Harry's graduation and the last day of school...

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Sometimes I feel like my blog must be so darned boring to other people (and that is okay..I'm just saying). It truly is my journal.  I look at it like a family recipe book that my kids will read one day when I am gone.  Anyway, because it is my journal, I try to document anything I will want to remember and look back on (or think they might want to).

Harry's graduation got off to a pretty rough start.  There had been LOTS of pre-graduation things up at school.  The kids were really tired. The parents were pretty tired.  We were very rushed as Will also had his dance that night.  And truth be told, Harry had a meltdown as we were leaving for his ceremony and he said he wasn't going.  That is not really like Harry and to this day I am not sure what exactly was going on (except I know he was very sad to leave his FABULOUS elementary school).  The kids from our elementary go all different places for middle school and he will miss a lot of his friends dearly.

Anyway, he refused to cooperate for a photo but I have to share these cause now they make me laugh and  so you all know this stuff happens here too..... we ALL have our bad days...


{He refused to look at the camera for us}


He cheered up in time for the ceremony and graduated with honors.  He also got a citizenship award and a music award.  Harry has had all A's and all E's in elementary school.  We are very proud of him.

After the ceremony, I did get a photo of him and his "friend" M.  Isn't she adorable?


I also got a photo of Harry and a few friends... 


And this one is of Harry and one of his friend's mom.  This Mom really loves Harry and she used to hug him all the time (and Harry is not one to give out a lot of hugs)



I think Harry is in a bit of a hard place right now.  He LOVED his elementary school and while he is really excited for middle school...I think he is sad about leaving this place and these wonderful people behind.

The next day was the last day of school (and Will's graduation).  It was the last day Harry and Kate would ever be in school together. I will admit I was teary when they did this all on their own...


I cannot even put into words what an incredible brother Harry is to Kate.  He really looks out for her.


{this one is from the first day of school last year}

Awful direct sunlight....



Harry with his teacher and the principal.


{yes...I let him spray his hair red for the last day and yes...Harry LIVES in this judo shirt...it kinda drives me CRAZY!}

I am REALLY sad that all 3 kids will be at different schools again next year.  Harry was such a GREAT big brother to Kate this year.  He helped her navigate her first year of elementary school so well.  He walked her in for me on days I was too lazy to get out of my pajamas.  I am REALLY going to miss that!  I guess I will have to wear clothes to school for the next few years.

This last day was sad for me for another reason too.  For the past few years, I have sat on the steps in the cafeteria at dismissal and talked to 3 other Moms every day. We shared things about our kids, reality TV, our health, our teenagers and everything you can think of.  One of the Moms will not be there next year as her youngest graduated. We have forged a really nice friendship and I know we'll keep in touch but there was something so nice about knowing I would always see her and the others on the steps each day.  I did get a photo of the 4 of us but I am not sure if the others Moms would want to be on the blog:)


  1. I can relate to the bittersweetness of it all....Harry is such a doll! I dont' blame that cute girl for latching onto him and despite the height difference, they look awfully cute together! Its hard to see them grow up and branch off into new directions.....I am not good with change and having a 10th grader as my "baby" is heart wrenching as I try desperately to hold onto his youth all the while realizing he is a young man/adult. I loved the photos and your blog is NEVER boring, I love seeing a family so intact so full of love and giving, its a beautiful thing and its wonderful that you share it with us:)

  2. So many posts I'm behind on over here!
    Well, congrats to both boys on their graduations, I just love that Harry and hope he finds his way with the changes coming.....those transitions/moves can be so tough. And we know all about those meltdown moments over here too, so very normal.
    The picture of H & K walking arm-in-arm made me sad, but how precious to have caught that moment.:)
    Kim, I wish you all the best with your fitness update, it sounds like you're off to a great start!!!
    Have a great weekend!xo

  3. Your blog is so not boring! I adore your pictures! Congratulations to you all... and Kate's dress is simply smashing! xoox

  4. Congrats to Harry!! Such a cutie and sweet brother!!

    Hope you have a fun weekend!

  5. Your blog is anything but boring. :)

    My friend Monica was a teacher at that elementary school. Unfortunately, she passed away last year after a courageous battle with cancer.

    The transition from elementary to middle school was challenging for my boys, but we got through it just fine, as I know you guys will too!

    1. Hi Tricia. I did not know Monica personally but we had so many mutual friends. She was so admired and loved and I know she is missed a lot by the kids, the parents and the community, We must know some of the same people.


  6. precious photos of harry refusing to look at the camera. those will be treasured in years to come, won't they?

    wishing your whole precious family health and happiness through all their transitions...donna


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