No fun? Really? {Sunday Snapshot}

Sunday, September 11, 2011
Okay, this really, really long post is specifically for Harry.  See, Harry sometimes complains that our family never does anything fun! Can you believe that boy?!  When I hear him say that it is like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard to me because I try really hard to find fun things to do as a family.  So, I decided to keep tabs on the fun things we did this summer so that the next time he complained, I would direct him to this post.  {A lot of these are Iphone (and I don't have the 4G) photos hence the poor quality}

We did SO much his summer......

My creation

This summer we...

went to the zoo (it was SO HOT and I will never go in the heat of the sumer again!)


 visited the Childrens museum (where Harry and Will won a water balloon toss contest!)




went to the Science museum (in town and in the burbs)


went to the fine art museum (and the contemporary art museum and sculpture gardens)

We had chili cheese fries and milkshakes at The 59 Diner...



(these were amazingly delicious!)


I took Kate ice skating and to the butterfly exhibit while the boys were away at camp...


Kate rode a camel....


We celebrated Will and Kate's birthdays.  

We had a surprise gluten and dairy party for Harry!

Harry went to Vacation Bible Camp and he came home and taught Kate all the songs and dances:)

We made s'mores cookies.

We made pies (apple, key lime, cherry, blueberry and  chocolate cream)

Kate jumped on the bed:)


We went out for Mexican food with friends.

In fact, we ate out A LOT (because it as the summer with no dishwasher due to a small flood)!

We went bowling with friends...


Harry won this trophy at Sports camp...


We went to "happy hour" at Sonic for slushies and such!

We spent time at our neighborhood pool and the Bellaire pool.

We went to Discovery green.

We went to an Astros game or two.

I had a "teddy bear tea party" with Kate...


We saw the dock dogs. 

We went to see the Orange Show.

We saw a building being demolished.

We went to our neighborhood 4th of July celebration where hula hoop contests and bubble blowing contests were won by our family!

We had our annual family ice cream sundae party  (4th of July weekend).

Harry and Kate attempted a backyard camp out (it was too hot!)

We met up With Lily and Ms. Rachel at a resort....



Harry went to the National Judo Junior Olympics and won the SILVER medal.

Harry and Kate attended fabulous classes at the art school.

Harry created his first bronze sculpture...


(it had to be an abstract figurative sculpture--his is a baseball player and I think it is quite good.)

We saw Cars 2 and the Smurfs at the movies.

We went to Chuck E Cheese.  It was Kate's first time as I kind of loathe that place.

Harry went to sports camp, art camp, soccer camp and sleep-away camp.

Will volunteered at the zoo and  went to sleep away camp and a water park.

Kate did princess dance camp, drama camp, art camp and gymnastics camp.

We hung out a lot at Miss Amy's house swimming.

We took a family vacation to Seaside, FLA with family.

We spent Labor Day weekend at a resort with friends.

We ate A LOT since Harry's diet was no longer restricted.  And I must share with you that Harry gained 14 pounds this summer!!!! Which is good because you might remember some nasty comments people made about how skinny he was before.  And just so you know, we still eat pretty healthy.  Harry is on a medication for migraines that makes him hungry which is a big reason for his weight gain but we also relaxed this summer and let him experience foods he had never had before due to his prior food allergies.  So far he has not had any reactions.

My creation

The only thing I had planned to do but we did not get to was the Art Car museum and a drive in movie.  But there is always next summer.

So, there Harry.  Do not tell me that we don't do anything fun!!!!!!  I think it was a fun summer indeed!  And after reading this post, Kate reminded me that we went to Pump it Up and another indoor play arena!!!!

The winner of the headband giveaway is comment #66, Captain Stormfield.  Congratulations!  Please leave your e-mail and in the comments and I will forward it to the owner of Bella Reese Bowtique.   I will not publish your e-mail. I hope your parents' neighbor enjoys her new headband.

Picture 1

My heart and prayers go out to all who lost loved ones in the tragedy on 9-11.  I was home watching the Today show with my infant baby (Harry) and talking to my step father, Al (who has since passed away) on the phone.  Will was at pre-school and Dave was golfing.  I remember needing to be with people that day.  I went to my neighbor's house (an elderly woman, Miss Dorothy) and we were glued to the TV hardly believing what we were seeing.  I will never forget the horrible images of that day. Today, I am grateful for our military who fight to protect our country.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. sounds like a whole lot of fun! I want to come to your house next summer! LOL....great news about the no restrictions and his weight gain..that's great news.

  2. Gracious!! I don't think I know of anyone who had a better summer than that...certainly not anyone at this house!!!

    Love you!

  3. Love it!!! I am going to do better next summer!!

  4. So much fun!! I'm tired, just reading about all of it!

    Great news about the food restrictions being gone. Hope that continues to go well!

  5. FUN TIMES!!! But....did Kate grow alot this summer....she looks so tall in some of the pictures!!! My goodness....I am trying to deal with all the kids around me growing up so fast :)

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun to me... So how come Harry doesn't have any food restriction ? That's amazing , I wish my Sophie didn't have to constantly worry , glad to hear he is gaining and enjoying .

  7. Holy mackerel! You guys kept busy this summer!

    Before I read about Harry putting on weight I noticed from one of the pictures, and though, oh Harry's cheeks look chunkier! He looks very healthy. I'm so happy for him that he can eat more foods. I can't even imagine how hard it is having allergies to different ingredients and foods. :(


  8. My Tongginator would just LOVE to come to your house for some fun like that. We did practically nothing. Well, except go to China. *grin*

  9. My list of fun couldn't even compare!
    What a tremedous summer!

    So glad to hear Will is enjoying food, gaining weight and above all, feeling well!

  10. I feel like I have been under a rock! I thought I was so good keeping up with Harry's health? I still pray for him all the time. How did I miss the food restriction being lifted???? I will never get the allergy test on back image out of my head;) so happy for him and you , big hugs!!!

  11. such a fun (and busy!!!!) summer!

  12. Your summer ROCKED!!!! I love kids sometimes ;)

  13. Wow, now that's an AWESOME summer!!!
    I just wanna know if Harry saw this post and what he said?!! :)


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