Say y-y-y-y-yes to the V-v-VBS!

Friday, June 8, 2012
Harry and Kate did VBS this week at our local baptist church.  Our church does not have VBS this year as our church is actually under construction.  Even so, we have been going to this one forever.  Will used to go when he was Kate's age.  It is awesome.  Every time I walk into the sanctuary and see my kids singing and dancing in praise to Jesus, I get tears in my eyes.

This was Kate's first year and she LOVED it!!!  She is so upset that today is the last day.  Harry was in the middle school group this year and he loved it too.  Will is too old to participate and he could not volunteer because he had Driver's Ed.  But he did come with us to family night last night.

PicMonkey CollageVBX3
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Kate sang and danced her little heart out this week.  She LOVED every second.
PicMonkey CollageVBX4
Today was"crazy hair day" so we sprayed Kate's hair red and put funny braids and bear ears and pigtails in. Harry did not do anything to his hair as the middle schoolers go to a different location of the church and do different things. They mostly help make things for mission trips and play doge ball and kick ball. Harry really wants to go on the mission trips but he is one year too young.

As for the diet/exercise update:  The exercise is going very well.  The 15 day fat blast is getting really hard. Three days of liquid fruit and veggies gets old fast.  I was in a BAD mood yesterday afternoon and night.  I was so sick of eating blended raw soups.  I had a headache.  I was craving a juicy burger.  Then to make matters worse, at VBS family night they had Chic fil-a.  Oh Lord! That was hard. Chic fil-a smells so good.  I had to leave as the kids were eating because the temptation was too great.  I can handle the breakfast smoothies and the lunch soups/salads but I want an actual dinner each night.  So far, I have remained on the plan but my resolve is waning.  This is a tough program.  Luckily, today I get to eat salad for lunch and some grapefruit this morning.  I am not sure I would have lasted another day on all blended foods.

Hope y'all have a GREAT weekend!!!


  1. You poor thing! When I did the cleanse it was tough for the first 4 days. I remember on day three drinking so much water I had to stop at a Popeyes in North Philly because I COULD NOT hold was THAT bad!
    The end result though of leaning out your body is amazing though!!
    You rock!!!

  2. My husband and I (really him though) used to run the rec portion of VBS at the church where his mom works on LI and where we got married. I couldn't do it last year because Landon was only 8 weeks old, and this year we're not doing it because Landon refuses to sleep anywhere but home and I also don't want to stay at my mother-in-law's house for a week. It's a lot of fun though and I miss doing it!

  3. She is such a doll! Kudos to you for such a strict diet enjoy your weekend!

  4. Your family is precious! I just tried a new "chip" and it is so good! The brand is Food Should Taste Good. They are gluten free. I tried the multigrain and they are yummy! I'm sure you have already heard of these, but figured I would share anyway. Thanks for updating, I so enjoy reading!

  5. Great work on the 15-day plan! You are done with the hardest part!!! (My book came today-- I'm a little scared!)

    1. Thanks Betsey! I hope I did not scare you! I feel MUCH better today. I just had to power through last night. Today has been fine. The big salad for lunch helped me A LOT! Also, now that I have done it a little, I can see which things I can switch around if I don't like an ingredient (like I don't like mango). I am half way done day 4:) YOU can do it. And let me tell you I already notice a difference. Some shorts that would not zip the other day...zipped up today. I shop for ingredients for 2 days at at time. Also, you can double up on some smoothies/soups to save $ on ingredients if you like. You will need LOTS of avocado though:)


  6. I spent a week each summer going to VBS, loved it! The kids are precious singing and dancing in these pics. :)
    Kim, I think it's great that you are documenting your progress/struggles, etc. I know for me it was a BIG help to keep a journal and I still do! Way to be strong with the temptation, just keep CAN do this!!!! It is worth it and you will be SO happy with yourself and feel so much better. DON'T let the distractions get to you, keep your eye on the prize!!!!
    I'm here to cheer you on if needed!!

    Give me a B!
    give me an L!
    give me an A!
    give me an S!
    give me a T!

    BLAST that fat, GOOOOOO KIM!!!! lol

    ps I know about the moods/headaches, etc, I expected it and "prepared" for it (warned my family:), so give yourself some slack and just know it's to be expected although you're probably at the tail end of that maybe. It's hard when you have to be around others going to events and such. Hopefully those are over soon!xo

    1. Thank you SO SO much Lori. I am soldiering on as I want to see results and want the change. When I feel myself slipping I am going to come read this supportive comment from you. I t really means a lot to me. Will told me he thinks I shoult quit because a) I am not fat and b) this diet makes me grumpy (his words not mine).


  7. In awe of your willpower, can you bottle some up and send it this way! The kids are too cute...thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend.

  8. Is this Chadder the Chimpmunk? I've seen the sign for this VBS theme at a couple of churches around town. Spent many years with Chadder--we use Cokesbury (United Methodist) curriculum now, but it's set up in a similar way and lots of fun. And EXHAUSTING!

  9. We've been away at the beach for a week so I am just catching up with all of your blog posts. Our church is doing the same VBS theme and we can"t wait! My goal this summer is to get on an exercise plan, keep posting so we can cheer each other on! I am also small but not in great shape so gaining muscle is what I am striving for.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I need some of your willpower!!!

  11. Keep going Kim! You are doing a great job and you can make it through the rest of the program!!! It looks like a great VBS - they look like they're having a lot of fun! We're getting ready for VBS here at the end of the month and I hope ours turns out as well!

  12. You can do it! Only a few more days of the blast - just think of the pretty new fall clothes you'll need to buy! :)

    So glad the kids had fun at VBS. We are getting ready to do ours at the end of the month. It's going to be so much fun!

  13. will you tell me a little bit about the fat blast... and send me the recipes ...
    Love you ..
    Love the photos.. looks like the kids had an amazing time..
    Happy Sunday..

  14. I'm so sad the girls have already missed VBS in Texas. I guess I could take them to a random church in July but I'm certain that wouldn't work out well at all:) Looks like they had a great time, Emma LOVES all of the songs and the movements:)

    Praying for you on yur 15 day blast!!!!! You have WAY more willpower than me sweet sister:)

  15. So much fun! Looks like Kate really enjoyed herself. The crazy hair pics made me smile.

    Gin =)

  16. Kate is too cute! It looks like so much fun! I can't wait until Lillie and Lola are old enough to go to ours!


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