large. Congrats Kim! (couldn't have gone to a nicer person).

  19. Our girls went to an all girls Catholic school in Dallas and the brother school is Jesuit. They loved their private education and considered it a "gift". They met many very nice, polite young men at Jesuit. I'm sure Will will enjoy every minute of his Jesuit education.http://preppyemptynester.blogspot.com/

  20. Kim... Thank you sooooo much for your comment on my post. Yours was the first comment I got on my blog EVER! You made my day. You can get the almond bites at Whole Foods or Tom Thumb. I love your blog and listed it on my daily reads. You have a beautiful family. Love your daughter's clothes!!! Thanks again for commenting - you made my day!http://preppyemptynester.blogspot.com/p/daily-reads.html

  21. Kim; you HAVE to see the movie, The odd life of Timothy Green! The ending will slay you. Bring Kleenex!

  22. Oh wow! Will is getting so big. I hope his first day went well, and that he has a great first year of high school. We will be looking at an all boys Catholic school for Jackson when he gets there. Will be interesting to see where he ends up :)


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