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Wednesday, September 14, 2011
I love fashion (so does Miss Kate) and I love when Target collaborates with high end designers. It is always fun for me to see what they come up with (although I am always disappointed when I see the actual quality/fabric).  Still, it is fun for trendy clothes especially when you are buying for kids whose clothes only fit for one season anyway.


So, yesterday was the Missoni debut at Target.  And within 45 minutes my whole Target was completely cleaned out!!!  Missoni is not exactly my style (all those zigs and zags make me a little motion sick).  But I did wander (on my very sore foot) into the store yesterday to see if there was a cute sweater dress for my little fashionista.  Nope. Nothing. Nada.  There was a lone onesie hanging all by itself on the racks.  And there was NOTHING left in the women's section. Not one thing in any size.

Apparently, the launch was so popular that the Target site crashed most of yesterday.  You can read about it here.

So while I did not get any Missoni, I did score a deal at The Mini Social yesterday.  It is a website like Zuilily.  Designer/boutique brands offered in small quantities at discounted prices.  I am really buying very little for Kate these days as she wears a uniform to kindergarten.  But I did get these....


It's reversible in pink and green....


And darling is this????

and they don't make me motion sick either;)

Tell me.  Did anyone score any Missoni yesterday?  The bike perhaps?

401465 Missoni Look Book


  1. Well that explains why the Target website has been stalling on me since LAST WEEK! I have been trying to do a little online shopping for my 4yr old and that darn site has stalled or either crashed! It has drove me mad! I guess everybody was logged in to view the collection! There has been advertisement on television about the "new line" but hardly gave it a second thought! I just love Target.PERIOD. They could sale a potato sack and I probably would love it!!

  2. So funny that we both posted about this! Target is sure getting a lot of "buzz" over this. I do love the rain boots I found for my girls and we really use rain boots a lot around here!

    I agree that all those zig zags make me a little dizzy but oh how I would have loved that top black and white sweater coat! Don't you wonder how Target underestimated demand by so much?

  3. Hi. You can still get some Missoni at The Woodlands Target located in Magnolia, Tx. I bought 3 kitchen bowls, 2 coffee mugs, a very comfy Chemise and 2 shirts. They still have the luggage, bikes and lots of the Children line. the quality is poor to be honest and I'm sad to see overpriced things even for Target as I had actually bought real Missoni pants for 35$ here in Texas before!
    I hope you are recovering from the foot injury.

  4. I went to check it out at target yesterday too! My store was pretty much cleaned out as well...I do love the patterns and the mix and match ability! I would of just liked to have had maybe a tote or a scarf, the whole dress would be a little TOO much I think :) I did buy two mugs in different (but coordinating :) patterns :)

  5. Not my thing either, you found some adorable things elsewhere though!!
    I never cared much for the uniform ~ it's always so much more fun to dress them ~ even boys!! :)
    Hope your foot is feeling better!

  6. Just purchased some hot pink patten leather clogs and lime patten leather clogs on Zulily. I am really getting addicted. I do love Target, but mostly for the basics. I'm a matilda jane/missie moosie girl at heart for Sophia.

  7. I did get drawn in to Target yesterday with all the hoopla. My store had a few items in every department although ladies was mostly gone. Although sort of cute it was pricey and at the end of the day still Target. Would rather shop other favorite boutiques for the same price and get something that doesn't scream, "I bought Missoni at Target."

    Glad you are getting out a little. I sure do hope you are feeling a little better each day.

  8. I got that sweater jacket yesterday online...around 2pm.
    Nothing in the was sold out by 10am here in Philadelphia.

    Nothing else rang my bell and to be honest, they looked cheaply made.

    Liberty of London launch was much better honestly.

  9. You are so right about reselling on Ebay!! and have you seen the prices?? Who is going to pay those Ebay prices for Missoni Target? The dress you got was way cuter!! PS Sorry about your foot but happy for Harry!!!

  10. i just wrote about this on my blog last night!!!! i had such a rough time at target yesterday (i had to go twice)- and NO, i was not looking for missoni. it is so not my style! :-) i love the stuff you scored for kate at mini social- so precious!

  11. the two targets near me were almost completely sold out.
    only a few girls pieces. scored a zig zag dress for her & hopefully it will fit.
    couldn't believe it...rumor had it they cleared out within the hour!

  12. I LOVE what you got for Kate! So cute!!

  13. Everyone that stood in line to get into Target bought all the extra stock to sell on Ebay. Check out the inflated prices on Ebay - insanity!

    Target needs to limit the number of items that can be purchased during special events like this - or do better research and provide more stock!

    Target must have lost money overall because their website was down all day. Disasterous.

  14. Came back to say: I scored the cutest Missoni outfit complete w/matching shoes for my girl. I was greatly surprised when I stopped by to pickup some thgs earlier tonite. Ths store mgr said she had two huge sales this morning, one lady spent over 1000.00 and another lady spent over 2500.00 she bought (2) bikes! The other lady bought the last one!b *they only sent to the store! I know they are probably on Ebay at this moment!! I sent Jennifer an email to inform u tht the store here in Beaumont had quite a bit left, but I see someone found somewhere closer! I don't care for it for myself but I know my lil diva is gonna love this outfit! I can't wait for the first cool snap!! Loved the buys u found too!

  15. Missoni is not my style either, so I didn't need to join the masses at target ;)
    LOVE you zully purchases though .. that bow sweater is darling!I'd like one ;)

  16. oops, 'The Mini Social', not Zuilily!


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