On Christmas Day

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Again, I know there will be way too many photos in this post (probably even too many for my own Mom) but I love looking back over the years and remembering all of the tidbits.

 Surprisingly, I woke up before the kids this year. They actually slept in and I almost woke them up:)


Kate and Harry waiting for Will.  Dave made a little sign so nobody would peek in the morning:)



I always take photos of them coming down the stairs.


I LOVE the look of wonder and surprise on Kate's face!


Harry was thrilled with his new bike.  He had completely outgrown his.


Santa left Kate one of Prancer's antlers.  This is a family tradition.  Years ago, Will informed us (on Christmas EVE!) that he would like one of Santa's reindeer's antler.  Miraculously, Santa left one.  A few years later, Santa left one for Harry (this photo below is Harry from 2006).

12-29-06 044

 This year, it was finally Kate's turn.



Harry had to help her read the letter from Santa.


Mimi sent Kate a little pink shuffle with her favorite songs on it.
She is so cute singing around the house with it.

What Kate really wanted this year was an American Girl Doll...and Santa delivered.


She named her "Katie" and they have been completely inseparable.  They are adorable together.  The first thing Kate noticed though was that her clothes were "a little boring."


Luckily, Harry got Kate and her American Girl Doll matching leopard print dresses!
She also got some matching PJ's too:)


Harry LOVED his Wayne Rooney official soccer jersey.  It came all the way from Manchester, England.


Dave surprised each of us with an original piece of artwork from a local artist when he was in Singapore.



Miss Jen sent Kate this FUN and sparkly bow.  Kate could not get over it!!!



Will asked for some hip Ab*ercrombie clothes and these sneakers.


We had a very hard time finding these shoes but a guy named Will from Zappos helped us track down a pair at a different vendor.  Love Zappos!


I got him a hamburger ornament as he is always on the search for the best burger in Houston!


Santa left me 3 peanut ornaments...how apropos!

So funny...Dave needed to break a bill at the grocery store so he bought Twinkies for the kids stockings.  I would NEVER buy twinkies for them but they were SO thrilled.


Today, Kate said to me, "Mom, can I have my sparkie?"  I said, "Your what?"  You know that sparkie that Dad put in my stocking?  She meant her Twinkie!


Harry got some fingerboard stuff too.  He loves fingerboarding!


Will and his "sparkie."

Kate got a "fur real" puppy that is actually quite cute...  She named her "Dumpling."


We though Scout would not like Dumpling but she is fine with her new friend.

In the evening Dave's brother and family came over for dinner.

Dave and I cooked beef tenderloin, ham, roasted asparagus with hollandaise sauce, roasted mushrooms with garlic and capers, caesar salad, twice baked potatoes and biscuits.  Oh and I made this AMAZING cake from Southern living  magazine.  It was slightly time consuming (I did it over a few days) and mine is not as pretty as theirs but oh my goodness was it SO GOOD!!!!  It was definitely worth the effort.


White hydrangeas and peonies.  I did the table-scape in all silver (mercury glass) and white.



Kate and I glittered the place-cards.  That was fun!!

So here is the Southern Living cake....


And here is the one Kate and I made.....



We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.


Had to pose for some family photos:)
The Cousins (above)




It was a GREAT Christmas.  I missed my Mom and sisters but got to talk to them. It is hard living far away.  I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas.  I have been lounging around in sweats watching movies with the kids and eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate (and eating that cake--I will have some pounds to shed come January!).

  I want to take this opportunity (if y'all are still reading) to thank each and every one of you who pops in every day and those of you who leave such kind comments throughout the year.  I am very grateful to you all.


  1. love that sparkly bow and those happy expressions...and that cake looks divine!

  2. Looks like a wonderful Christmas. I sure wish you lived in Memphis to help me set a beautiful table like you always do:). Also I was totally in love with that cake and wanted to make it for Christmas ans forgot about it! So glad you all had a great day!

  3. OMG I love love love your giant silver artichoke! That's just so fun. Beautiful photos as always. Looks like fabulous Christmas.

    Merry merry,

  4. thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful family! Can you tell us where you found Kate's precious white gown and your cute plaid dress??! Thanks!

  5. your family is absolutely beautiful! I enjoy reading your posts and looking at all of your pictures :)

  6. LOVEEEEEEE your dress!! where is it from!?

  7. Kim, As always such a beautiful Christmas with the Peanuts. Glad you guys had a wonderful celebration.

  8. What a fun Christmas! Love the twinkie pictures and your cake looks sooooo delish!

    Hope you have a great week!

  9. Cara wanted a bitty baby American Girl doll from Santa. She named her bitty baby Ao Huan (her Chinese name). Looks like a great Christmas!


  10. LOVE all the pictures. You really capture the events so well. Still learning my camera. Your family is so precious and have grown so much in the last year.

  11. I made the SL gingerbread chocolater toffee cake on Christmas Eve but have this one booked for next year. :) Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family! (And I love your dress!)

  12. Looking at this picture really warmed my heart. You are a beautiful family both inside and out, and I can see the real meaning of Christmas is not lost on any of you. Thats a beautiful thing...thank you so much for sharing this special day!

  13. What a beautiful tree, decorations, cake, table setting, but most of all - what a BEAUTIFUL family!!

  14. Great Christmas -- looks like so much fun! Your food sounds so yummy and the cake -- beautiful!

    Happy new year!


  15. LOVE LOVE this post..
    Great Christmas..
    Love the twinkies..lol..
    and the 3 peanuts is priceless...
    Kate's face on the bows is tooo cute..
    Have a great week my friend..
    Love ya

  16. What a wonderful Christmas post...Kim you sure decorate beautifully...the look on the kids faces is priceless and everyone looks super happy:) Best wishes in 2012 to your family!!


  17. Looks like a beautiful Christmas! Where is your dress from, Kim? xo!

  18. Glad you had such a wonderful holiday, Kim!!

  19. Wonderful pictures!! I just adored Kate's LEOPARD dress for her and her doll!! They make such FUN things for girls! Wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed New Year!

  20. LOVE your Three Peanuts ornaments! Your family is beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us! Happy 2012!

  21. Looks like you had a WONDERFUL Christmas! I love Kate and her "sparkie;" that's just adorable. I also love the three peanut ornaments you got - seems like they were destined to be yours. :) The cake you made looks fabulous - every bit as great as the one in Southern Living if you ask me! Have a Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best in 2012!

  22. Lovely post. Please send me some cake! Yummy!

  23. Looks like a fabulous Christmas--your family is very blessed!

  24. What a lovely Christmas! The 3 peanuts ornaments were such a cute gesture from Santa :)

  25. It looks like it was a fabulous Christmas!!!! You look so cute!! And, look how tall Will is in the family pic!!!!
    Can't wait to see that Southern bow on Kate's beautiful head!!!!!

    Can you believe we are headed into another year already!!!! Prayers for a great 2012 coming your way!

    Miss you!

  26. Kim, my hubs is from Manchester and a big Man U fan, its always weird to see an American as a supporter.......weird but really cool :-) Love all your photos and Xmas Day "breakdown"!

  27. Kim, what a beautiful Christmas ~ love the excited expressions!:) Sure wish I had some of that "sleeping in" going on over here Christmas morning!
    The peanut ornaments are adorable and I LOVE the antlers!!
    Happy New Year!!!xo

  28. Great job on the cake! Beautiful pictures! Happy New Year!!!!


  29. What a lovely Christmas you had! Kate's expressions are adorable.
    That cake looks yummy, I love Southern Living recipes.

    Hope you have a blessed and Happy 2012!!

  30. The love at your house is evident by the time and effort and thought put into everything from the decor to the flowers to the presents to the food. Everything looks beautiful and I thank you for sharing! Happy New Year!

  31. The pix are fabulous! I love to see all your beautiful details!! I'm happy if I get the Christmas tablecloth on the table!! LOL

    Kate is gorgeous!!

    Merry Christmas Kim!
    Snick, Sunshine, & Brill

  32. I stumbled upon your blog while on vacation in Australa (we are living in Tokyo for the next few years) but live in Orlando normally (actually lived in Richmond, VA twice)...I love your blog and can't get enough. Consider me a regular follower now! -Stephanie ( mom of 3 too)


  33. Merry Christmas & Happy NEw YEAR! I loved the photos! Kim! You must stay up all night! You are definitely in the details!!!! I love it! The table scape... BEAUTIFUL! And.. the SL Cake.. "U go GIRL"! Looks great!

  34. The 3 Peanuts ornaments are PRECIOUS!!! I love it. Your table is beautiful and your children are adorable.

  35. The table setting is amazing! The cake Devine. So happy you had a wonderful holiday.

  36. What a special Christmas for y'all! I love the three peanut ornaments. As for us, we are just grateful to have Squirt home this year - after five Christmases waiting and her recent hospital stay, it feels great to have her with us on such a special holiday.

  37. I loved all of the great photos. Kate's expressions are priceless! That cake looks delicious and the table-scape is so pretty. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

    Gin =)

  38. looks like a wonderful day. I just love the ornaments! good find Santa!


  39. I have longingly looked at that cake on Southern Living and wondered if it tastes as good as it looks.

    Merry Christmas to y'all!


  40. love the antler idea :) plus your cake looked magazine worthy - best le

  41. Merry Christmas!
    I love, love, love these photos and I love that Will wore his new shirt Christmas day! How exciting!


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