"I sure hope boogie boarding is my heaven"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
We went to the beach with friends yesterday and had a great day! The day stared out awfully foggy and overcast but then it really brightened up. I thought the water would be WAY too cold but nope.  All of the kids were in the water most of the day.  At one point I made Kate take a break to re-apply sunscreen (we all got burnt anyway).  She said to me with a HUGE smile,  "Mama, I sure hope boogie boarding is my heaven."  She then went on to tell me how much she loved it and that it felt like heaven must feel.

These photos are from yesterday...



And then I remembered these photos from Hilton Head when she first came home (5 years ago!).....



The Finale

How cute is she?

  Anyway, back to yesterday at the beach...


My lil girl was just so happy.  She loves the beach and the water (just like her Mama)!

Will barely let me snap one photo of him (such a tenneager)


Harry had a blast too!


Harry and his friend, Hollis.


My dear sweet friend, Lisa with her daughters, Layne and Kyle and Kate too.

Thank you Lisa and family for inviting us to the beach with y'all.

For those who asked, Kate's turquiose bathing suit in this post is from Target!  Adorably similar ones here and here.  And I am smitten with this green one.  I find Target kids suits to be very durable (much more so than the occasional expensive ones I buy). Her baby suit was from a boutique and I sent it onto a Mom/blog friend waiting to adopt:)  I cannot wait to see it on her daughter someday!


  1. Priceless quote. I know a few boys who feel the same way about boogie boarding!

  2. Oh my goodness, love the little flashback..so so adorable! And she does look like absolutely blissful in these shots.

    Gin =)

  3. Heaven wouldn't be fantastic without boogie boarding.

  4. The beach! I am jealous....I mean we have had great weather but far from beach weather. Great pics and hope you are keeping a record of all the adorable things Kate says!

  5. The beach! I am jealous....I mean we have had great weather but far from beach weather. Great pics and hope you are keeping a record of all the adorable things Kate says!

  6. The beach looks heavenly, especially as we slowly climb from winter into spring. Kate is simply adorable!! Love all your pictures!!

  7. I want to go to the beach too!!!!!!!! Thankfully the weather is gorgeous here this week. It feels like Spring Break!
    I loved seeing these pics.. Especially the flashback to Kate when she was a baby... Precious!!!!


  8. so cute!!! We are headed to Hilton Head the last 2 weeks of August and can't wait!! By the way...please share where Kate's bathing suit is from?? Thanks!

  9. What a precious girl you have. I love her enthusiasm for life.

  10. that Kate is always wearing the cutest swim suits. Seems you had a fabulous day minus the sunburn.


  11. These are so cute. I am dying to get my toes in the sand!!! Loved the look back at baby Kate...so cute!!!

  12. So very cute -- what a boogie board baby!! LOVE the beach -- looks like so much fun!

  13. Hi! I have really enjoyed your blog. Since your 40 days post, I have cleaned the inside of the house. I have sold some things on Craigslist but it feels better just to have the items out of the house. Thanks for your encouragement.
    I'm not sure how much information a person should put in a post, but I met you at MOPS in Charlottesville. My husband was one of the pastors at FBC-Cville. Now he has a new position in Houston.
    Now we don't have a basement!
    I have enjoyed the love you have for Houston. I have decided for my children & family just to love that we are all in one city together and feel blessed by it. We went to the Livestock Show yesterday and had a great time - sunburn included. It is strange for us to wear sunburn in February & March!
    I had a question about beaches- why are the beaches not built up in Texas? The same beach in Virginia or North Carolina would have 20 hotels. I have been to Galveston and Freeport. Freeport was much nicer in that the girls loved to drive on the beach. Do you recommend any other beaches?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Mandy! I think I remember you from Cville. Not 100% sure though..my memory is not good:) Welcome to Houston!!! It certainly does not have the natural beauty of C-ville but the people here are SO wonderful and the restaurants are great and there is TONS to do. We have made a nice life here and I hope you will too.

      As far as the beaches go...I don't think Galveston is a huge vacation spot. I think mostly locals enjoy it and so the hotels would not make it, Galveston has been toppled so many times by hurricanes and flooding that I think it is continually in a state of rebuild. In fact, that is probably the only reason we have not bought a house there. And it is not a very nice beach compared to the East coast beaches at all. But you cannot beat the fact that it is only an hour away!!!!

      Luckily, we have family and friends who own homes and graciously invite us down a lot!!!

      As for the 40 bags, I am glad it inspired you. I managed 9 bags this week doing the boys closets and dressers. Still l=plugging away even though I have not posted photos:)

      Leave me a comment with your e-mail (I won't publish it) but that way I will have it. I am curious as to where you are in town:)


  14. I am so ready for the beach! Love the photos.


  15. Awesome pictures....love the little butterfly on her back! I love little girl bathing suits and when we lived in Texas, the girls had WAY too many. We are so peaceful on the sand and in the water....it is truly our favorite place in the world:)

  16. Love all these photos, Kim! Your kids are so beautiful. Kate looks adorable! And I LOVE seeing baby photos of her!

  17. Looks like such a great day. Love seeing the kids with such big smiles!! Wonderful memories made for sure. xxGina

  18. That is SUCH a fabulous photo of Harry!!!!

    And Kate, oh man, she is just the cutest little sweetie EVER! Completely adorable Kim!


    PS - So hope heaven is better than boogie boarding!! Haha!


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