Daddy Dave

Sunday, June 17, 2012


 When I fell in love with Dave all those years ago (about 19), I knew he would be an amazing father.  That was so important to me and I was intentionally looking for that it in a man.  I wanted to marry someone who would be a a total hands on Dad.  I wanted parenting to be a true partnership.  I can honestly say that I have never known a man to be a more involved husband and father than Dave.  He has changed many, many diapers. He traveled to China and cared for Kate for 2 weeks alone to bring home our daughter (that is akin to giving birth in my book!)  He makes lunches and plays puzzles.  He cooks.  He cleans when I cook.   He bakes with the kids.  He has coached their teams and he has danced with his daughter. He folds laundry and cleans up middle of the night accidents.  For all three of our kids, he was the "bath man" and the one who put them to bed most nights.  He is a fun Dad too.  He is the tickle monster and the wrestler. He plays jokes on the kids. He plays Gin-rummy and watches "guy" movies with Will at night.  He takes Harry all over for Judo tournaments.  He has taught Kate how a man should treat her. He teaches our children God's word by being a living example of a selfless and humble Christian man.  Dave really is the glue that holds our family together.  When things get too tough for me (and that is pretty much daily if not hourly), I always know he will step in and make things better.  I often wonder how our family got so blessed to have him as our rock.  I cannot tell you how amazing this man is and what is even more amazing is that he doesn't know it.  He is so humble and self effacing and down to earth.

So Happy Father's Day to the best Father I have ever known!  Our children are so blessed to have you leading our family.  I know they too will grow up to be excellent parents because they have had you as a role model.

To celebrate Dave today... we took him to our favorite breakfast Taqueria. We are doing special chores for him around the house too like mowing the lawn (Will), bathing Scout (Kate and Harry), cleaning his car (all of us) and a grocery run (me). We got him a GPS for his car and we are having some our best friends over for fajitas for dinner:)  We hope you have a GREAT day, Dave!


  1. This is such a lovely read. My heart melts!

  2. so sweet! he's always seemed like a great guy with the way you have written about him through the years. you are truly blessed!!!

  3. enjoy celebrating this very special man!


  4. Your family is blessed to have Dave! Happy Father's Day, Dave!

  5. What an amazing video! i loved all the priceless memories of the 3 peanuts:) Happy Father's Day Dave!

  6. Kim, what beautiful Father's Day gift for Dave! The music was perfect! Dave is a keeper for sure! Does he have an older (single of course) brother??? ha ha.
    I love your family's relationship..the love there is awesome!
    You are so sweet!

  7. Happy Father's Day Crusher... its late. I'm up editing wedding photos I did. Lambert has Shingles... Happy Father's Day!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful day! You deserve. Let's get together sooooooonnnnn. We miss yall bunches.

  8. you are blessed.... Love the video... and Kate's shoes are toooo cute..
    LOVE ..
    Have a Blessed day..

  9. What a special post. It sounds like Dave is one incredible husband/father. It's so nice that you put into words all your feelings for him; I'm sure reading what you've written about him makes him feel as treasured as he is. :)

  10. Love this! What a wonderful tribute to an obviously great dad.....I can feel the love pouring right out of the computer screen! Hope he had a fabulous Fathers day, the kids are awfully lucky:)

  11. I too did not have a great Dad growing up, I truly believe God blessed us with amazing husbands and fathers to show us that they do exist!! My husband has blessed me in so many ways that I missed out on growing up!! so glad you all had a great day:)

  12. He's such a great Dad!! Yay Dave!!! You and the kids are so blessed to have him!


  13. What a sweet Father's Day tribute to one amazing Dad!!!

    Sounds like y'all had a fabulous day celebrating!!! And now I am hungry for Fajitas:))

    Have a great week Kim~



  14. That was an amazing slide show. What a wonderful tribute to you husband. I love the first song. Who sings it?


    1. Thank you. The song is by Jason Mraz and it is called Living in the Moment.

  15. Beautiful post... love Jason Mraz... but Kim, you may have to change the name of this blog, clearly Will is no longer a peanut!!! Wow he's tall!!

  16. Oh, Kim, where has the time gone!?! The peanuts are all so precious and growing like weeds. And Dave is certainly a keeper! (and makes a pretty awesome apple pie if I remember correctly). Miss you all and hope you enjoy (or survive) the Texas summer!


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