Happy Birthday Harry!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dear Harry,

Today you are 11.  I am so happy for you but a little sad for me.  I love every freckly little bit of you so much right now that I don't want a thing to change.  And I know it will.  Next year, you will go to middle school and you will not want me to bring you buffalo wings at school for your birthday lunch.  You will be too old to have me bring doughnuts for your class and to get a birthday gram delivered to your classroom. In fact, I bet you might even be embarrassed of me in middle school:(

We have had our ups and downs, Harry.  We are both middle children so I get you.  You were kinda angry at me for a while after we adopted Kate.  You had some tough days. Our relationship got a little off track.  I shed a lot of tears about that.  Then, I worked REALLY hard at getting us back on track.  And now we are.  I love our relationship.  You are my buddy.

You are a lot like your Dad in some wonderful ways.  You like to help others.  He is a helper too.  You were an amazing help when Dad was away for 2 weeks.  I really counted on you. You are also very sensitive to how others feel.  Today, you were allowed to invite a few boys to eat wings with us and you were very concerned about leaving a friend out or hurting someone's feelings.  I love that about you.

You are creative and entrepreneurial.  You are always taking up some new hobby (diabolo, skateboarding, finger-boarding, duct tape art,  antiquing, etc).  You always approach these endeavors with 110% enthusiasm and effort.  You learn as much as you can and try as hard as you can.  You will do very well in life as an adult.  Dad and I have no doubts about that.

You are a fabulous big brother to Kate.  You make up all sorts of little games for her to play.  You teach her things.  You calm her down when none of us can.  You even put her to bed when we have a baby sitter.  She thinks the absolute world of her "Habu" and I know you will always take care of her.

You are a good friend.  I love watching you at school.  You are a natural leader and you always include others.  One of my proudest moments as a Mom was last year when you got a new boy from Poland in your class.  On his first day of school, you invited him to sit with you at lunch and as team captain you picked him first to be on your team at recess.  You did not even know if he knew how to play soccer (although he turned out to be quite good).  You did not care.  You were making him feel welcome.  That is exactly the kind of person I hope you will always be!

You have a huge heart for God and that shines through in all you do.

You are special Harry. You touch people. Not a week goes by that a parent, coach or teacher does not tell me how much they like, respect or admire you.  That is not normal.  One of your teachers said to me once, "He has no idea how truly special he is." And I agree.  You have this amazing charisma, compassion and leadership but you are incredibly humble most of the time.  I know God has big plans for you!

When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required. Luke 12:48

As I reflect today on your 11th birthday, I feel immense pride to have you as my son.  You make me proud every single day by the way you treat others.  I love you very much, Harry.


{I realize this sounds like I am gushing.  And I am.  Harry and I are very close right now.  I have seen him handle some pretty tough things this year and I have so much respect and love for him.}


  1. Great post. Happy Birthday, Harry! I hope Brian and I have a son like Harry!

  2. I love Harry too..you can see the kindness in his eyes! Happy Birthday!!

  3. This is so beautifully written, Kim and I know Harry is such a sweet and precious boy with a beautiful heart! (And he's such a cutie-pie too!) Will email you back soon.

  4. Oh haha and I forgot, happy birthday!!!

  5. Gush away!!! What a great boy you have!!

  6. You are so blessed with such wonderful sons - they will truly grow up to be amazing men, husbands and fathers. Gush all you want :)
    Happy birthday Harry!

  7. What a sweet birthday post to Harry!! He sounds like a wonderful son and friend. Great job Harry and kudos to you and Dave, Will and Kate too -- super family!


  8. happy birthday harry!

    & sweet friend, you gush all you want. can you imagine how wonderful our world would be if all children could grow up with a mama who loves them like you love your babies?

  9. Happy Birthday sweet Harry!!! You are allowed to gush all you want, mama! Great job raising an amazing young man!! What an amazing husband and father he will be someday!

  10. Happy Birthday Harry!!

    Kim, I've always thought that Harry seemed like a truly awesome kid - even when you weren't blatantly gushing about him! :)

    Harry is looking great lately...I am so glad for you all that some of his food issues seem to be resolving. He's always been a cutie pie, but it seems like he's filled out a bit over the last several months (hope that comes out sounding the way I mean it!) and now he is downright handsome!!

  11. Gush away....everyone needs some gush and your Harry seems to deserve a boat load! Happy Birthday!

  12. And gush you should! He's a fantastic kid and, well... you're his MAMA :)
    Happy Birthday, Harry!!

  13. What a blessing !! Birthdays are always an special date .I am quite sure the date was well celebrated . God bless this special family !!Congratulations to Harry !!

  14. Happy happy birthday handsome Harry!

  15. You're a mom!! Gushing is a requirement. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY!!

  16. Oh my gosh. I have never met you OR Harry, and this post brought tears to my eyes. What an amazingly special boy Harry is; and what a great mom you are for writing down exactly how you feel. He'll treasure having this note to read again and again as he grows up. Happy birthday, Harry! :)

  17. Happy Birthday Harry!!! You are a treasure for sure. I have a female Harry in our house. We often say she was born a middle child and took on the role from day one;) you are going to be a force to be reckoned with , I just know it!

  18. Happy Birthday to your handsome guy! Harry sounds like such a fabulous kid and big brother to Kate! Love his big heart!

  19. I am quite literally bawling at this one, Mom. What a boy, you are SO blessed to have him, and he you.



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