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Saturday, August 27, 2011
Thanks for all the gout advice but after seeing the doc, it turns out it is probably not gout.  Her prior diagnosis was over the phone based on a medicine I was on and the onset of extreme pain.   After seing me though, she thinks I have fractured the bones in my foot.  I stub my little toes A LOT.  And I have broken both of them a few times.  Dave teases me about how fat they are from all the stubbing.  Well, we think I had a hairline fracture from a recent bad stub.  Then I decided to run/walk 45 minutes (well 43 minutes really) on the treadmill the other day even though I have not exercised in MONTHS! So, I would have made that hairline fracture into a worse stress fracture. Anyway, I need an X-ray but as it is the weekend, I need to wait until Monday (for insurance to cover it).  So, I am sitting here with my very painful foot elevated and feeling  extremely guilty for not picking up the house, doing laundry, etc.  It is even worse watching Dave mow the lawn, return the library books, do the grocery shopping and cooking dinner while I sit here.

Anyway, I figured I would post a bit more about our trip to Seaside.  Whenever we vacation with my sister and her family, we try to do family photos.  The problem is that none of us wants to get up at 6 am for the morning light and we are usually out to dinner during the magical evening light.  So the lighting is not perfect in some of these (too harsh) but we did get some good ones.  We even got some that I might use for Christmas cards but I'll save those for later.




Wish we took this one above of the cousins later in the day but we had to get to George's for dinner.

 I took some of my sister, Dawn and her son, Ashton and husband, Joe.



My sister took some of us too...

KD contrast_1199


Thank you Dawn for taking some great photos of our family! I am not sharing them all just yet because I don't know what we will use for Christmas cards.

I have big, exciting news regarding Christmas cards though that I will post about Sunday night:)


  1. Love the pictureof you & Dave....cute!!

    Well, I'm not sure to say I'm glad you don't have gout and instead have fractures!? Ouch! So sorry - do us all a favor and don't exercise :-)

    Love the pictures of the cousins - Ashton is a cutie!

  2. Hey just sit back and enjoy it!! If you have to keep your foot elevated, you might as well make the most of it!! Love all the photos. And will looks great with his braces! My 14 has just had his bottom ones fitted, poor boy they really hurt when the teeth move.
    Love and hugs

  3. Cute, cute photos! Sorry to hear about the foot -- take it easy!


  4. You have me dying to know about Christmas cards now! :) The pictures are great!

  5. Beautiful pictures...glad you had such a nice time with your sister and her family.


  6. Love these photos. i can't beleive that's your sister. I would have never guessed that. she is very pretty too. I'm glad it's not gout. Hope to see you next weekend. I left you a vm Friday. SAL

  7. The photos are beautiful. Love the one of the kids on the grass!! So is your sister! So glad to hear that you did not have gout! Hoping your fractures heals very soon!!

  8. sorry you've had such a time with your foot. good gracious!

    love the images you shared today. a christmas card surprise! oh yay!

    the pictures of you & dave are so pretty!!

  9. I blogged about my sister today too, so lovely to watch your kids growing up with your sisters kids, and gorgeous photos of the beach... getting very jealous here in Australian winter!

  10. two beautiful families. Rest that foot Kim.


  11. I can't get over the likeness of your sister and you. I didn't see it at first at all, but after i got over the difffeence in your hair styles/colour...I totally saw! Gorgeous girls!

    You both have stunningly beautiful families. So blessed.


  12. Great photos! Your mom must be so proud of her beautiful daughters and families.

  13. I love your family. Your photos are full of love. I see how much you guys love each other.


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