It is so hard to sit still

Monday, September 12, 2011

I briefly blogged about my foot injury.  Lest you forget, I foolishly decided to start my new exercise regime with 45 minutes on the treadmill (walking and running).  Apparently, at my age one cannot jump start their exercise if they have been lazy slug-a-lump all summer long.  So, I got a stress fracture.  I had been having foot pain for months before though. And now it feels as though someone is jabbing a sharp knife through my heel every time I take a step.  So now I have a stress fracture AND plantar fasciitis.  I spent a small fortune on orthotics  "inserts" for my shoes so that I can hobble the littlest bit (that was a depressing day as I was the only one in the orthotics "insert" store  under the age of 65 and without white hair.).  But basically, I am supposed to sit and rest my foot for a while because I keep making it worse.

It is SO hard to sit.  I look around my messy house and I want to clean.  I want to cook. I know you are still, Kim...I would LOVE to have to sit and relax.  Yes, we all think that when we are going 2000 miles an hour.  But forced rest can be quite boring.  Trust me.

A few people asked about Harry....  In the spring and summer he had a colonoscopy, endoscopy, barium study, skin prick allergy testing AND skin patch testing and an MRI.  It was extremely difficult for him.  The results of the skin tests indicated food allergies/sensitivities.  However, when they did all the stomach biopsies, everything was completely healthy and normal.  The doctors advised us to allow him to eat a normal diet and see how he does.  So far, he has done very well.  His prior food allergies (dairy, wheat, gluten and soy) had been diagnosed through stomach biopsies as a baby as well.  Harry was born with horrendous stomach problems and we are not sure if the years of probiotics, digestive enzymes and a gluten free/ dairy free /mostly organic and unprocessed diet allowed his stomach to heal or what.  We really don't know.  All we know is that he seems to be thriving on a regular diet.  It feels quite odd for us to eat this way.  I made this real fettucine alfredo and chicken marsala last week.  It was so odd to eat regular pasta.  But everyone did okay.  We still use mostly gluten free pasta and breads because our bodies are not used to gluten and the gf stuff is generally healthier anyway.  

But it is nice to try out some new recipes and resurrect some old ones.  Like this cake above.  A friend brought it to me 10 years ago when Harry was born and I probably ate the whole cake myself.  It is simple but has a unique flavor you will crave.  I have not made it in a long time because we could not eat it but here is the recipe.  It is so easy.


  1. Kim, I so feel your pain. I broke my hip 10 years ago, had surgery and was on crutches for 3 months. I about lost my mind! I just wanted to piddle around my house and take care of things. I have to say it did take some of my anal tendencies away and I am not nearly as obsessive about my house any more. Sometimes I wish I could get some of that back:)!! Hope you heal quickly, just remember if you do what the doctor tells you to do you will heal much quicker than if you don't:) Hang in there!!!

  2. Oh Kim .. I am so sorry to hear of your foot issues! No fun, for sure. I have been through both (plantar fascitis a few times). I currently have terrible pain in my right big toe area, around the bone. Finally went to have it xrayed and it is arthritis! Very painful .. and likely will have it for life. Not good when I am a huge exerciser and am currently loving the Bar Method (you are way up on your toes for much of the class). Don't even get me started about the pain getting into heels! ;)
    That cake looks yummy (not for me!), but I am sure my family would love it - thanks for sharing.
    So glad to hear Harry is doing so well! Hope you heal quickly.

  3. Oh, no!! I am so sorry!! I know how it feels to be "down for the count" - I sure hope you get back on your feet soon!!!

    In the meantime, Ill be over for brunch!

  4. I've been dealing with plantar fascitis because I refused to just sit. I can't run but doing the bicycle so I gained 15 lbs. I have to learn to eat less if I'm not working out as hard. Just when I think it's getting better I resume to running and it came back worse. It's been a year now and it's getting better again. I've done the expensive orthotics but people are telling me I need the night splints. Love your blog!!!

  5. Oh Kim! Although I hate that you have it too, a little part of me had to smile because I was certain that I was the only one under 65 with plantar fascitis. Isn't it the worst???

    I can hardly wait for real fall weather because when I wear my Dansko's there is NO PAIN!!! I also found a semi-cute (emphasis on semi) pair of flip flops on zappos- made by Spenco that have been my saving grace for the last few weeks of summer.

    Hope you can hang in there and be still- there are too many adorable shoes to be worn to not try and get better.


  6. Oh Kim, we are two peas in a pod! I hear ya, I am going crazy sitting all the time! I am so sorry you are in pain, that makes it even worse! Glad to hear that Harry is doing so well, a miracle!!

  7. Kim, have you tried having acupuncture for the planters faciitis (sp)? My friend swears, swears, swears by it. She had sooo much pain with hers and then started receiving acupuncture and has made a remarkable turnaround. Just a thought. Hope you feel better! So happy for Harry!!! :)

  8. Hope you're back up on your feet very soon Kim!!! And that's GREAT news about Harry!!

  9. Oh no.... so sorry to hear about your foot, that totally stinks. Sitting still just doesn't not seem to be an option for us Moms. I can only imagine how you feel. Hopefully with a little luck that foot will heal quickly~

    So great to hear that Harry is doing so well coming off the GF diet. that is fantastic news Kim.

    Have a great week~



    PS. Thanks for your note/advice on the EI Therapy. We were able to choose a therapist and someone came highly recommended and we got her. Therapy starts on Friday. Pat or I will be present for all sessions. They said that they would go to the daycare facility if that was easier, but we insisted they come to our home so that we could learn along with her and then implement everything during the week in between sessions. We will see how it goes and if we feel things are not progressing we will make another phone call.

  10. Having to sit idle is terrible. Just the past 6 weeks after having a baby have been tough for me. I hate that I must ask someone to lift everything for me. I just want to get things done! I am glad to hear Harry is doing well. We just found out our newest kiddo has a cow's milk sensitivity. Since I am nursing I am removing all dairy from my diet. It seems to be in everything. I would love any suggestions you may have.

  11. Ooops -- had to re-read Lisa's comment -- I thought she said your foot totally stinks!! :) Kidding! Hope you're feeling better! My feet hurt too -- maybe I should see a doc. Take it easy and have some more cake! :)


  12. Like you Kim, I had to sit still for about a month this summer due to a slipped disc. It was near impossible. I cannot stand mess or discord in my home. I will clean furiously with a raging fever just so I can go to bed!

    I hope you are soon on the mend and back on your feet!


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