Rodeo Days

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just to give y'all fair notice, there will be a million photos in this post.

The Rodeo is BIG time here in TEXAS! The Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show is the world's biggest rodeo. We could not get tickets to any of the big name acts (like the Black Eyed Peas, Rascal Flatts or Selena Gomez) but we did go during the day to see the sights....

Kate talked all year long about her pony ride from last year
(she is wearing the same dress in fact). She loves it!

Harry LOVES the big slide!

Will had to ride the mechanical bull..

He did well for a while and then he went down!

You can just see his sneakers here as he is going down.

Here I am petting a wallabee in the petting zoo. I boycotted this petting zoo for years after a Lllama attacked me and threw me down in 1999! I was seriously injured from that and had a mild phobia of petting zoos for a while.

Look! This smart animal has GREAT taste. It is eating Kate's Matilda Jane dress!!!

After the petting zoo, it was off to the pig races...

Kate clapping along to the country music waiting for the pig races to start. The pig races are one of the highlights of the rodeo each year. (I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia~so all of this southern rodeo stuff was new to me too;)

The pigs run so fast that I can never get a good shot but here is Swifty the swimming pig;)

Father and son goofing around. Dave was trying to be short so Will looked tall.

Will and Kate getting on a little roller coaster.

Kate did NOT like this ride but big brother Willie kept her safe. Isn't that so sweet?
See that little boy's pig snout? You can buy those at the pig races!

Harry and Will on the cobra with their hands in the air like they just don't care:)

Will climbing the rock wall....


We saw these giant stuffed animals riding the sky ride.

Now a HUGE part of the Rodeo is the food.....

Dave got a skewer of chicken and bacon wrapped jalapenos:)

This is a half loaf of fries.

We even splurge and let Kate get a giant ice cream cone.

Then it was onto the games. Dave and I despise carnival games. We also are not gamblers. We just have a problem with throwing money away. At the rodeo, you can use ride "tickets" (they are on cards) for the games, so the kids often choose to forgo a ride or two to play a few games.



Unfortunately, they won these lovely stuffed animals (another thing I loathe)....

Rodeo Days:)

Harry was walking by a game booth and was hit in the stomach by a dart. It actually broke the skin. He is fine though. The lady working the booth gave the boys free turns and BIG prizes. She also begged me not to go to guest services;)


Then it is off to the carousel. They make me so dizzy. So Dave rides with Kate:)


Last stop, the boys favorite....

the BUMPER cars!!! Harry still doesn't reach the pedals. Maybe next year?



Bye bye rodeo....See ya next year!

Last year, Kate got mono right after the rodeo (and Spring Break). I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying LOTS of prayers for her health!!!!


  1. So much fun! The kids looked liked they had a great time!! We are in a suburb of Philadelphia! Where did you grow up? I hope Kate does not get sick again, too.

  2. Wow, soooo much fun! And the food..... YUM! Texas here I come! So funny, I get dizzy and can't ride either... dizzy just thinking about it. Cute cute photos... love them all! And will looks like a PRO! Kisses to Harry, okay? Poor little thing... ♥

  3. Looks like super fun for the peanuts!

  4. My baby sister will be there this weekend! Her fiance works/lives in Houston and she will be there too after her wedding in June!

    I will visit her. And maybe you?

    Love Kate's dress. As always.

  5. Wow - what fun! Glad you all had a great time - love Kate's dress!

  6. Oh I love the Houston Livestock Show!! We usually like to see the concerts! Will, I didn't mean to laugh, but that shot of you falling off the "bull" was HILARIOUS!! Great actions shot!!

    Kim, I also had to laugh about the story of the LLAMA! Those animals are mean, I believe they SPIT too!!! I stay far away from them!!!!

    So glad you guys enjoyed the HLS!!!

    So glad Harry was okay, I had the game where you squirt the water and the clown balloon nose expands and BURST real loud!! It makes me a nervous wreck!!! Yes, I so LOATHE the "fair stuffed animals"! We are having our fair in the next few weeks and can't wait to take Bree!

  7. It looks like you had a great day at the rodeo. I love the roller coaster pictures! I would go strictly for the food and stay far away from the petting zoo!

  8. That honestly looks like a BLAST! I think we'd make good Texans! ;) We love rodeos and the kids would adore the carnival part! What is it about bringing home a big stuffed animal from the fair that is so cool when you're a kid?! For the price one 'typically' pays trying to win one, you could just go to the store and buy a NICE one!! Silly stuff...but so many FUN MEMORIES!!! Thanks for sharing! :)


    p.s.>> Kate's MJ Westside Knot dress was the PERFECT choice for the rodeo with the cow print and all... so cute!

  9. What a fun day for the whole family!! So much to do and so much to eat. My mouth was watering just looking at Kate's big ice cream cone.

    Just like you are itching to shop, I am dying for something sweet! Lent will be over SOON....and I cannot wait!

    Hope everyone stays healthy:)


  10. Yeeeehaw! What fun!! You are a good sport -- i would never go back to that petting zoo. Cool photos and that Will -- what a great big bro. Nice Sponge Bob too!


  11. Same question - which suburb of Philadelphia? I am in that area as well! Small world!
    I am loving all of the pictures. That is so scary about Harry and the dart. I would have been freaking out!
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. I LOVED all your pics and I can say EK would be in heaven if we could take her there. She is obsessed with horses! Looks like you all had a fabulous time and sure hope Kate stays well!!!

  13. LOVE all the photos..
    looks like the kids had a ton of fun..
    have a great week.

  14. Oh I am so jealous. :) I would love to take my kiddies to something like this! You did such a great job of capturing the experience and I found myself laughing out loud at some of the pictures!

    First of all....I heart Dave. I love that he kneeled down so that Will looked taller! How sweet is that? Sigh.

    And I LOVE the one of the animal eating Kate's dress!!!! I giggled at that one and the one of Will falling off the bull!

    You have such a beautiful family Kim. You all are SO blessed in such a big way and I think that your family is so lucky to have a Mother who is so talented and so gifted at documenting it all!!!

    I love this post!

    Big Hug,

  15. HI Kim, great pix! Everyone looks so happy. And H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. :0)

    We have one of those big fairs too, but ours doesn't come until August. Over 130 years old now.

    Snick :)
    dd Sunshine 9 in May (VN)
    dd Brilliance 4 in June (China)

  16. SO FUN!! I about fell out of my chair laughing at the stuffed animal remark...I feel the same way! LOL But oh how EXCITING for the kids and that makes it all worth it, right?! :) I love the pictures of Kate on the carousel, so precious!
    Did you get the crazy note I sent?

  17. Looks like a great fun day!
    your pics are great they always are though!
    the peanuts looked happy and the food looked yummy licious!
    Sure hate Harry got Hurt!
    brave you to be at the petting ZOO!

    Just looked every one had a fun day!!
    Praying for good health for every one!!
    Just know you are loving those BIG animals!!
    so glad you had a great time!

    Cindy LOU!

  18. I laughed and grinned the whole way through these pictures.

    Absolutely FABulous!
    I'd LOVE to be there!

    You have a lot of great pictures and memories here! Oh I have to go back and look at them all again!

    Jill :)

    PS - I liked your comment on Diana's Blog today! I see all our girls alike, at different times. It funny that you mentioned it because I have always thought Sienna and Lilah have similiar eyes!

  19. What a fun day...I am with you...I get sick on all rides, and I despise carnival games too! Kids just love the fair/rodeo dont they??? Good thing it is only once a year!

  20. The Houston rodeo is like the Texas State Fair in Dallas! I laughed out loud when you showed the animal eating skated skirt...the goats ate mother's skirt at the SD Wild Animal park, needless to say we have NEVER returned!

  21. I miss the rodeo...glad you had fun!

  22. I miss the rodeo...glad you had fun!

  23. Such fun ... although I am so not a carnival kind of girl! I even have a hard time with Disney World (bad me!)..My boys have always loved it all though , especially the food.
    Great pictures of all your family!! :)

  24. Memories were made. Priceless! Precious pictures!

  25. wait ,I'm confused...the sponge bob was a bribe not to tell..LOL! I LOATHE carnival prizes too:)

  26. What a fun, fun trip. I used to love going to carnivals with my family. I always begged my mom to let me play the game with the goldfish prize, I always won, and the fish always died three days later. Oh well.

    Looks like you all had a blast. :)

    p.s. I had no idea you were all in Texas!

  27. The rodeo is certainly a different experience! I had no idea that pigs race...
    Love Will's shaggy hair. My brother still sports that's the private prep school boy in him!

  28. Love the cute pic of the kids all hugging each other - and Sponge Bob. LOL

    Love, love, love your husband's shirt with the South Carolina symbol (palmetto tree and crescent moon) on it! That's right!!!

  29. Looks like you guys had a great time at the rodeo!! It totally reminds me of The Minnesota State Fair! Had to laugh at the goat eating Kate's dress - same thing happened to Lucy at a little petting farm in St. Louis- same petting farm that it happened to me when I was a little girl! I still remember it!!! Hope all's well - looks like you guys are enjoying warm weather!!Yeah for Spring!!!

  30. Looks like you had a wonderful time (I am not a lover of those stuffed
    animals either!).

    Praying for Kate's good health - and everyone else's too!!

    Blessings, Ashley

  31. Yes, poor Harry!! Ridiculous! The Rodeo looks like tons of fun!!!!! Gotta admit - I was surprised to se you in the petting zoo ;)

  32. Love all the smiles! Nothing beats the Houston Rodeo! Cannot wait for more posts...makes me a bit homesick!

    Kate was DEFINITELY the best dressed cowgirl!

  33. It looks like the Great MN get together in August!
    It does look like you had a wonderful time!


  34. Looks like fun!!

    Love your purse ;)

    Have a great Friday tomorrow.

    xoxo Michele

  35. I LOVE this post. I wish we could have gone with you!! Looks like so much fun. I'm with you on the carnival rides and stuffed animals...hate them!

    I ADORE Kate's dress. Perfect!!

  36. I am totally sitting here cracking up because I would have told the lady that if she GAVE them the stuffed animals, I would have gone to guest services. lol. I, too, dislike wasting money at carnival games but truly dislike them for fear of having to take some of those lovely "goodies" home. Kate's dress is just perfect for a rodeo. I love that dress. The only thing better is being able to get two seasons out of it. Score!!

    Cute, cute pics of your fun family day!

  37. What a fun family day(minus the dart incident)! That big sponge bob is making me laugh- I can just picture it in Kate's gorgeous bedroom! Hope Kate is on the mend. Spring is here, my friend!


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