Pumpkin Patch Part 2

Thursday, October 13, 2011
Harry's favorite thing at the pumpkin patch was these pedal cars!

Let me start me saying that Harry is uber-coordinated.  He picks up all sorts of athletic-y things very easily (unlike his uber-uncoordinated Mom).  However, he could not get the hang of these pedal cars at first...


But when he saw his Dad hop right on and zoom away (another one of those annoyingly coordinated people!), He was determined to figure it out. 


{See Harry struggling in the background?}


 Harry is like that.  He is not one to give up easily.  And within a few minutes, he had it down...


These pedal thingies were Harry's favorite thing to do.  He loved it and supposedly they are a great workout!  He told us he wants one for Christmas.  As soon as we walked in the door, he googled them to put on his Christmas list....but as you can see they are quite pricey! Bummer!

Finally, it was time to take the ride out to the pumpkin patch.  Due to the drought here (extreme heat in addition to no rain) the pumpkin crop was lost at this farm. So we could not pick the pumpkins off the vine.  Instead they put a bunch of pumpkins in a field.






Kate was so excited to find her pumpkin!!


Harry had a blue snow cone (hence the blue teeth and lips:)




{Will was still at Yellowstone but he is back now and settling in. Re-entry is always hard. I guess it is hard to adjust to parents and a family after not having that for a week;)}


  1. We have those pedal cars at our pumpkin patch too, but neither Maddy nor I could figure them out and gave up!

    Love that you all dressed so bright and festive -- your orange blouse is so pretty!

    Glad that Will made it back safe and sound!


  2. I love your top. Ever since we lived in Princeton I am a fan of Orange. Where did you get it? xo

  3. It looks like a fantastic day at the pumpkin patch for you, Dave, and the peanuts!!

    Kate's expressions while carrying the pumpkins are priceless.....and her dress....so super cute!

    My crew would have loved those cool Balance Bikes.



  4. The pumpkin patch is one of my favorite things to do with my niece and nephew. I had to chuckle looking at your pictures because you guys are dressed in sundresses and shorts. Here in Ohio, we are going to the pumpkin patch dressed in sweaters and coats. It looks like a beautiful day and those bikes look like a lot of fun ( I would not be coordinated enough to ride one)!


Thank you for your kindness.