Monday, August 20, 2012
From time to time I do "Things I LOVE" posts but I wonder if LOVE is too strong a word for things like lip balm and TV shows?  So here are some things I am really enjoying right now:

Drop Dead Diva.  I DVR the episodes and watch them when nothing else is on.  I really like this clever little show. It reminds me slightly of Ally McBeal  (minus the adorably charming Robert Downey Jr and Bon Jovi).  It is unrealistic but clever and fun.  I have been watching it for a while but I am really enjoying this season a lot.  It is on Sunday nights at 8 pm {central} on Lifetime.  I also think one of the cast members looks a little like Will. Do you see the resemblance?


And he is from Houston too!

Another little thing I really like is my Boot's Coconut oil Lip Balm.  I LOVE coconut oil!!!  We use it here in our cooking, in smoothies, in the bathtub (as a great bath oil) and on Kate's skin and hair (awesome moisturizer).   Just last night, I did a hair treatment on myself with pure organic coconut oil. I have a tub in the bathroom for hair and skin and a tub in the kitchen for cooking.  It is SO good for you.

Anyway, one day in Target, I spotted this


and I was sold.  Sure I could just use regular coconut oil on my lips but this is packaged in a much more convenient way.  I keep it on my bedside table and use it daily.  As an aside, I also use this Boot's product which I highly recommend too (and that is what I was looking for when I discovered the lip balm)


Although I will tell you that in this HUMID Houston summer, a better mattifying gel is this...


It is more expensive (and it is heavier) so I alternate between the two.  Typically, I use the Boot's in the cooler and less humid months and the PTR when I am going out and it is really humid.   You can buy it here. I only use this on my forehead because I get a little shine there.  So one bottle had lasted me 2 years!

Another thing I really love lately are my Red Hot Blues.


(most grocery stores have these in the chip aisle)

  These are supposedly a healthy alternative to chips.  We have been eating them for years and years but lately, I crave them.  They are organic blue corn chips (non GMO) with red HOT Cayenne pepper on them.  I can eat them plain, dip them in hummus or as a special treat eat them like this.....


We first had them like this at the Continental Divide restaurant when we lived in Charlottesville.  You put layer of Red Hot Blues chips on a cookie sheet, sprinkle with Monetery Jack cheese, then add goat cheese crumbles and sliced green onion and broil until melty.  You can have sour cream and salsa on the side for dipping.  The goat cheese is the perfect balance to the spiciness of the cayenne pepper.  Let me tell you that you should make these right now.  You will thank me.  They are SO SO SO good.

I am also enjoying exercising again.  As I predicted, I kinda got off track while on vacation (eating unhealthy and being lazy reading on the beach).  I think I literally undid all the progress I had made in the 6 weeks before with my weight lifting and step aerobics and eating.  It bummed me out big time and I did nothing for a few weeks after vacation.  But, last week, I started back up.  I am eating cleaner, doing body pump, body step, pilates and weights.  I have so much more energy when I work out.

I have also read a TON this summer (like 3 books every week).  I will post a book list this week as a few people have recently asked for one.

Oh and one thing I am NOT really happy about is that someone has their first wiggly tooth....


It is that left bottom, front one.  I noticed that there seemed to be a little more space there than normal and gave it a little wiggle and sure is just beginning to be loose.  She is so excited as she is one of the last of her friends to lose a tooth but it is hard for me. She is my baby.  My last one.  I am really struggling with my kids growing up so fast.  It seems like yesterday she just had these few teeth

Homecoming 163

(this was Kate's 1st day home in our family. she was 10 months old and full of JOY)

Kids just look so grown up once they start losing teeth.
I pretend to be happy for Kate but inside, I am a little sad for me.
  My peanuts are growing up way too fast!


  1. SO SORRY about Kate's wiggly tooth :( Tia (6 on 7/15) has all her teeth yet - as did all my 4 - I always have a 6 year old portrait done with them smiling with their baby teeth. Yikes can't believe Kate is one of the last of her friends to lose one!

    Has Kate started school yet? I think you mentioned she is going to Kindergarten? Tia is starting all day Kindergarten on Wednesday - she did half day private Kindergarten last year but we feel she needs a year to ease into all day school. She is our baby in every sense!

    I hope you have a great start to the school year!

    xo ellie

    1. Ellie,

      No... Kate starts next week. I am really pleased that we decided to give her another kinder year. I think it is going to e great for her. She feels a little "embarrassed" (to use her terms) but I think she will be fine. I hope Tia enjoys her year:)

  2. Oooh I just added your Boots matte to my Target list! I have been wanting a new matte for a long while now as I can get so oily in spots. Thanks for the tip!

    And good luck with the tooth! I can't believe how big your kiddos are now!!


    1. I think you'll really like it. It is very light and works well.

  3. always love when you share your crushes....& dave's famous nachos of course!

  4. Will DOES resemble him -- kind of sneak peek as to what Will may look like all grown up!! Very handsome -- but we already knew that! I love your tips and crushes and will be checking out those out!

    Hope you have a good week!

  5. Love you little list - LOL. How adorable. Also love the pic of Kate - she is so stinking cute. Happy School Year and good luck with your routine. xo

  6. I always thought my babies (and now my granddaughter) looked grown up when they cut their first teeth. I love the gummy look of no teeth at all. Now my g-daughter has a mouth full at 14 months! Kate was so cute at 10 months and she is beautiful now!

    I know you and your family go to Seaside or close for vacation. We are renting a house the end of Sept at Seaside. We have never been there before. We've always gone to Panama City, Destin, Orange Beach/Gulf Shores. Any recommendations of what to do, restaurants, etc. I know it is off season but we planned it that way because the heat has been so bad this summer. Thanks for any info!

  7. I am ridiculously sentinmental about things like loose teeth too. They REALLY do grow too quickly. I think that's why I love photography so much...the chance to freeze time...

    I should not have read this close to dinner all I want are those chips!! Yum!

    Have a wonderful week Kim!!

  8. This post made me laugh. I used to watch Drop Dead Diva on Netflix, but my husband can stand the woman in it, so now if I want to watch it, he makes me do it on my computer with headphones on so he doesn't have listen to her.

  9. Love-love-love all of the favorite~things you share with us, Kim! Keep doing them from time to time always!
    Just 'holding my breath' for your book list!!! Can you have it up before Friday...I'm going away for a week and would *LOVE* to take some of your books along with me!!
    You are simply-the-best!
    xo, Mary Ann in Vermont

    1. Mary Ann,

      I will do my best to get it up ASAP. I should be able to do it by Thursday.

    2. are as sweet as, sweeter!!

  10. I'm with you...Anthony's starting H.S. in 2 weeks, he'll turn 14 tomorrow! Mia still doesn't haven any wiggly teeth, but once it happens...they are growing toooooo fast! This will be my first year with all the kids gone all day :( I'm going to miss them~

  11. Yum to the nachos! We're blue-chip fans too and the boys go crazy over nachos when I make them. I have never put cayenne on though, I like hot but the boys not as much. Do your kids eat them hot like that,wow?!!:)
    I DO see the resemblance to your Will, maybe that is what he'll look like when he's a grown man?! But we won't go there, he still has a loooooong way off, right?!:) And I love, I mean really like coconut oil too!!!:)

    1. The boys love the red hot blues but Kate cannot tolerate them which is kind of funny because she LOVED spicy foods when she first came home. Some chips (within) the bag are much more peppery than others. Give them a try. I think you'll like them. I always have a bog glass of water nearby though for that ultra peppery chip.

  12. Oh count me on the "sentimental" list about the teeth. That's the last phase of babyhood. Oh I adore those tiny little teeth!!

    Wishing you all the best on your exercise regimen and the kids school year. My Bre starts school on Monday and she is so excited!!! She will also be a Kindergartner!

  13. Thanks for sharing - looks like I have some shopping to do:) The nachos look yummy - I am going to make some for the girls and myself. Oh the teeth - Kit recently had a run in with a BIG rock and it loosened her two top front teeth as well as put a huge space between them (think David Letterman:) Both teeth are no longer loose but the space remains and has grown on me quite nicely. Both she and Lucy are dying for the Tooth Fairy to come for a visit - me not so much. Sometimes I wish I could just freeze them in time but I know I can't and I try to enjoy every minute of them growing up!! Hope all is well. I have been checking in but can never leave comments from my IPad - not sure why. Printing all my school forms on the desktop tonight and wanted to say hi! Hope high school is going well and the last weeks of Summer are happy ones! Looks like you guys had a great one!! Kindergarten here we come:)

    ~ Bridget


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