Relaxing Labor Day

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Such a lame blog post title but it is true.  We escaped just out of town for a great weekend with some friends.  We met Hoot's Mom and family for a few days relaxing at a little resort.  It was so much fun. I have a lot of photos (what else is new right?)  The funny thing is...I did not really think I took many photos.  And I did not use my good camera or lenses but somehow I have a lot of photos that I want to keep.  We made some good memories.  Shirley  Shelly got some great pictures that are totally different so go see hers too.






We had some fun playing around with Hoot's mask....




The girls (Libbie and Kate) waited in line (half the time with the Dads and half the time with the Moms) for 2 hours to get their faces painted.  Ironically, the face painting clown was the same lady who was the Ice Princess at the Teddy Bear tea:)  She was extra sweet to our girls:)

Libbie got a little scared when it was finally her turn but Muffie (the clown) was great with her and she ended looking like the cutest little kitty cat.


Sadly, the girls spent more time waiting in line than actually wearing their face paint.
But they had a great time hanging out on the lounge chairs making goofy faces and hanging out.


Everyone played so well together....





Miss Libbie is quite fond of Mr. Dave.  She also adores Will:)



Roasting sm'ores was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend...




I got to hand feed lil Miss Libbie 2 sm'ores!!!


We had so much fun and look forward to spending lots more special time with Hoot and family.


  1. Great Labor Day pics! Fun times with friends and family sounds like the PERFECT holiday weekend to me! Love the pics of the kids and Dave in the mask! You guys always look like you are having tons-o-fun! Hope you are doing well :)

  2. I tell you were are on the same schedule! Love the post and... don't call me Shirly... HA HA!!!

  3. Love BOTH bathing suits Kate is sporting!! I kinda went BATHING SUIT nuts this past summer! I not gonna say how many I purchased, but I will say that my husband was pretty positive her first two weeks of preschool was gonna be bathing suits! :)

    Glad that everyone had a great Labor Day!

  4. What an awesome place Kim, that water looks heavenly!! Dave with the mask is!! lol

  5. What a fun time! Kate looks SO grown up in that pic with the navy swimsuit... she is a beautiful little girl!

  6. I stumbled across your blog when I was looking at Dear Lillie. And I have a really question to ask you. First off your family is beautiful!! your kids are adorable!!! So the question that I have for you and I don't know if you will even receive this, is I just started to get into photography and your pictures are just amazing, the quality and even the action shots with your kids running and all of that is unbelievable so I wanted to ask you what camera you use and what lens you use to get those shots you take. If you could email me I would really really appreciate it my email is again I know it's so random since you don't know me or anything. But thank you for your time. Marielle

  7. Is this going to become an annual event?? The Roberts' may want in on the fun!! =)


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