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Monday, January 16, 2012
Why do the days when the kids are in school go by so quickly and these days off go sooooo

S L O W L Y??

Anyone know?  Along those same lines...why do I have to wake the kids up for school but on the weekends they wake up on their own?  and early too????

I am pouring myself a nice cold glass of whine wine and watching the Bachelor (I know it is terrible TV ...mostly I read my extremely fascinating book and glance up to be amused by the psychological train wrecks). Yup it's been one of those days.  I'll be back tomorrow and I promise, I'll be more cheerful:)



  1. Oh my goodness!!! Sorry it has been a day and a half for you, but it was nice to hear because it has been one here, too. I guess misery does love company after all. LOL!

    Here's to a better day tomorrow!!!! :)

  2. You are funny!

    And I love that you are watching the Bachelor and admitting it. I cannot pull myself away from it even though it's a complete train wreck! Feels better knowing that I am not alone!


  3. Keep the faith sista...keep the faith.

  4. Haha! I ALWAYS feel sorry for the bachelor/bachelorette. It seems like all they ever have to choose from is total nutcases! :/ Enjoy your book and wine! Xoxo!

  5. I'm a teacher and I think the exact opposite. My school days stretch on forever and my days off go way to fast. Enjoy your day tomorrow when the kids go back to school and I will be counting down the days till the weekend!

  6. Since I am a teacher these days fly by for me too! Being off does mess up the routine though. I am counting down the days to summer vacation! 90 to go!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow when everyone is back in school!


  7. Yep, had one of those days too!

  8. i took today "off" to be home with all three....poured my glass at 4:35pm. not kidding!!!

    i make A LOT more $$$ at my real job, and I am not nearly as exhausted! ;)

  9. Sorry you've had one of "those" days. Hope you enjoyed the wine. Just keep repeating this little mantra..."tomorrow's a school day, tomorrow's a school day...".

    Gin =)

  10. Kim sooo funny I always wonder the same thing, on school days getting them out of bed is ridiculous but then they are off and when I WANT them to sleep, go figure they spring right out of bed at usual wake time!
    Have yet to figure it out myself!
    So last night I have to confess we watched part of the Bachelor too..OMG so cheesy. But fun entertainment. There are 2 or 3 that seem like witches in disguise....creepy, I just have a problem wtih the whole premise, the women are like a harem waiting hand and foot on any attention from this guy. Better them than us, lol. But that said it IS fun in a weird cheap thrills kind of way to watch!

  11. I just stopped by and saw your posts about Harry. I'm really sorry you're having to go through this and I pray that he's just a healthy boy and that you'll have nothing to worry about. There's nothing we want more in life than for our children to be healthy and happy. My 3 big kids our out of the house. 2 of them have graduated college, are working and have their own apartments (and pay their own bills....yeah)! One of them is in his freshman year of college so I only have Abby (age 9) home with me now. Yesterday she was outside playing with friends and I walked down my hallway, with the empty bedrooms and the unused bathroom thinking how weird it is that my 3 bigs are gone. It seems like a million years ago on those non-school days that I'd pray "please God let me get through this day". Big year of adjustment for me......good, but very different. At least school is back on today!

  12. i watch that trash tv on monday night too! every season i tell myself know, but the extreme hilarity of all those girls begging for one guys affection makes me laugh. enjoy your tuesday with no kids!!

  13. My little one is SO one of those early risers on WEEKENDS!! She wakes me up and says "Mom, I see the sun!! It's time to get up"!!!

    Question: Where is the "SUN WORSHIPER" on weekday SCHOOL mornings?

    I can truly say I have NEVER watched the Bachelor.

  14. Hahaha! Kim!! You cracked me up. From everything to the whine to the train wrecks!! It's all so true too! Love your honesty!



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