Monday, March 12, 2012
It is Spring Break here and that means a day at the livestock show and rodeo for out family. Yeehaw! Mr. Harry is spending 12 hours there today!  He went in the morning with us and is staying all day and seeing Zac Brown there in concert tonight with a friend's family.  I think he'll be tuckered out tonight!

{I took my old camera with the its lens so the photos are not great}

One of the first things we always do is the pony rides (because the lines get SOOO long).




My lil cowgirl LOVES the pony rides.
We kinda steered clear of the animals this time.  In fact, we did not even make it to the pig races (and we never skip them).


Okay this is kinda funny.  I can be a really mean strict Mom sometimes.  Really, I am just big on the follow through and sometimes that is hard.  Last night, Kate would not eat her dinner.  At all.  We gave her a time limit and I told her she would not be able to get a snack a the rodeo if she did not eat dinner.   She chose not to eat (delicious tortilla soup no less!).  Needless to say even though she made the choice, a big fat fit/meltdown occurred last night after dinner.  See, she has been wanting a candy apple from the rodeo for a  few weeks now.  It broke my heart to stick to the rules but I had to teach her that we mean what we say.

Anyway, Kate knew she could not have a candy apple but she came up with a plan.  She asked to bring a regular apple from home and a stick to the rodeo.  That seemed more than fair to us (I am always wanting them to eat fruit for snacks).  So, we smuggled in an organic apple and a skewer:)  I think Kate learned a lesson.

Will and Dave. Will is officially taller than both of us now.  Truth be told, Will was a bit bored this year. He even admitted that now he has a glimpse into what it is like for us..... going places that maybe have nothing for us but bring joy to the kids.  That was awfully empathic for a 14 and 1/2 year old.


Harry is such a good big brother.  He rides all the little rides with Kate....




That one went pretty high for Kate.
They always love the big slide....


And the little roller coasters....





{love their faces on this one}


Kate was a little afraid to go in the fun house....

but Harry got her in...


Will wanted to do some shooting game...



Me and the 3 peanuts....


PS. I got this adorable gingham shirt here. (for $12.99 y'all!)  I love it.

Had to take a photo of this...


Yes, they fry everything at the Rodeo.  Will had the fried ice cream and it looked and smelled delicious.

There was only one ride Will wanted to go on and it was a bigger roller coaster.  I did not want to go on it due to my recent heart issues.  Dave does NOT do roller coasters normally.  But he went on with Will.  He is a good Dad.




Then Dave rode the silver streak with Harry...



{he was being silly for my photos}


Kate and Will played a water gun game.  And Kate won (wink wink ;)
And y'all know how much I hate love stuffed animals!  In fact, the ones from this post just made it into my 40 bags!





See y'all at the rodeo next year!

Okay, now please excuse me while I go watch "the most controversial finale in Bachelor History!"  Ha!


  1. Yay! Looks like y'all had a blast - wishing we had a rodeo like that in our neck of the woods :)
    P.S. I'm watching the Bachelor too... SO hoping he picks Lyndzhi!

  2. What a fun day at the rodeo. Cute pictures.

    P.S. I hate stuffed animals. I constantly throw them out!

  3. Love the Zac Brown band. I totally feel your pain about the dinner meltdown. I experience them on a regular basis with my son Jack Jack. He has to be the world's most picky eater. It was okay when he was younger (not really), but at 11 years old I'm really starting to worry about his diet. A rodeo is always a good idea, can't resist a cowbow in a pai of Wrangler's, cowboy boots and hat.

  4. This is so, so cute! I wish we had something like this in NJ. Your family is adorable!

  5. That apple story is just about the funniest thing I've ever read. I love Kate's resourcefulness!

  6. What a fun day! And Fried PICKLES?!? I might have to move just to get some of those! I'm a confessed PIckle a-holic. My favorite are Nalley Valley Baby Garlic Dills mmmmm...I bet my sodium level is through the roof given I'm eating about a jar and a half a week LOL :)
    And now I want ice cream too :)

  7. Looks like our State Fair in october here in Columbia..kate cracks me up in that Pink Cowboy hat that she kept on the entire time.. so glad she was able to have her "organic" apple on a stick!! looks like the whole bunch had fun!!

  8. Wow -- what a fun time!! Those rides make me a little dizzy!! :)

    Just snuck some stuffed animals into one of my 40 bags! :)

  9. The "candy apple" story is classic!! The first thing I did when I scrolled down thru the pics was to think to myself "That is the by far the skimpiest candy apple I have ever seen! What happen to the candy?" That was until I scrolled down and read the "story behind it"!

    We are on the "eve" of our state fair here locally and Bre see's the commercials and just about goes bonkers!! She as well LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ponys!!! She also LOVES the animals!

  10. I haven't been to the rodeo in more than 10 years & never went to the carnival, but you make it look fun! BTW - did Harry recognize Dynamo soccer star Brian Ching as the grand marshal of the rodeo last night?

  11. Looks like a fun family day. Such an adorable little cowgirl.

    Admitting to watching the Bachelor . . . SO COMPLETELY disappointed that he picked her and NOT surprised that they are already broken up.

  12. Cute! Loving the pics of Dave on the roller coaster :) Looks like something my kids would love! The girls' western day is Wed. and I can't wait to get them in their boots :)

  13. Love the Target Boy's shirt. What size did you order??? I was thinking of getting the XL boys. I am sometimes a small in women's and sometimes a Medium

    1. I got the boys large (12-14). I usually wear a small in Women's (and sometimes an XS). This has a touch of room for me but the sleeve length was good and I can layer it. I love it. Have worn it 2 times and get compliments on it !


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