Tuesday, November 29, 2011
If you've been around a while, you know I like to go see Santa the day before Thanksgiving.  The kids are off from school. Everyone else is home cooking and cleaning or traveling. We are usually first in line.  It is win-win.  I despise lines and I detest Christmas crowds so this is all good (you would never catch me in a mall in Black Friday!).  Bless Will's heart.  He is 14 and he still does not complain about going to see Santa.  He told me he will go until college because he knows how much it means to me.

Waiting in line, Kate gets her first peek at the big man in red!


Santa gave Kate a little wave....



Okay, this photo above puts tears in my eyes.  There is something so magical about little kids and Santa and it is all so fleeting. Kate was so excited to see him! It really makes me want to freeze time.

Santa really took his time talking to each of the kids....


I love how Harry is listening to Kate's "wishes."



After Santa, we let the kids get one thing at Dylan's Candy Bar. They LOVE that place but we only go once a year. And this year, since we do not have Harry's dietary restrictions, we even ate lunch at the Galleria.




And I always make the kids pose for a few photos in the Galleria.  They LOVE that (not really)!



BTW- I thought my outfit was pretty cute but the kids teased me.
  Skinny jeans (LOVE these!), boots (new faves), Ralph Lauren blouse and a Ralph Lauren blazer (which I scored at Marshalls!). But the kids told me I looked like a pirate, Austin Powers, and an equestrian.  They thought I looked "nice" but kinda funny:)  When I wore this one other time Kate told me I looked "very Chicago!"  I think she meant "chic" but I am not sure;)


So here are the ones the staff took with Santa...



Dave took video of Kate talking to Santa with my Iphone.  When I get rid of my migraine, I will upload it and post it too.  It is darling!

Here is the video

And a question...I notice people seem to not comment on blogs anymore and I am wondering if it is because of facebook.  It seems like people still read but they don't comment.  I am not a big facebooker but I am curious if that has kind of replaced the blogs and commenting.


  1. I don't have a facebook, so I just comment :)

    Sweet photos of your kids!

    Ruthie from

  2. Super sweet day with Santa! And I think you look totally Chicago ;)

  3. I have wondered the same thing. It's nice to know that someone out there is reading your blog. LOVE your blog, love your style and love those cuties you have.

  4. Great pictures - WIll looks thrilled in a couple!

    I think comments are way down; they are for me, but I post a lot more of my updates on Facebook than you do...

  5. I love Santa and still Believe :)

    I think twitter has something to do with comments as well!

  6. I do think that people comment less because of facebook. I do love getting comments though (when I post :) So I need to be more thoughtful of that. Ya'll all look fabulous-very Chicago! :)

  7. Totally Chicago and I want those boots!

  8. Cute, cute!! We haven't seen Santa yet, but need to before I leave town. We'll see how that fits in! I don't know about the comments thing...I have noticed my comments have declined too. I think it just might be the time of year. Everyone's so busy. I know there are some blogs that I read that, for some reason, it won't let me comment on anymore. Drives me crazy!!

  9. I have never thought about the day before seemed so early to me, but now that you explain makes sooo much sense :)

    I am so happy Will agreed to see Santa until college...last year was the first year all of my boys did not go, and that is ONLY because 2 were sick and one was at basketball practice, but this year it is back to it :) rule is until they are married :)...just kidding...but I will take as long as they are willing :)

  10. awesome photos...i am laughing out loud about your kids' comments about your outfit....I love your outfit too...very "chic"ago as Kate says.

  11. Fun! Kate looks completely smitten with Santa and is so beautiful in her sweet little red dress and Mary-Jane's. And I love that Will has agreed to take these photos each year just to make his Mama happy. You got some wonderful family shots, too.

    Gin =)

  12. Love your Santa pictures this year and I especially love how Will and Harry are such great sports! I hope Carson will be the same way some day!

    Unfortunately, I do think most people are on FB! It's quick and easy! Boo hoo!

  13. Your family is so beautiful.
    Santa already brought your children the best gift of all!
    I agree, you outfit is great!

    I hope your migraine has passed.

  14. I always love your Santa family pics! So cute!!! I personally LOVE your outfit!!! As far as "comments" I think that is somewhat true about comments. I have a fb but I usually catch up talk w/fam and friends there. However, I still like to visit blogs and comment though.

  15. Very cute photos! I love that will is still willing to go.

    As for comments, I think it has more to do with Reader. At least for me. It's very rare I actually go to any blogs now. And since I read mostly from my phone, it's harder to go to the blog and leave Reader to comment. Just my thoughts.

    Have a lovely holiday.

  16. I was just thinking about why people don't comment! I think the bigger issue than facebook, etc. is GoogleReader. I find that I don't click on the blog posts, I just read through them and go onto the next! I'm definitely trying to comment more on blogs since I love getting comments on my blog! A little comment goes a long way!

  17. I actually snorted out laughing at your comment about taking the kids pictures at the galeria, "the kids love that - not really!!" Haha!

    Thanks for that!

    They look so sweet. You're right, there is something very special and magical about Santa!


  18. I agree with MAT...I think the culprit is Google Reader. I used to click from one blog to another from my bookmarks, but now I just subscribe through Google Reader and I guess, am too lazy to click over to the site to comment.

    Love reading your blog though.

  19. I hope that's not the case, I don't like Facebook at all! I haven't commented for a while as we have been doing a major home renovation project...but now its nearly finished I'm looking forward to getting down to some serious blogging! BTW....I love your outfit. I can't wait to see your house decorated for Cristmas :-)

  20. Ugh, I loathe Facebook and I love reading your blog. You take beautiful photos.

    I think Facebook has invaded as an alternative for the horribly-busy/horribly-lazy crowd, but it's so impersonal and I don't like their policies on photos.

    Kate looks so pretty - her dress is gorgeous :)

  21. I have been waiting for these pictures since I have followed for years now! ;) Darling pictures and more important, wonderful memories.

    As far as blogging goes....I do not have the time I use to. And sadly, I do think Facebook took over.

    Enjoy this holiday season with your family Kim. May you all remember the true meaning of Christmas.

    P.S. I do like your longer hair. ;)

  22. very cute. Love that Will still takes part! :)

  23. I have most of my blogs on google reader, so I have to make an effort to comment...I think that has a lot to do with how much I comment these days. I do wish blogger had something like facebook with the "like" button, because sometime I just want to give something a big "thumbs up!" but don't really have a comment.

    My daughter worked at the Galleria for 2 years and I never made it there--we were too busy with other things when I visited! She just moved to Nashville right before Thanksgiving, so it looks like Houston is in my rearview mirror now. And here I thought I'd have plenty of time to make visits and check out all the shopping (I live in Atlanta, so I can shop anytime, but it's more fun to do it "away").

    Beautiful pictures, as always!

  24. Love these photos of you all! And you look FABULOUS!! LOVE that outfit -- oh to be able to wear skinny jeans! :)

    I think that FB has also taken over, but I still like blogs better -- love yours, but you already know that, right!

    Happy Wednesday!


  25. I think it's because of Google reader. If you can read the whole post in Google Reader - then you don't have to click the link to go to the actual blog. You can't post from Google Reader. If you set it up so that people can only see a snippet on Google Reader and have to go to your blog to read the rest - then I bet you get more comments. I don't know how to set that up - but I bet it would be in your blog preferences or options. Just guessing.

  26. You have a beautiful family!

    I do think that facebook has taken over some, but I also believe that the facebook fad is starting to fade. Not as many "updating" as often and so many viruses out there through facebook. I enjoy it to keep up with family states away, but some people just go overboard and post absolutely anything and everything! I much prefer blogging...although with my eight month old daycare baby I don't have as much time lately!

  27. Hi Kim,

    I do stop by your blog - however I sort of have a rule that I comment on friends blogs who comment back.

    I hardly ever post to my blog - probably partially because of facebook and partially because my internet is so slow.

    LOVE your outfit and the precious photos of your kids with Santa!

    xo ellie

  28. Great photos. I read your blog - but I am usually at work and it's difficult to post comments.....with having interruptions concerning work. LOL Bridget

  29. What a wonderful Santa!

    As far as commenting goes, I read all my blogs through Google Reader, which means that in order to comment I must click through to the actual blog, then click to comment, then fill out the form and half the time Google somehow gets hung up and it won't go through until I've tried 3-4 times. In other words, it's a lot of work (which is a lazy excuse, but it's my reason nonetheless.) For that reason, I tend not to comment unless I feel really compelled to do so.

  30. Still love your blog, and LOVE your outfit!

    Happy Holidays,


  31. Kim,
    Love the photos! By the way, I have lots of big pine cones for you if you still need them! Sent an email, but thought you may not have received it. Need your shipping address if you still need them. If not, no problem.

  32. Your family is beautiful! And i love your top!

    nikki @

  33. I'm a lurker- I've been reading your blog for about 2 years now (or maybe 3?) but I've only commented a couple times. Sorry! I love your family, and I look forward to your posts!


  34. Love the Santa photos Kim, I can tell Kate is mesmerized, her eyes seemed glued to him in the first several photos. :) What a fun tradition!

  35. Hi Kim,

    I seem to post more to FB just because ppl seem to comment more then on my blog. I comment on so many blogs and I hardly ever get comments on my blog posts and wonder if anyone even ever visits. I have been thinking of shutting my blog down...not sure but I enjoy visiting your blog but I have been bad about commenting....will start commenting again;)

    ps your outfit is cute as all of your outfits are)

  36. You got some precious pics this year Kim! I love Kate's dress. So classic and stylish on her! And perfect for Santa!! She is really growing up.. I miss that sweet girl. Please tell her Miss Di wishes she could hang out in the living room with her and read magazines! :) You look adorable!!

    Miss you!

    (My lack of commenting is due to life! :) )

  37. I hope Kate meant chic, but that is cute and hilarious of her either way.

    I've noticed a lot of bloggers slowing down their posting as well and relying more on Facebook and Twitter. I would imagine the same goes for commenters. I would also point to Google Reader and the time of year, as others did above.

  38. This is a sweet tradition and the photos are great! I love Kate's dress; where to you find these pretty and classic dresses with monograms? Lovely!

    About commenting, I think that people are correct about google reader and FB, but I have another thought. Blogging, in the beginning for me, was about connecting and sharing my adoption journey with other moms in our DTC groups, from our agency, etc. Now many have dropped their blogs yet do keep in touch via email, facebook, etc. What has changed (with the blogs) is the sense of a personal connection and intimacy because the blogs are really not as much of a two-way conversation with a friend as they once were. I feel like part of an audience or fan base rather than a friend now that the conversation is more one-sided and I think this makes people less likely to comment. Plus, so many readers are complete strangers. As a reader, it's like you are a groupie or wannabe friend rather than a "real" friend. The relationships feel more authentic on FB, email, by phone ,etc. and it is easier to be part of a sharing, two-way conversation rather than part of a blog post meant for mass consumption. I think it is a matter of intimacy and mutuality. Does that make sense?

  39. Kim- beautiful pictures- as always! I love being inspired by you and your sweet family so often. I hope ya'll have an absolutely wonderful Christmas season! On a side note- I have another blog friend-Kelly at Gazing Upward- that was recently diagnosed with a condition that requires A LOT of "certain food eliminations," as well as a gluten free diet (she has posted about it on her blog). I have given her your blog address and told her that you were a PRO when it came to gluten free meal planning. I'm hoping she finds as much inspiration from you as I have! xoxo Brooke

  40. I'll comment right now! I love looking at your photos. Your lucky to have such a good looking Santa, too :) Thanks for all that you share! :)

  41. I just keep getting locked out of google :(

  42. I've noticed people don't comment as often, too. I didn't read through your comments, so I may be repeating everyone else, but I think the problem is more with Google Reader than with Facebook. I read all my blogs through Reader and am just too lazy to click through & comment. I love your blog & reading about your family.

  43. I love them all and you look super cute!!!!!!!!! I love skinny jeans and just bought my first pair last week:)

    I agree about less people commenting. Not that very many people commented on my blog before....but there are far less now. I love blogs:)

  44. I have been reading your blog since before you went private once. ( I truly missed watching Miss Kate during that time) I very rarely post, but always read.


  45. your Will has a precious heart!! And I, too, loved seeing Harry listening to what Kate had to tell santa! Very sweet!! I LOVE your outfit (AND your shoes you wore to the beach!! love!!) Very chicago for sure :)

    I love reading comments (especially long after the day has passed!) and I love leaving them too - especially on blogger where they can be saved & printed. Its like an online guestbook! Im not on FB ;)

  46. I'll admit ~ I've gotten bad about commenting due to FB, but trying to turn that around. I miss blogging and the comments on my blog, too. It's so fun to check in on my ol' faves (the blogs I've followed for years now!) and new ones, as well.

    Now for this post... LOVE it! I love every photo and EVERY caption! What a great looking Santa, too ~ He looks so warm and friendly!

    And for the record, I think your outfit is fabulous, and very CHIC{ago!} ;) ...Kate is so stink'in CUTE! ...AND, I cannot believe how long her hair is getting. Wasn't it just like 'yesterday' when she snipped it off and you had to get it cut short. WOW it grew fast!! Beautiful girly!

    Have a Merry Christmas and God bless you all! <><

    Hugs from Minnesota,
    ~ Tanya

  47. I completely agree with Wendy's comment. She said explained exactly how I feel.

    I love your blog and enjoy all of your pictures. I have commented a few times over the last few years when I really felt that a response was needed.

    I thought of you yesterday. I bought a shirt, sweater, and tutu/shirt from you a while back. I pulled it out of the storage container and I'm excited that it is going to fit one of the girls this year!!!

    Sending wishes for a very merry Christmas to your family!!

  48. oh my goodness I love Kate's dress! perfect for a trip to see santa!



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