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Friday, December 30, 2011
how God will bring new friends into your life.  This blog has blessed me with some very incredible friends (too many to list really)--- some long distance like Shana and Jen and Di and some locally.  I remember when Denise reached out to me in Virginia promising not to be a weird stalker. We met on Halloween Day about 5 years ago. A deep friendship grew.  Our families really enjoyed one another and we were so sad moving away from them.  Then, a woman in the adoption wait reached out to me here in Texas.  We met a few years ago but our friendship has really grown over the last year.  And our whole family adores their whole family.  Seriously, we feel so BLESSED to know them.  Anyway, last night they had us over for a delicious dinner of seafood gumbo, shrimp and grits and a delicious salad.  It was the best Southern comfort food you could imagine.  And although we have spent a lot of time with Hoot's family, we had not been to their house.  They have been to our house a bunch and we even went on a little out of town getaway with them.  Can I just say we ALL LOVED their house.  You can just feel the warmth and coziness the moment you step in the door.  Shelley has this amazing eye for decor.  I could not stop taking in every single detail. She has the coolest stuff everywhere.  Seriously, as we pulled out of the driveway, every one in our family said how much they loved their home.  Even my teenage son!

Hoot, Kate, Harry, Libbie and Will

I love Shelley's garland on her mantle and those nutcrackers!


Kate and Libbie are so cute together.  They spent a lot of time drawing. We are all quite smitten with Miss Libbie.  This little girl is something special. Nothing keeps her down.  You should see her scoot around with that pink cast!


Their tree is gorgeous but the big hit was the train under the tree. It entertained everyone for a long time!




I love the looks on their faces:)

There was some tickling and wresting...

Libbie and Mr Dave

Kate hopped up on Stephen's shoulders...




She messed up his hair and poked his ears and LAUGHED!

Miss Libbie might have gotten a tad possessive and decided to take back her Daddy!!



How cute is she?

Hoot played a few Christmas songs on the piano.  I started to sing along (much to everyone's dismay).  But I could not help myself.  He is really good.


Most of the time he was off building Legos with Will (which is why they are not in as many photos).

Thank you Shelley, Stephen, Hoot and Libbie for your friendship and for a wonderful evening!

Also, yesterday our fabulous nephew, Jamie took Will and Harry out for an afternoon of paintball. Jamie is 22 and in college and I am so glad that he takes the time when he is home to bond with the boys.  He is really good to them.  While the boys were off paint-balling, Dave and I took Kate out for Vietnamese Pho ( I LOVE it...Dave and Kate tolerated it).  Then, we went ice skating.  It was really crowded and Kate was less confident than she was this summer (and her first time).  We skated for a long time and Kate would have kept going but I was worn out.




It was really crowded and you almost had to skate defensively to avoid the crazy kids. Dave watched and took photos and coached Kate too.


Love this shot:)


I wish there were a close and convenient place to have Kate take ice skating lessons.  I also really have no clue how I could work into our bevy of activities but she sure does LOVE to skate.


  1. what a great friendship!! for each of you!
    & my friend, i LOVE your skating outfit. you are entirely too cute!!

  2. What a wonderful post! I have truly enjoyed your blog for the last few years. I have enjoyed the links you have provided to other adoption blogs and have been hooked on their blogs as well. I love the amazing adoption community I have "met" here and thru your blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think HOOT'S FAMILY is pretty awesome as well.

    PS Love the iceskating pics!! Truly priceless!

  3. Came back to add: Wishing THE 3 PEANUTS family a wonderful New Year!

  4. Whenever I come here, I leave with a smile, a brighter outlook on life and a warmed heart! Wishing you the happiest and healthiest 2012!!

  5. Kim, what a fun time you guys are having during the holidays! I hope you dont mind me saying but, have you lost weight Kim? Not that you needed to but you look fab!

  6. I have just started following your blog and have enjoyed every post! Beautiful family and home! Love all the Christmas decorations!

    Love Kate's dress in these pics! Where did you find it?
    When you get a chance you can send me the measurements and size for her top.

    Happy New Year!
    Lori Borah

  7. What a special time for both of your families.

    Paig said it best, super cute skating outfit! You had me at the pink scarf. 10'a accross the board!

  8. We love you too Kim... ALL OF YOU! We had the best time too. Lambert had seconds when y'all left:)

  9. Hi Kim...thank you for your comments earlier.

    This is a very sweet post! LOVE Kate's dress in the first few photos...absolutely adorable.

    You asked about the AG doll dresses. I actually bought A LOT more than that - all on ebay. The one with the pink sash came from a seller named wulang55. This store is in China, but I received my package not even two weeks after I sent payment.

    I am not sure if this ebay link will work on a comment, but here it is...

  10. Get Kate over here for Miss Di to get her doing some spirals and flying camels!!! I took the girls skating yesterday too.. However, I did not hit the ice with them or look as cute as you did!!!!

    So glad you had fun with Shelly and her family!!!! I love how God has connected us to so many amazing families!!!!!

    Well, we have made it another year!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!

    Miss you!

  11. That Libbie and Hoot are so darling..what a fun night!!

    Ok..I think I might have to stick to bowling for family and Kate look so cute!


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