Seek first

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
I wanted to show you what Kate does during Mass sometimes....  Usually, she goes to her little Sunday school class but if they don't have class, she comes to Mass with us.  And she has always been very well behaved in Church.  I bring a composition book and a pencil and she draws and tries to sing all the songs.  Often, I think she is not really paying attention to the readings or the homily but this week I was reminded that she does in fact listen.  I glanced at her drawings this week and this is what I saw.....




I asked Kate who the little boy in her pictures was and I fully expected her to say "Habu" as he is one of her favorite subjects but instead she said, "Samuel."  I repeated, "Samuel?"  And she said, "yeah the boy they are talking about today in the book."


Here she drew him as if to be saying, "Speak Lord, your servant is listening."

Sunday's readings and homily were about how God does call each and everyone of us.  EVERY single one of us is called by God to greatness.  That makes us all so special.  But do we hear the call?  Do we listen?  Do we ignore it?

I know that I sometimes hear whispers but fail to act out of plain fear.  In fact, there is something God has been nudging me to do for a very long time now but I keep stalling because I am afraid of failing.  My heart is racing right now just thinking about it.

One of the things our minister said this week was the way to hear God's call is to seek FIRST the kingdom of God.  That really struck me.  I thought about our life.  Do we seek God's kingdom first in our daily life?  Do I reach for the Bible first when I have time to read or the captivating and engrossing Steve Jobs biography I am devouring?  Do I go to Bible study or surf the net?  Do I stop to help a stranger in need or rush off to my next important "thing to do"?  Am I living my life seeking the kingdom of God first.  Probably not as much as I could.

The summer camp my kids attend has a motto First is Third (FIT).  They teach the kids that if you put God first, others second and yourself will always come out ahead.  I LOVE that principle and my kids embrace it too.   Our family needs to put into daily practice.

I am trying to remind myself each morning 

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6:33


  1. That is so rewarding to know she is getting something out of each church service! Her drawings are great. Good luck with that thing god has been nudging you to do. I have found that often when I'm scared first, then go for it, I look back and realize it wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be.

  2. You have got to read 1Thessalonians this week... 5 quick chapters!!! Paul reminds us of all of these things!!!!!

    I love how Kate's faith is growing through her actions and her pictures!!!!


  3. You are too hared on yourself.....I think you ARE listening to Him! You are constantly sharing your testimonies with all of us AND giving your life to young married couples and helping them to have a successful Godly marriage. You are also an amazing Mom who loves her children more than she loves herself...You are humble and inspiring my friend.You do really do:) Love you!

  4. Just wanted to encourage you to push through the fear and follow that prompting to do what God is calling you to do!!! You can do it!!

    I would love to see you write a book on marriage and parenting!! You are such a beautiful role model for all of us!!

    Big Hug,


  5. I love that much so that I'm going to incorporate it into our lives, first is third! Love it!

    And I agree about bringing kids to Church and then listening even when we think they aren't. Kate drawings are fabulous!


  6. What a girl!! It's such a sweet sweet blessing to see your kids grow in their faith. Awesome

  7. PS, I'm taking a field trip to Central Market tomorow. I have to go into our Houston office to meet with an atty for work... after that I'm headed to CM... My plan is to prepare all of the dishes you featured on your last post. they look delicious. I have my list and i'm showing Lambert the video as soon as he gets home from bb practice with Hoot! thank you friend.

  8. Wonderful to see God working through our children. Such sweet pictures.


  9. I have a similar motto-Jesus first,Others next, Yourself last=JOY.
    Love your blog! I often find it to be just the inspiration I need. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. You are touching so many lives. You must be listening! ; )

  10. She is so incredibly sweet. I hope all is going well with you Kim!

  11. Oh..... that's good stuff Kim! ;) I learned J O Y- Jesus, Others, Yourself. Always remember JOY! But, I love the FIT! I learned it by watching 19 & counting! HA! Her drawings are Precious!
    Thanks for sharing Kim! Praying for you. ;) Remember Fear is..
    F- False, Evidence, Appears, Real.

  12. I can't wait to hear what God is nudging you to do! You can do it!!

  13. You are a good woman. Thank you for the reminder that I too needed. Your children are an excellent example of what you are teaching them. I think I will print out this post of yours and post it to my office wall at work, if that is okay with you. Thank you so much for this reminder.

  14. What an artist!! Kate these are fantastic. I can defnitely understand "the nudge" and me not wanting to "budge" because of fear. I said this year, I'm gonna step out on FAITH!! Thank you for this post. It is very encouraging. I can't wait to see what is in store for you as well.

  15. Kim, you need not be afraid to fail..... you need to just do it:) I know it can be scary, but sometime you just need to take a leap of faith..... It's time to put your "jumping" shoes on:)

    I love seeing what Kate doodled during Mass on Sunday..... I know you are proud of her. She is listening and beginning to understand God's word.



  16. I think not only are you listening, you're also leading others by sharing what you do on your blog about your faith, your worries with Harry, and how being a mom isn't as easy as it seems it should be. You're a definite inspiration to me. And despite all the busy in your life, I always imagine you to be very calm and peaceful. I'm excited to hear what you think God is leading you to do, and I'm SURE you'd be great at it!

  17. I forgot to say one thing:) Lottie and Emma have always gone to "big church" because well....we have issues but I am always amazed how how much they hear when they aren't even paying attention.

    Here in Mexico we do house church and not church in a building. They automatically separate the children from the rest of the group. I am forever trying to convince them that children can sit and listen AND learn! Yay for Kate!!!


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