Parting is such sweet sorrow....

Monday, August 4, 2008
I will warn you this post is long and mushy...

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Sunday we had an open house (62 people came!) and Denise kindly agreed to let our family hang out at their house for a few hours.  We knew it might be one of our last visits for a very long time.  Denise bought Kate and Maggie these matching outfits in China and we had planned to take their photos together this Fall.  However, we had to move that up a bit.  We had the nicest time with Denise's family.  They are GOOD people and we are just sad that we did not know them for our whole four years here.
Kate and Maggie had a BLAST running around in circles and collapsing on the floor (collage above). They kept running and running.  Finally as we were saying goodbye, Maggie fell asleep in Denise's arms.


Denise, I am so glad that we have shared part of this journey together and I know we will share more. I am honored that I was able to be at the airport when you came home with Maggie.  I will always feel that connection.


(terrible photo--taken on a ledge with a timer very late at night)
Then last night, my MOPS table gave me a little going away party.  It was so special. Julie Anne made these pink and green monogrammed cookies.  Think they know me well?  Lauren made my favorite sausage balls--YUMMY!  All of the food was delicious! They gave me all sorts of meaningful gifts.  The most memorable gifts were what they all shared.  Each woman spoke about some way I had touched their life.  I was equally embarrassed and grateful to hear what they had to say.  We rarely get to know the impact we have in another's life so I treasure the sentiments they shared last night.  Thank you Clare, Melissa, Lauren, Heather, Julie Anne and Linda.  Your friendship helped me through a challenging year.  Each one of you was an answered prayer. Melissa, we missed you last night!

And finally, the boys had their last Judo session here.  Sensei promoted them again due to their excellent progress and their last tournament.  I am so proud of them!!!


  1. Darling outfits on Miss Kate & Maggie....I am so sorry that they won't get to grow up together as playmates...but they will also know one another and love one another.

  2. Loving on those pictures of Maggie and Kate.

    I can't believe you are already saying your goodbyes. I had no idea it was happening so fast!! Before school starts? Wow. I am definitely praying for you & your family during this adjustment period!

    & I love that your MOPS table threw you a party; those women are the best, aren't they? And the cookies look delish!

  3. The girls are darling in their matching outfits! I am so sorry for all three of you families loosing each other, but like you said, there will always be that connection.

    I am thinking of you often Kim!! Moving is Tough. A whole year at least to get settled. We have moved often and I know it makes you stronger. I am keeping your family in my prayers!!

  4. What a beautiful day y'all had. I so enjoy seeing these precious little girls together!

    Krista @bits & pieces

  5. Such sweet, but sad words. How are you doing with all of this? It can be so overwhelming to say all these goodbyes. sniff sniff

    When do you leave?

    Good luck with the house selling. Stressful stuff! My house sold in two days, thank goodness because with a then 5 year old, it was hard to keep it clean! With three kids, it must be nearly impossible LOL

    Good luck with everything. You're in my thoughts.
    Snick, Sunshine and Brilliance

  6. What a great group of friends you have. I love the photos of the girls in their matching outfits. I wish I could go back to China and shop-I didn't bring back nearly everything I wish I had. I know your friends will miss you dearly. Best wishes as you prepare to leave. Congrats to the boys-way to go!

  7. Kim,

    Parting is such sweet sorrow...and such time for reflection and gratitude. You have made friends that you will keep for a lifetime...true friends endure despite the distance!!!

    I continue to pray for your family and your move and all that it encomapsses. I know you are a veteran mover...and I know you know this...but a move just gives you an opportunity to meet even more people and, in your case, touch so many more lives.

    Hold on to the memories....embrace the new ones yet to be made.

    Best wishes at this time of transition, my friend!!


  8. Such beautiful pictures of very beautiful girls!!! I know it was such a special day. It sounds like you all moving pretty soon??? Sure hope the open house went well!

  9. The girls look so beautiful together. I just LOVE the outfits!! I am sure these are friends you will stay connected with for a long time.

  10. Oh Kim, I know you are just about to bust inside with all kinds of emotions. I have been thinking about you and your move and praying for a smooth transition for all. :)

  11. Awe. So sweet to be surrounded my so many loving people. It will be hard to leave, I am sure.

    Beautiful pictures. Kate always has the cutest bows.

  12. is all happening so quickly. Not quite the August and cap off to summer you expected. The "gifts" from you MOPS friends were so great. I agree, we don't often let people know how special they are. Too bad it takes moving sometimes!

    So happy to be able to follow this adventure with you!

  13. This is all happening so quickly for you! You must really work well under pressure! You should be proud of yourself!
    I love the pictures - especially of the girls. Maybe within the next few years you will be able to fly out to Maggie!
    Good luck packing and keeping it all together!

  14. Just saw Denise's beautiful post about your friendship - it's obvious how many people you have touched and that God has great plans for you and your family in this next chapter of your lives. Kate and Maggie look adorable in their matching outfits. Know these next few weeks will be tough - keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, Wendy

  15. Such sweet photos of the 2 girls.

    I hope you feel nothing but peacefulness as you close this chapter of your life. I know how hard it is. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  16. What a precious Sunday you had! God is so good to completely surround you with dear friends...sharing their hearts with you! What a priceless gift to hear their sweet sentiments I am sure you will keep their words tucked inside your heart!

    Those outfits are absolutely precious! Kate and Maggie are two precious little Asian Princesses!!!!

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers sweet friend!

  17. What adorable pictures of the girls in their matching outfits!

    Good luck as you start your new journey with your move!


  18. This post has me in tears. I am still so sad for you! I can only hope you are moving closer to Nebraska! Ha ha!

  19. Kim, I love the outfits from China! The girls look adorable!

    I am so glad the open house went well! We had a wonderful time with you last night... we will miss you like crazy!!! Have a wonderful time at the beach. love, Clare

  20. Sweet pictures and great memories to take with you!

    Many Blessings,

  21. Bless your heart! Moving and leaving behind friends is so difficult. The great thing about it all is that no one can ever take away the relationships you have developed...ever.

    Remember the great memories, carry them in your heart and revisit them when you need to.

    You have a great adventure ahead of you.

    Thinking about you-

  22. Kim,
    Blessings to you during your move! It sounds like it is coming up quickly! This post is very emotional for me as I so know what you are going through. We have had to go through so many moves as a military family and the hardest part are the good-byes. You have beautiful memories to take with you on your next journey:)

  23. Wishing you a safe and peaceful move. So glad you have wonderful memories to look back on! Thoughts and prayers are with you!

  24. The cookies are adorable! It looks like you had a beautiful day with wonderful friends!

  25. I know these events were so hard. I am sorry for the sadness you are enduring right now. I pray you have peace and that all goes well with the move.

  26. I had a hard time even coming here to read this post...thank you for sharing these beautiful pics of Maggie and Kate. Again, your friendship means the world to me and I wish you all the best in the future...sniff...sniff~

  27. What great pictures!!! I love them!! And great friends are important!!


  28. Thinking of you and the Peanuts. Hope everything with the move and sale of your home goes very smoothly. Take care!

    Kim and Katiebug

  29. LOVE the outfits...
    The girls are beautiful...
    Glad you got to spend that quality time with friends..
    YOU are a true inspiration...
    Love all the great memeories...
    HUGS girly..

  30. Kim, just wanted to check in and see how you all are doing?! I'm sure everything is falling into place with your move and how wonderful that you are getting special time with all of your friends before you leave! The cookies are such a sweet touch and Kate and Maggie are so adorable together in their matching outfits. Thinking of you. :)

  31. Today, I just happened to try your blog address to see if by chance it was open again. I was so excited to see that it was open again. I truly missed visiting you daily!! I truly hope that you have a safe journey in your move. How exciting for your family. I am sure all will work out. Please keep us posted!! Thanks for opening up your blog again!

  32. That's so sad!! Saying goodbye to everyone must be so hard. The pictures of Maggie and Kate are adorable.

    I know you will meet many wonderful friends wherever you go. Who knows how many blogger friends you will meet.

  33. What a nice group of supportive friends. The pics of Kate and Maggie are precious!

  34. What a treat to see Maggie and Kate in their beautiful matching outfits. I so feel all your emotions during this move. Moving is hard but a great way to realize how quickly we grow "roots". I know you'll have many new roots in your new home.

  35. Oh Kim,

    I am sitting here crying because:

    1. I'm an emotional wreck today
    2. I KNOW the pain of saying goodbye to loved ones. That is not something that gets easier with age and experience.

    I am glad you are having some special time with your close friends to celebrate the relationships you've formed. Be strong and know many are standing in the gap praying for you.

    Love the cookies! YUMMY!


  36. Praying for your move, Kim! Change is always hard, but I know God has wonderful adventures and blessings in store for you in your new home.
    Jennifer and the monkeys

  37. The girls look absolutely darling in their outfits, and how wonderful that you have such kind friends. It is sad to leave them, but exciting to think of all of the new people you will meet and new friends you will have!

  38. what cute pictures of the girls together! I love their little outfits, they looks so sweet in them. I'm sure you will all remain close thru the years. Best wishes on your move.

  39. Saying goodbye is so hard. I love the pictures of Kate and Maggie. They both look so beautiful in red!


  40. Kim,

    The girls are so beautiful. LOVE the outfits. Parting is always SO hard!! 62 people at your open house, OH MY!!! Sounds like it will go very quickly!

  41. Wow Kim, I didn't realize your move would be happening so quickly! Best wishes on the speedy sale of your home and for your safe travels and smooth transition for your family into your new home. I do hope that you will be able to continue blogging and give us an occassional update on how things are going!
    Take care,
    Laura Beth

  42. They could not look sweeter in their matching outfits - just beautiful.

    Kim, I am so thankful you are enveloped by friends who love you and will most certainly miss you, but these are the friends who will remain a constant in your life regardless where your travels may take you. Certainly a gift.

    How wonderful the community and love being shown here.

    Thinking of you -

  43. Oh Kate and Maggie look just darling! I can't believe that you are already leaving, Good-Bye's are not easy! When Clark was a baby I was one of the founders of our local MOPS group. It has been such a joy to be a part of this wonderful organization.
    I will be thinking of you over the next few weeks. Thanks for checking in on me. I will email soon with all of my crazy house info.:)

  44. Kim,

    Oh my goodness! Just checking in on you and saw your big news. Boy, oh boy...what an end of summer you are having!

    With everything else you need to take care of in the next few weeks don't forget to take care of yourself!


  45. Great pictures and darling outfits! I know it must be hard saying goodbye. I pray you'll do well with all the changes.

  46. The girls look adorable!!! I am so sorry that you are sad : ( moving is so hard and so many feelings buzzing around in the brain. Hang in there. Think of it as a journey. That's what got me through the first few months of our big move from CA to Chicago. When ever I talked about moving to my boys I tried to view it as an adventure..even though some days it wasn't very adventurous. I also let them know that it was hard on me too. I didn't try to paint a happy face all the time. I think it's important that they know Mom was human too. You are such a wonderful and loving family you can get through anything. Keep the faith!!! Keep talking, venting or what ever you need to do..It helps : ) I am sending big hugs and prayers your way {{{{hug}}}}

  47. I am just a big bunch of tears today! I know this is so hard for you and I am praying for all of you during this very tough transition.
    Big love and Hugs!

  48. Kim,
    Not one bit surprised with all of the people you have blessed that want to send you off in style! I think the photos of Kate & Maggie are precious.. I love the one where they are standing and leaning to the right/their left!!! So sweet!

    I hope you have some good news after your open house. That has to be a record!

    I am doing fine... Uncomfortable, but everything went very well. Thank you for praying!

    Oh, and please thank Dave for his kind letter!

    We love you guys!

  49. We're gonna miss you and the Peanuts and Mr. Dave! (Tell Dave I'm expecting an apple pie when we visit!)

    Thank you for taking the time to invest in us and leaving a little piece of yourself here. You're an official, lifetime member of the Rapture Blues!

  50. I just had a great idea... in all of your free time(he-he) why don't you give us bloggy friends an "open house" tour! I would love to see every inch of your lovely home that you so carefully planned.

  51. Gorgeous photos! The girls are adorable and so are the cookies!

    Snif, snif. It's SO hard leaving a place and friends you love... However, if we don't ever move or get out, how would we ever meet new amazing people! One way to think about it... Relationships are something you take wherever you go, can never leave the good ones behind! :)

    Good luck!


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