I don't know how he does it but....

Thursday, August 25, 2011
he even looks cute with braces.



I had braces and believe me, I was NOT cute.

It has been a LONG and exhausting week.  And now I have GOUT!!!!  Yep. GOUT!  A medication I was on seems to have given me GOUT in my right foot!  Apparently, it can be a side effect. And let me just tell you, gout hurts like heck.  My right foot feels like all the bones are broken.  I am in a lot of pain.  But I have a lot to post so stay tuned.  My plan is to post everyday next week.  I will likely do a weekend post too.

{Someone asked why Will needed braces because his teeth look straight...he had something off with his bite ( a cross bite maybe?)  and his bottom teeth are pretty crooked.  He also had a few crooked top teeth.  Anyway, they would all worsen due to this bite issue if we did not take care of it now. Luckily, he will only have them about 18 months.}


  1. Youch. My dad had that all over, for years. It was wretched during a flare up. Hope it heals well. He cured his with a vitamin regimen. Be well!

    Did your orthodontist tell you about the dental wax? Save our lives!! Sunshine gets hers removed on Monday, and gets her retainer soon after.
    Snick :)

  2. I remember I was in absolute agony when I had my braces put on - I couldn't eat anything but yoghurt for three days. I hope orthodontics had progress enough in the last few years that Will isn't as uncomfortable as I was.

    I look forward to your posts next week - your family is so lovely :)

  3. Yes he certainly can pull off braces:) I sure hope you feel better!!!!

  4. he looks adorable! i am so sorry about the gout!!!! that is awfu!

    i was wondering if you could tell me what size PBK backpack Kate has in the last post? My daughter is the same age (going to kindergarten)- and I am debating which size to get her- the small or the large (i think the preschool is too small). thanks!!!

  5. So sorry you are in pain. :( And I must totally agree with you... Will looks adorable in braces!! Not normal! :)

  6. Oh yeah! He'll always be handsome, no matter what.

    Hope you feel better soon, sounds nasty. :(


  7. He sure does!!

    Hope you feel better soon! Looking forward to the upcoming posts!

  8. He is adorable! Our oldest is getting braces on Monday! He's nervous about the pain but looking forward to the milkshakes!

    So sorry to hear you have gout. Thankfully, I have never had it but do hear it's quite painful. I hope they can come up with something that will help you feel better quickly!

  9. So sorry to hear that you are in such pain. I hope it heals quick. Your boy sure is cute with his braces...he has such a beautiful smile:) Our Kira will be seeing the orthodontist in Dec to see about her getting braces as our dentist is thinking she will.

  10. He does look adorable!

    Hope you feel better soon!


  11. He is very handsome even with the braces. My 13 year old thinks so too. HA!

    I hope you feel better soon.

  12. Love his smile! So sorry to hear about your foot. IT must be the pits with trying to get around etc!

    Get well soon!!

  13. Gout...bummer! I have heard that it is very painful. I'm telling you Will looks so much more mature with braces...you are right he is cute with them!
    I'm ready to catch up with the peanuts and see how everyones 1st day went!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  14. Sour cherries (even the canned ones, but, not with the pie filling stuff, just the cherries) help gout go away more quickly.

    Just curious as to why Will had to get braces? His teeth look perfect!

  15. Yes! He is absolutely adorable! What a handsome boy!

    Good luck with gout. Yikes!

  16. Goodness, he DOES! I've never seen such a thing... he's like a model for orthodontics!! Amazing :)
    And ouchie! So sorry to hear about your foot, that really sounds painful! Hoping you can figure out how to get rid of it SOON!!

  17. Handsome as ever! That kid coud pull off anything!! Sorry to hear about the "gout". Hoping for a quick recovery!

  18. My husband has gout and he take allapurinol which is a prescription and hasn't had a flare up in a while. He takes prednisone when he does have a flare up. Stay off of red meat or eat LEAN cuts! Our diet mainly consists of poultry and fish now! God bless you with it cause I know it causes his a lot of pain and usually starts in the big toe joint!

  19. gout! you are too young for gout! feel better soon - i know the medicine really works.

    i think our kids might go to the same camp? our bus leaves from where you bus left - lizzy goes to Champions - it that yours?

    thanks for your kind words. boy i needed them. so many rude comments. she's our only and for gosh sakes - it was IKEA! not pottery barn or restoration hardware. everything was dirt cheap!!! why am i so defensive? haha!!

    thanks again so much,


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