Summer daze

Friday, August 3, 2012
I have lots of stuff swirling around in my head these days and God is doing some serious work on my soul for sure. More about this coming soon. Although there are lots of things I want to post about, I just have not had it in me to do so. I have had a headache for a week. Seriously, a week.

I am reading lots of books, really enjoying the Olympics and chauffeuring children all over this HOT HOT city.  Plus, we are packing up the boys for Camp Utopia (not its real name).  They leave early Sunday morning and they are SO excited. This will be their 4th year going to this camp and it is amazing. It is their happy place.  Kate has said she is ready to go next year (I am not ready for her to go quite yet though!)

Yesterday, we did have lunch with some of our favorite folks and ride the zoo train.  That was fun.




Couldn't you just eat that little Libbie up with a spoon?!!!
I could.

{I-phone snappies}

P.S.-- I'll be back to my regular posting when my head stops hurting.

Another P.S. -- Kate adores Gaby Douglas and was SO excited she won gold.  She loves the Olympic gymnastics and we have let her stay up a little bit to watch it. Kate is doing non stop cartwheels, hand stands, roundoffs and walkover attempts here.  That does not help my headache:)


  1. feel better, babe. just looking at the sea water in the post before refreshed me! I know you all had a wonderful time...donna

  2. A constant headache does not sound fun! Maybe it is the miserable heat? Thank goodness MD is not as bad as TX! Although the humidity here is pretty bad.

  3. Feel better soon! Headaches are no fun and not when they last that long. I occasionally get migraines and they always last many days to weeks (6 weeks was the longest) so I can relate. It's miserable and it makes it hard to think straight!!! Thinking of you!

  4. Sorry about that headache Kim...that is the worst. I agree Libbie is the cutest little thing, and Kate is looking so much older to me :(...hope the boys have FUN at camp!!

  5. aawwweee. we were in your neck of the woods tongiht. Lambert and I had a date night at Chelsea Grill on Montrose. We went for pedicures. Lambert was going to text you and tell you that he had clean feet and we wanted to swing by to drop off some more smoke bombs for Harry. I told him his smoke bombs were most likely the catalyst for the headaches this week. He feels terrible and tells you to feel better.

  6. so sorry to hear about your headache. a week is too long for one, i can't imagine that with kids to look after!

    thank you for your sweet and kind comment, i will keep you posted if i know of any way we can help suzanne.


  7. They are both so cute!!!! Coco and Landon have been loving the Olympics and Gabby too! They were so confused why I was crying because I was happy!!! xo

  8. Love zoo rides with friends! Hope you are feeling better. Humidity gives me migraines constantly!! Take it easy!!

  9. It's time to come to MN where we are actually opening our windows again!!!! I have to give you credit for going to the zoo in the heat. I don't think I could do it!
    Sorry about the headaches.. UGH.. So glad Harry and Will are back at it! I am sure they are having an awesome time!! Can't wait to hear what God's doing in your life! Like Kate, Ruby spends her days in the handstand position or literally standing on her head!!! :) Are you signing her up?

    I hope you feel better!!!!


  10. Have you tried holding pure Aloe Vera in your mouth for as long as you can for your headaches? I have a friend that has terrible migranes and that is the only thing that works for her. She takes a large swig of it, reclines on the sofa and holds it as long as she can in her mouth without swallowing it or spitting it out. The longer you can hold it the better/quicker the headache goes away.
    Feel better soon,

  11. Kim, hope you are feeling much better as the week progress. I have been "out of commission" for the last two weeks as well!! Today, is the first day that I'm feeling a little better and actually returned to work after a week off! Headaches are NO FUN!

  12. Hope you feel better very, very soon. I'm sure the high heat doesn't help. Enjoy your "girl time" with Kate while Will and Harry are away at camp. I can't wait to hear about the fun things you'll do with her!


  13. It looks like you have been enjoying your summer to the fullest!!
    Just caught up on all of your beautiful beach photos..... I love them all!!

    Hope things begin to slow down a little for you so you can catch your breath and relax.

    Have a wonderful week~




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