Tea Party Preparations under way!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
There were a few things Miss Kate wanted to do while the boys were away at camp.  She wanted to go ice skating.  She LOVES ice skating so I took her yesterday.  She literally skated non stop around and around the rink for an hour and half.  I so wish there were a close and convenient place for her to take lessons.  She watches the big girls in the middle of the rink doing tricks and she tries them on the side wall  She is very determined.

Another thing Kate wanted to do was host a "fancy tea party" with some friends.  So, I told her that she could invite a few friends over on Thursday for a small tea party.  Today we were planning what to serve and Kate asked if she could set the table by herself.  The inner/former perfectionist in me froze and said, "we'll see....maybe we'll set it together."  She then went on to tell me how nicely she sets the tea party for her dollies.   So, she suggested that she set one up for her dolls to show me how splendidly she does it.

And I must say...she has the gift of setting a table......



As I was taking photos, Kate was taking photos too. 
 She told me I could use them for my "catography" (photography) class.



 She was shooting me while I was shooting her:)


So, Miss Kate will be setting the table on Thursday and I am sure there will be photos:)


  1. Looks like she has her Mother's touch for hosting a party!
    So Sweet! Can't wait to see pics after Thursday's

  2. Kate party is too precious!!! My girl is into "teaparties" here lately. She has acquired her OWN ROOM and she is in HEAVEN. The other day I heard her scrounging around in her toybox. I peeped in later and saw that she had "the table set" for a "teaparty". The table revealed a mismatched cup here, a plate there, and a few forks. Her "invited guest" included a Stuffed Simba, a stuffed lamb, a stuffed frog in a bathing suit and glitter shoes, and a half-naked barbie! Their beverage was "water" from the bathroom sink and a few cookies she managed to smuggle upstairs!! Not quite the ELITE group of guest or dinnerware, but I have to say that was byfar the cutest thing I ever witness!! LOL!! So wish I had a camera and videotaped the WHOLE memorable "event". I had to giggle, when she told her FROG (who intermittently comes on by itself. It's mouth moved in time w/the tune "You make me wanna SHOUT")by Little Richard!! She stopped talking to her guest and exclaimed...."Maggie McFrog!!! Stop TALKING LOUDLY at the table and PLEASE chew w/your mouth closed...thats RUDE"!!

    Totally hilarious..as the lion, sheep and clueless Barbie stared blankly!!! Seems as if she would have told Barbie to "go put a shirt on" if anything!!!

  3. Sooo cute!! Kate is a lucky little girl, I love the idea of a proper little tea party!

  4. I think she has learned from the best!! Cute table Miss Kate!! That cake looks almost good enough to eat! Have fun!

  5. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I think when I had tea parties when I was little my mom went behind me and secretly reset everything...

    1. (and I think she still does!)

    2. I am going to try to exercise great restraint and let her do it her way:)

  6. She is just too precious! And I love how she's working her camera. She's got a great role model in every way!

  7. Well...that Kate knows what she's doing...it looks fantastic!! Have a fun tea party!!! xoxo

  8. Love how she's working her camera!! And I love how you're going to let her set the table herself... I'm a perfectionist too, so I know how you feel. Just lately I had to let go and let Lilah do the choosing of her own glasses... it was the toughest thing I've done yet... but she's happy with her choices and her happiness makes me happy! :)

    Enjoy your 'girl time' together.


  9. So darling. A little girl's dream party for sure.
    Love to you all,


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