Teddy Bear Tea

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eight years ago, my Mom and I took Will to the Teddy Bear Tea Party at a lovely local hotel.  He was one of two little boys there but he still had a good time. I LOVED being there with Will but I also looked around at all the little girls in their fancy dresses and dreamed of bringing my daughter there someday (and I apparently blogged about it here).  I had no inclination that God would lead us to adoption or to Kate. 

Saturday, Kate and I went to that same hotel for the Teddy Bear Tea with another Mom friend and her daughter.  I have to confess that I had tears in my eyes as we pulled up remembering that day 8 years ago.



See how long Kate's hair is here????  Well, not anymore!!!!  I will post about that tomorrow:)


The girls brought new Teddy Bears to donate to the Women's shelter.


The Ice Princess greeted the girls and gave them tiaras and wands.


The girls had "tea"


Then they watched a puppet show....


had their faces painted....


This is the first time Kate ever wanted her face painted.


They colored t-shirts, decorated cookies.....

and watched a magic show (she laughed so hard during the show).


Kate sat next to one of the two boys there this year and told me she liked "bothering" him.  And she did bother him too.  She poked at his ears and talked to him.  It was funny!  I think she might really have been flirting with him!


Kate loved every single minute of it.  I think she enjoyed riding this horse the best though.


We just might make this an annual tradition for the next few years.


And I must admit... I loved every single second of it too.  However, Kate did have a sugar meltdown later which was not pretty!

Here are a few photos of when I took Will all those years ago....They are scanned but it is so fun for me to look back at them.

Like my "Rachel" haircut?


This Teddy bear was there this year too but Kate was TERRIFIED of him!!!


The only other little boy there when Will went;)

I do feel bad that I never took Harry but the years that he would have been the prime age for this (4-7) we were living in Virginia.

And since so many people asked about the last post~
Thank you for all of the kind compliments on my dress and Kate's dress. I love that dress.  It is even prettier in person.  I have no torso (well it is very smushed together) and usually have a tough time finding dresses but that one fit me perfectly. I got it at Nordstrom.  It is Laundry by Shelli Segal and I have seen it on-line.

The shoes are Cole Haan and I got them at DSW.  I must say that I might be wearing heels more often.  I just have always worn little kitten heels or flats because I never thought I could wear heels.  I did not think I could walk in them and I thought they would be really uncomfortable but they were not.

Kate's dress is made by Moo Boo's and it is even more gorgeous in person too. I LOVE that dress!!!  I wish it came in my size. I got it at a teeny little boutique here for about 1/2 the price it sells for at a local small department store called Tootsie's. I cannot find it on-line anywhere, sorry.


  1. How absolutely fun! I can't wait to repeat some of our traditions with the Tongginator's future sister, the way you have with Kate.

  2. I am 5 ft 9, and even though Im so tall, I always wear heels! To me, they "complete" an outfit...Dont you just feel more glamorous when you wear them?
    I think you are looking fab at the moment!
    The party looks like a lot of fun.

  3. you both look fab. Love those shoes and dress, BOTH of you!


  4. That looks like such a fun day - sugar meltdown aside.

    But how is it a Teddy Bear Tea Party? I imagined something with the kids bringing their favorite teddy bears and having tea and play games with them. Or is the Bear only in the name?

    And the heels came out again :)

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  6. I'm glad that Kate got her face painted cause it's CUTE!!! Oh, I can't wait to see what you've done with Kate's hair! My favorite part about letting Mya's hair grow 0 is so I can get it cut (NOT by a neighbor girl!!) lol.

    Glad the Teddy Bear Tea was a success AND you broke out the heels again - you go, girl! Very sassy :-)

  7. Such a fun mom/daughter tradition! Can't wait to see Kate's new hair-do!

  8. Oh what a fun time!! Great photos -- you two are so adorable! Maddy would love something like this too! You and Will were so cute too!


  9. The pictures from both The Party and The Teddy Bear Tea are wonderful!! I was shocked, NO HEELS ever! Oh my!! I.LOVE.HIGH.HEELS!!! Almost to a fault!! I have to have them in every color!! DEFINITELY!!

    Hoping Kate's "shorter do" was done voluntary *by Mom* and not by a cute little beautician*by Kate* who decided to "do her own version of shorter hair again"!

  10. What a fun party! Kate looks just adorable!

  11. Looks like a perfect day! I love the Teddy Bear teas! Kate looks pretty in her beautiful holiday dress! Sounds like a great tradition to look forward to each year!

  12. Love this. I'm thinking Miss W and I might have to come join you next year!!


Thank you for your kindness.