And they're off

Monday, August 6, 2012
We dropped Will and Harry off for the bus pick-up for Camp Utopia dark (it was dark) and early yesterday morning!

And while none of these "so early I had not even had coffee yet" photos are that great they a) gave me some practice in low light photography (which was my assignment last week in class) and b) captured the memories....


Will going to check in.

They take everyone's temp to make sure they are not sick before going to camp



Harry and one of his buddies. (Yup they are the same age...actually Harry is a little older)

The kids stand around talking while waiting to get on the bus....




brotherly love:)


Kate gets kinda grumpy at the drop off.  She does NOT like saying goodbye (but she does like being an only child quite a bit!)

Saying goodbye....








Waving to the bus as it pulls away

Since we were all up at the crack of dawn, we decided to drive to a little beach town after we dropped the boys off.  It rained as soon as we got there!  So we drove around for a while.    I took some photos...




Okay, this is funny.  It was still raining but we got out for a little walk on the beach and picked up some shells.  All of a sudden we stumbled across this large BRA!  Since my photography homework this week was to photograph unique things...I went for it.  Still wondering who and how someone forgot their BRA!

Then we saw a patch of sunshine and took advatage of it.  At frist, Kate was a little prissy.  See, this Texas beach is not nearly as nice as the Florida beach we were just at.....



 Kate spent most of her time doing
gymnastics on the beach.  She is a little obsessed....



There were cartwheels and handstands everywhere!

Then we had a yummy seafood lunch and Rita's (yum).


 I took this shot for my class too. I love it.
 It reminds me of an old postcard.


  1. That last photo is awesome! I love that feeling when you know you've taken a great photo. So cool.

  2. These photos are great! I love them!! Great job!

  3. all of your photos are great, but the last one is GORGEOUS!

  4. What a wonderful family you have Kim! Brings back great memories of sending my kids off to camp...bittersweet to see them all grown up! Seeing Kate made me almost cry then I saw her happy on the beach and I saw she sprang right back! The bra...hysterical!

  5. Hi Kim! I have been a very infrequent commentor over the years, but I just had to say how amazed I am your photos. There has been such a clear progression of your skills and technique. Of course, I think you always had a great sense for photography to begin with - but I'm simply wowed at what you've done recently. I have a friend who has lived/worked in the Caribbean, Africa, and Vietnam and travelled everywhere and takes the most amazing pictures of people. Her portraiture is astounding. I feel about her pictures the way I do yours - I think that to take good pictures of people, you have to have a real sense of empathy and warmth to connect with the subject. That sense for people comes across with both of you and its such a delight to see.

  6. Very cute! The bra is hysterical!!!
    Love that last shot!!

  7. Hope the boys have a fun week at camp! I bet Kate will enjoy her "only child" status!

    That bra picture is a HOOT!

  8. I love love love that last photo. It looks exactly like an old postcard.

  9. That last photo is just heavenly! Wow!

    I love the photos of the gymnastics on the beach! And the bra photo sure made me giggle! How do you forget your BRA??? *wink*

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great photos! Love the handstand! If you don't mind me asking, I thought I remembered (a while back) you saying that Kate had eczema and caused hypopigmentation? I adopted a little girl from China in November 2011 and I slightly noticed her having an area around her right eye then. Now, I don't notice that, but she has a widespread area on her left cheek. I am taking her to a dermatologist next week. Just wondered if you had any advice to share.

  11. That last shot is stunning- it absolutely looks like a postcard! And the funny...makes you wonder what went on at the beach the night before. Ha!

    Thanks for your comments today. I don't always post that person's comments as they are usually in the same vein. But for whatever reason I hit publish today. I've just struggled with a way to say what you said as nicely as you said it. My "in my head only" ideas were too snarky to actually write down.


  12. Am sure the boys will have a blast and Kate will have fun having you and Dave all to yourself. Cool beach shots! Have a fun week -- it may be quiet at your house, eh!

  13. OK - I love so many things about these pics!!!! The boys look so excited to be going back!!!! The bra is hilarious! And, you are right the ferris wheel shot is really cool!
    I also LOVE Kate's cute suit!!! What are you doing with just one!!!? Hopefully sleeping in and enjoying it immensely!!!


  14. Love that last photo!! It sure does look like a postcard :) And Oh My! Look at Kate! Hope the boys have a great time at camp :)

  15. Ha- I saw the bra pic on fb. Didn't realize it was you posting it to Shana.
    I would have to agree with Kate on the beaches. 30A is by far my fave beach scene and this is the first year we didn't go since we just moved to North Carolina and have beaches much closer.

    My husband was born and raised in Texas (and most of our family lives there- my brother is in Houston). We both went to UT in Austin- so I have frequented the beaches in Texas many times. Hard to go back once you get spoiled by the beaches at Seaside!

  16. The picture with the bra looks like the cover of some "adult" novel.
    Love your photos!

  17. Thank you for finding Shirley's Bra, we could not remember where we left it!! Never to old to Skinny dip..

    1. I knew it was HERS! I just did not want to embarrass y'all!

    2. I think Lambert is the most honest guy I have the privilage of knowing. There were size 0 or 2 girl clothes just a bit down the beach, so surely we have a match with Shirley.
      She is a bit embarrased, naturally. Maybe Mr Lambert played out that adult novel scene with Miss Shirley.... the best defense is a good offense afterall.
      Or was it Sh&*a sneaking Way Down South? That could be a match, too.

  18. That was not my bra!! I can't not be responsible for his crude comments! He just signed up for a blog account t and look what he does!

    1. I think the lady doth protest too much;)

  19. Great photos!! Love the sincerity of Kate saying her goodbyes. So sweet!


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