A few of my favorite things {part one}

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
A couple of times a year, I post about things I really like.  And this is gift giving season so I am doing a two part series. Any of these would make lovely Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

I LOVE these colors and this nail polish!  It is a bit spendy but the colors are gorgeous and it does not have the harmful chemicals of most polishes.  And it is very durable.  These are the two colors I have so far and I love them both.

If Santa were to bring another color for my stocking (they sell it at Ulta too, Santa --on Richmond and Sage).  I am crushing on Lady Muck and Cream Tea! Actually I don't think Santa even reads my blog anymore but I digress....

Presto Prosecco Italy-thumb-autox379-75644

Okay this next one is a HUGE favorite of mine.  I LOVE this Prosecco.  Our Whole Foods has it in stock all the time and it is only $10!!!!  Put some pretty ribbon on the bottle and you have a great hostess gift.  I always have a few bottles in the wine frig for an afternoon happy hour with the girlfriends.  It really is my drink of choice if I am imbibing (which I don't do very often).  In fact, I am bringing it to a Christmas Party tonight:)


The next thing on my list is these skinny jeans/jeggings type things.  Okay, I SWORE I would never wear these as I do not have the best thighs and tush (and I have gained a tiny bit of weight this year). But Old Navy Rock Star jeans/jeggings (hate that word) do ROCK!  I love them.  They fit well, they flatter and make me look thinner than I really am and they are comfortable too. And the price cannot be beat.  I am wearing them here (you can see them best in the last photo with Santa).  You can even get them in a pretty deep red or corsica blue which are very on trend right now.

My creation

  I saw these darling Tory Burch slippers yesterday and they are so cute and comfy.  I don't have them but I think they are so cute.  It is not cold enough here to wear slippers more than a handful of times a year but if I lived somewhere cold, these would be at the top of my Christmas list.  And they come in glittery gold, hot pink and camel!


I cannot usually wear scents.  Most scented lotions or perfumes give me a migraine.  However, at Thanksgiving my sister in law smelled so good and fresh.  She told me that she wears Kiehls Original musk.  I was afraid to buy it because of my history with headaches and scents so she gave me the last bit of a bottle she had and I have been wearing it ever since.  I need to go buy some this week.  It is light and pretty and clean.  And I think it smells even better as the day goes on.

My creation

 I was addicted to this last winter and would run up to my local Starbucks every Monday night to get one.  Now I don't have to leave the house.  You can buy this at Target and some grocery stores.  I think it is best with either warm skim or 2% milk.  YUMMY!

My creation

And my last favorite thing on this post is cedar garland.  I absolutely LOVE it.  I sometimes hesitate to get it because I think it makes our allergies worse but I love it so much. I have been searching for faux cedar garland but have not found any. These few holiday images are from pinterest and some I have had on my computer for years.

P.S.  I am SO honored and excited that Eddie and Jaithan featured my wreath on the Eddie Ross blog today.  The blog world is so neat.  People you look up to and admire can treat you so graciously.  Thank you Eddie and Jaithan!

Please share with me in the comments one of your favorite things.


  1. Oh I love all of these things. I NEVER thought I would wear Skinny Jeans but Greg took me to Old Navy the other day and I tried some on and loved them and bought 3 pair!

  2. Ohhh...I love that color pink! :) I'm always in the market for a good pink polish:-)
    I think right now I'm loving all the Christmas decorations up at my house:) I love getting home, turning on the fireplace(yes, flipping a switch...but it is a real fire and puts out heat...does that count? :-) ) and turning on all the lights.
    OH! And making a AMAZING cup of coffee with my Keurig. Love that thing! :-)

  3. Oh, I love your favorite things posts. Happy to see this is only Part I.

  4. i love your list.
    i've had my eye on a few of the butter colors too. love these!
    will definitely try the wine!
    was just asking a friend where i can find some great skinny jeans so thanks for that tip.
    love the tory slippers!!! so would a few girlies here at our home!

  5. I love your blog today....
    All your favorite things are just yummy.

  6. You are one of my favorite bloggers. Hugs!

  7. Fun finds....I passed the jean tip on to a friend looking for a jegging. The last time we had breakfast she had on your boots. She isn't a reader but I figure if you two like the same boots perhaps the jeans might work too.

    So pleased to see you featured on Eddie Ross. Your wreath and talents deserve to be shared with many! Saw a box of Shiny Brite ornaments today. $3 each and nothing special. I passed :(

    I too can't wear scents without a headache. Can't wait to stop by the Kiehl's counter!

    Did you say there was a part 2....can't wait.

  8. I love Butter polish : ) and when I was in Italy all I drank was Prosecco!! Have you ever made peach or strawberry spritzers with Prosecco? yummy!!!!! Wish I could wear skinny jeans but my butt says "no don't do it". One of my favorite things would be Dogeared necklaces. I love the meaning behind each and I think they make meaningful gifts. My son just bought me this one for my birthdayhttp://www.dogeared.com/follow-your-dreams-reminder-necklace-with-sterling-silver-kite

    Great post!!!!!!!!: )

  9. I love the Prosecco too! I always have a couple of bottles on hand!

  10. May I have your autograph?? You famous girl!!! That's way cool!!! =)

  11. Thanks for all the great tips! I am going to use them for my Christmas shopping (mostly for myself :)

    Love love love your ornament wreath! Thanks for the tips on buying those ornaments - I have tried on ebay before but noticed some were a bit shady in the way they were presented - so the other places to find them sound better!

    Love that Kate loves the Nutcracker! Tia had the chance to perform in it this year and I think it might have been better for her to go to it first - I'm not sure she understood what she was in. I loved watching her however :)

    I enjoyed all these posts you have done lately!

    xo ellie

  12. Beautiful list of pretties. I love a happy heart and monogrammed wellies.


    Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

  13. Very nice! I love it all, but your nails looked great the other night in the Teddy... I was going to ask if you had them done, but didn't want to be rude. Teddy is the perfect year round color. Miss ya already.

  14. Ack! I'm so easily enabled!! I've been wanting to try the Butter polishes and this post convinced me to do it! I googled "Butter nail polish" and found a link to Beauty.com...using that link off of the google search page gives a 20% off discount! So I got 3 for $33 and some change, shipped - two for me and one for a friend!

    Kiehl's website is also doing a really nice discount right now...code HOLIDAY gives $20 off of a $65 purchase with automatic free shipping if you spend $50, plus 7 samples with each order.

    Good grief! The original musk I ordered needs to be one of my favorite things because it is going in my stocking - from Santa! ;)

    Seriously, my daughter's innocence and excitement about everything surrounding this time of year is my real favorite thing. Might sound cheesy, but it is precious! She's writing letters to Santa from herself and on behalf of her 2 year-old brother, making some earrings for Mrs. Claus, piling toys into a box to donate, singing mostly correct lyrics to Jingle Bells, etc.

    Happy Holidays! Looking forward to part 2!


  15. beautiful post. Funny I am partial to Gap jeans. Not expensive and often on sale and they fit me so well. Better even than the much pricer ones! You go girl with your wreath on the Eddie Ross blog!!!

  16. Nice things! Thanks for the recommendation for Butter polish. Never heard of it. I use Aquarella and it is also a solvent free (odor free) nontoxic polish but not all the colors hold up that well. I'll try Butter!

  17. Love all your faves Kim...I have been wanting to try Butter polish so now I must!

    Trying to find rockstars in my size...they seem to be very popular :)

    going to get the Presecoo tomorrow :)...AND must smell the musk...OH and I LOVE cedar garland too!! xoxo

  18. Congratulations! I just checked it out. Your wreath is gorgeous!

  19. Do you have Trader Joes? They have beautiful and inexpensive fresh cedar garland. I have it all over our house. That won't work if it bothers you all but you could use it outside.

  20. And I forgot to say congratulations on having your GORGEOUS wreath featured! Well deserved praise.


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