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Friday, January 13, 2012
First, thank you all so much for the prayers and support. It is truly unbelievable.  Some of the comments and e-mails brought me to tears.  Several people have reached out to us who have a child or a best friend or a relative with NF1 and I am so appreciative.  I have not had a chance to get back to y'all but will touch base as soon as I have a chance.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will tell y'all know what the doctors tell us next week too.

So, I get in these cooking ruts.  I am probably in one right now. I feel lazy and not much like cooking.  And I have not been eating very healthy lately. And boy oh boy is my stomach paying for it today. I was up all night with an upset stomach.  One thing I need to do is eat more kale so tonight for dinner I am having some soup and this kale and avacado salad.  Mine is a little different but so yummy! 


Do you know how good kale is for you?  Amazingly good.


Okay so in  case you are in a rut too, here are some recipes I have tried recently and I think are very good (and healthy too).  This chicken and rice soup from Two peas and their pod is so easy and so delicious.  I LOVED it.  The kids liked it too. They don't love soup they way I do but they tolerate it and this one was worth it.  I could eat soups and salads everyday if the rest of the family wouldn't whine about it.


This beef and broccoli stir fry was also very easy and everyone really enjoyed it.  In fact it got 2 thumbs up from everyone.  It was delicious!!!  I thought I took a photo of mine but I guess I did not.  Kate, Will and Harry said this was better than our local Chinese take-out restaurant!


{I took this just before we served it over jasmine rice}

Last week Dave and I made this Thai Chicken Basil dish (above).  It was FABULOUS!!!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I added more mushrooms because we all love them and I added orange bell pepper for some extra antioxidant health.  Make sure you get Thai basil and use a lot of it (Asian markets carry this).  That and the coconut milk make this dish so aromatic. YUM!

(a note-- I am not a big fan of soy sauce as I do not think soy is good for us overall but 3 of these recipes call for it...so we either omit it, use organic gluten free soy sauce, or use reduce the amount.  You can also make a soy sauce "substitute" if you are allergic to soy or gluten.)

I would love if you would share a link to a favorite recipe of yours. Let me know in the comments a new dish you have tried recently.  I need to get out of my rut and back into a healthy cooking routine.  Some of you may not know that I was diagnosed with MS for many, many years.  I totally changed my eating habits and ALL of my MS symptoms disappeared. I do not have MS! I still slip into old habits sometimes but I saw this video recently and it was SO inspiring.  Take the time to watch this video about health and food....you will be amazed.  Food really is medicine.


  1. Oooh I am totally going to try the kale recipe. I ADORE kale! Do you make kale chips? I blogged about it here http://preppypinkcrocodile.blogspot.com/2010/02/kale-chips-take-two.html but what I do now is buy a bunch of kale. Wash and then spin it very dry in a salad spinner. Then lay out on towels to dry more. I have to do this in batches. I also cut the kale down to a practical size and remove the tough center stem. Once cut and dry, toss in a big bowl with either evoo or (what I do) evoo spray. I spritz, toss, spritz, toss, to coat. Add salt and any other seasoning (I like Old Bay personally but it's good with just salt and even cracked black pepper). Lay flat on cookie sheet and bake at 300 just until crispy. Delish!

  2. Thanks for sharing these recipes Kim, I will have to give them a try! Especially the beef & broc one, my boys will LOVE that!! And that kale salad looks delicious! I was laughing about the mushrooms, I love them but my MIL doesn't so I've pretty much avoided cooking with them for almost three years and now that she's no longer living with us, I need to get used to using them again, yipee! :D

  3. My mouth is watering Kim!! Yummmm...that salad, the soup and the stir fry all look heavenly good and thats something my kids love. I sure hope you are feeling better, nothing worse than an upset stomach, I feel your pain, being a stomach ache sufferer, and cannot help but think its likely very much stress related. Maybe try to take a long walk, get some fresh air and make it a healthy eating day (if only I would practice would I preach) lol. Wishing you a peaceful weekend and hope you are better soon.

  4. These recipes look great!! Will have to give them a shot. Started following your blog a few months ago....we are waiting on TA to bring home a little girl from China. Your family is beautiful! Will be praying for your sweet Harry. So difficult to go through a medical challenge with a child. And would love to hear more about how your recovered from MS. I couldn't find your email on your blog, but if you want to stop by and leave it on my blog (calcrew.wordpress.com) I would love to hear more about your recovery. I have been battling a nasty inner ear condition/balance center issue the last few weeks and have had question over if that is really what I am dealing with or is it something bigger. Know you may not be comfortable posting your "story" on your blog, but would love to hear more even via email. Take care!


  5. Oooh!! Can't wait to get back in the kitchen this next week. We have a house full of children right now, so it's been pizza and burgers. :/ Terrible, I know! I tagged you in a fun little get to know you better linky post. Play along if you have time and would like to! xoxo!

  6. OMW... you are amazing..
    I wish I could make this stuff.. YUMMY..
    I need to write down things and just make it on Friday or Sunday when I am off.. Love them ...
    Love you ..

  7. I bookmarked all of these recipes because they all sound totally wonderful to me and your chicken tortilla soup recipe is the best one I've found, so I know you have good taste! ;)

    I second the recommendation from the first poster for making baked kale chips...they are GOOD!! No one in my house could believe how tasty they were!

    Here are some recipes I have recently tried, most from other blogs...that's where I get most of my inspiration!

    Cheeseburger soup recipe with no processed cheese or other yucky ingredients - I thought this was delicious!!: http://tastykitchen.com/recipes/soups/cheeseburger-soup/

    Chocolate chili:

    Kidney bean loaf - very yummy, we do at least a couple of meatless meals around here every week:

    Sweet & spicy green beans - we ate these with the kidney bean loaf...they do have soy sauce, but I use organic/gluten free, as well, so have had it in my head that they're good for me?:

    Gnocchi Mac & cheese:

    Delicious tomato basil parmesan soup...I didn't make mine in a crock pot, but it was still easy and very good:

    Paleo ("health nut") brownies...these definitely don't taste like they have no sugar/no flour:

    Recipe overload!! I've tried lots of new, good ones this fall/winter :)

  8. Oh my word! Boy do these dishes look lovely and healthy to boot. You can't beat that.
    I have read your posts about the possibilities of Harry having NH1 and I'm very intrigued. I'm going to be looking into this further. Do you know if this condition could affect adults as well?
    It's a wonderful thing to have so many people, even strangers, praying for you and your family. There is still caring people with empathy in this world. Best wishes to Harry and your family always.

  9. These all look delicious! My husband loves chicken noodle soup, so I definitely want to this chicken and rice soup. YUM!

  10. I avoid soy as well, and just thought you might like to check out this great alternative (I buy mine at my local food co-op). http://www.amazon.com/Coconut-Secret-Aminos-Coco-12x8/dp/B004FHW5M0

  11. thanks for the kale recipe.... I'm going shopping tomorrow. all these recipes look so yummy!


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