A bit down in the dumps

Thursday, September 15, 2011
It happens every year around this time.  You see, I grew up in Pennsylvania and every Autumn my body expects things to cool off.  But here in Southeast Texas we are still seeing 100 degree days.  And that bums me out.  Fall is my favorite season.  When we lived in VA, I loved it!  I went crazy taking fall photos....

My creation

How cute is that lil pumpkin in the middle?  Hard to believe that was 5 years ago!
It was Kate's 1st Halloween home:)

But we don't have Fall here.  Not really.

So, I created my own little "Fall Wonderland" via Pinterest.

Feel free to revel in the crispy fall-ness...

First, I miss the magnificent beauty Mother Nature provides...




 I  also miss the gorgeous decor....






And the clothes...I just LOVE Fall clothes....




I want cool brown boots so badly this year.  But seriously, people wear flip flops in January here.  Expensive boots somehow seem wasteful.  But oh how I yearn for them.

I would wear my brown boots and my jeans and my orange sweater apple picking if we lived somewhere they had apple picking.  But they don't have apple orchards here.  It's too HOT!  Oh how I miss that too....


{Apple picking in VA--it was warm that day too}

And then there are drinks...the pumpkin spice lattes and the salted caramel hot chocolates.
Again it is really hard to drink these in the 100 degree weather...



I seriously think between my gimpy painful foot (which is seriously limiting my daily activity), my empty nest (which I am enjoying a bit but kind of feel like I need a new path/direction/career) and missing Autumn (which has always been my favorite season), I am feeling kind of sad.
I know I am blessed.  I  just need a cool spell to snap me out of it.
Is it too early for me to put my Halloween stuff up inside?


  1. I wear my Frye boots barefoot. You should invest in a pair. I could live in them year round.

  2. We live in sunny, hot, summer all year Southwest Florida...I, too, get down every year this time for all those same reasons! I just want Fall, not Winter, or even Spring! Is that too much to ask for?? :)

  3. You need to come visit your friend Di in about 3 weeks!!!! We can go to the cabin, sing our welcome song, look at the gorgeous colors by the lake, and relax!!!! I am with you.. I absolutely love this time of year!!!


  4. Im thinking a fall vacation is in order. you made me excited for fall and I LOVE those brown boots. I LOVE your style those outfits were too cute.

  5. I love EVERYTHING about Fall, too, and I know I would be feeling the same. I'm sorry to hear about your foot, and I'm sorry it's got you down in the dumps. Your idea about getting a jump start on Halloween decorations might just help. That, and maybe some pumpkin pie??

    Gin =)

  6. I get the same feelings, from growing up in Maine to living in Florida, there is no cool air until January and February.
    Just do it and start decorating for Halloween (real pumpkins melt here, so have to get those pretty fake ones!)! Have fun!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy for Three Years

  7. aw, I don't blame you Kim. I would be so upset to miss the glory of fall. you obviously are a fall person. And, to not have the boots magnifies it!

    but, I am kinda jealous of the flip flops in January! Cause it is snowing here then!


  8. Fall is my favorite time of year as well. If anyone knows of a place that has fall year round - let me know so I can move there! Your pinterest pics are lovely :) Makes me want to start my own. How does pinterest work?


  9. I couldn't agree more -- on every point! We're headed to the Northwoods in two weeks to hit peak color there and hike in the crisp autumn air. You know how those of us who live in the frozen tundra always plan trips to the sunshine in February and March? Maybe you should plan a trip north in October to get your own weather fix!

  10. I love fall too and believe me I would be in the dumps too, we have a cool day in Memphis today and I am so thankful.
    Hang in there!!! I vote that you go visit Diana!!:)

  11. Oh these pictures just make me "fall" in love all over again with FALL time!! I as well, reside in Southeast TX and can definitely say it is beyond HOT! I enjoyed the cool snap we had a week or so ago! I was giddy!!! This morning is a bit of a break in the heat with mid 80's this morning, but as you know in about an hour it will be sweltering! I have a sister who now resides in VA and she talks about "how beautiful it is there" this time of the year! I made a promise that NEXT year I will definitely visit her during the Fall season!! I loved your collages as well as the pinterest pictures that you found!! GORGEOUS!!

    Oh and those boots!!! Be still my heart!!!

  12. Im with you kim. i called my dad in indiana last night and told him i was in depressed mode. it's in the low 70's during the day and down into the 50's at night. I sure long for 4 seasons!

  13. It's already freezing in Boston today, so I think we're all yearning for some Virginia weather! I went to college there, and they have the best weather (and most beautiful autumns) in the country.

    Where did you find that first outfit, the one with the Longchamp bag? I love EVERYthing in it!


  14. I hear you! I am from Colorado and used to love this time of year, especially driving to the mountains to see the aspen trees. Now I live in Northern CA and it is always the same temperature year round, and the leaves don't change. It is a bummer. I am just glad that temperature is in the 60s and not 100s.

  15. Loved your post! I am Fall decorating today!! So go for it!

  16. those are gorgeous pictures, but i would trade you in a heartbeat!!!

    it was 59 here in winston today - of course that is crazy, but i've already had enough of cold and dreary.

    i would take warm ALL year long.

    get dave to take you somewhere where you can justify those cute clothes and get a "fall fix"!!! ;)

  17. I live in Wyomissing, PA...it was 59 today as a high..will be in 40's tonight...I do adore the first chill and the pumpkin spice coffee...do NOT enjoy winter however and I know that with the beauty of fall comes winter following in its tracks!
    I do need to ask where all those outfits are from...love how you threw the items together and need all the help I can get to be fashionable, so if you don't mind sharing, I'd so love to know!
    I think you should get on the pie kick for another day or two despite the heat and bake a pecan pie and a pumpkin pie...the smells would scream fall!!
    Lynn Schadler
    Wyomissing, PA

  18. Oh Kim-- I feel you!! Living in southern California we run into the same things. Itss still in the 80's on Christmas most of the time. There really isnt much of a fall unless you go into the mountains where it cools down. We do have an apple picking orchard close but I too miss fall and it has always been my favorite season too-- even though I have lived in so cal since birth.

  19. I wish we were closer... I would take you out for one of those pumpkin Spice Lattes... Fall is lovely. I am sorry you are missing it so.

    The picture of the kiddos when they were young... how adorable were they? (that's not to say they are not adorable now... you know what I mean ;)!)

    September 31 is when you can decorate for Halloween. But you can decorate for fall. Bake an apple pie or an apple crisp or simmer some apples, cinnamon, cloves on the stove in a pan and your house will smell like fall!

  20. Love the photos for ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Come visit me in Chicago! Bring your cute brown boots and I'll take you to our favorite apple orchard. You can jump in the leaves and we'll have hot chocolate with pumpkin scones.

    This is our season! Fall here makes it all worthwhile.

    I have to tell you though that I seriously miss wearing flip flops in January! And talk to me in a few months and I'll be complaining endlessly about the weather.

  22. Okay, I'm not laughing that you're down in the dumps, but I am laughing a little bit cause when I saw the title I said to myself, "How could someone be down in the dumps at this time of year? It's cooling down, it's time for apple picking and pumpkin carving, etc". THEN I read on. Aha! Now I see. I'd be in the dumps too! Hey, did you get my email? Just wondering... I gave you some advice on the foot "issue". :)

  23. Kim -- You have every right to be in a fall funk! I need all four seasons (even winter but only for two weeks). I also think you need a fall fix! Maybe the House Boy would send you on a girls trip to visit Di!

  24. I so understand your desire for Fall, I too love Fall and do not get to experience much of it here as well. I also remember when Kate wore that Pumpkin Costume. I swore I would find one for Darci's first Halloween and I did. =) I'm afraid that the high temperature and drought is not going to give us much of a colorful fall. =(

  25. I feel your pain. I'm from the Midwest but live in Arizona. No fall here either..hot until Christmas it seems. I miss all that good stuff too.

    Sue : )

  26. so sorry about your foot- hope it is better:(

    I totally understand this funk. I would get so bummed when I was in Dallas. It just took something out of the "fall" experience when it was 95 and I was buying pumpkins;) I would box up some of this in a heart beat and send it to you if I could.... Instead I promise to think of you the first time I wear my boots this season (now I want some brown ones- love that photo;)

  27. Kim- I totally forgot to add this in my comment....
    I LOVED your comment on finding that mag!! I say we are indeed friends:)!!

  28. Well, I guess I should quite complaining about the lack of fall here! =) I am from NH so the VA autumns are way too warm for me and I always get so homesick this time of year. I guess it is still a ton better here than Texas, though! I am in love with that photo of the pumpkins on the bed. I normally am more a fan of the white pumpkins but after seeing that photo I am completely changing my mind. About to pin it! And Kate looks sooooo adorable in her little pumpkin suit!

  29. Hi Kim! I know exactly how you feel. I have always lived in sunny, hot and humid South Florida...I dream of one day living somewhere I actually see the seasons change.

    Fall is also my favorite time of year...don't mind if I take a walk in your 'virtual fall' too:)


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