The Peanuts are at Minted!

Sunday, August 28, 2011
A few months ago, a friend of mine e-mailed me and told me about a holiday model/photography contest at Minted.  My sweet friend, wrote, "This is yours to win, Kim."  I was flattered but really did not think I had a chance.  However, I quickly e-mailed them a few photos and much to my surprise, I won. Then Minted asked me to send more photos in too.  I kind of forgot all about it until some blog readers e-mailed me concerned that the peanuts photos were on the Minted site.  Thank you for alerting me and making sure I had given consent.  It is very exciting to see the peanuts featured on some holiday cards at Minted.

For allowing Minted to use the images, I won a credit toward some holiday cards.  And I also earned a special discount to share with friends and family.  I am not permitted to post it here or on Facebook but would be glad to share it with you if you are a friend and plan to order from them.

Here are some of the shots they have chosen to use (but I seem to discover a new one each day):





I laughed SO hard when I noticed that when Kate is with the boys, we are the "Sullivan" family.  But in this photo of her alone (on the card below) she is the Cheng family!!!



This is the original photo I took last summer at the beach with my old D-80:)


Kate is featured pretty prominently on the Mommy card page.  They are having a good promotion now on Mommy calling cards.  I think you can get 25 or 30 free cards. I ordered some of the above style in green.  So, head on over to Minted to see the 3 peanuts and look at their great card selections.


  1. I noticed the pictures of Kate when I ordered mommy cards for a friend and wondered if you knew it. I'm relieved it is a legitimate use of your images. Picture perfect peanuts!!

  2. Congratulations, how cool! I love stopping by and looking at your pictures, they're always so great. Beautiful children!

  3. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous kids! Avery Sullivan is looking joyful as always;))
    I wouldn't mind using the minted discount code. If you feel like sharing it with the"chickens" email me at
    Thank you!

  4. I'm a long time reader, never commented. I was actually on Minted yesterday and immediately noticed your children! I was like "I know them!!" :) "The Cheng Family" made me giggle!

  5. Hi Kim

    These are so cute! I must admit I thought your "xmas card surprise" was going to be that you were going into business with photography and greeting cards!!

    I have not commented in forever but life has been very busy. I still check in daily with your blog. We ended up moving back to Atlanta from NJ, and are so happy to be "home". I'm also 7 months pregnant with twin boys!! Those are just a couple things that have kept me so busy, and I can only imagine with soon to be 4 boys I will be even busier.

    Hope all is well!


  6. I just love looking at pictures of the Peanuts:)

  7. That is awesome! I am going to order cards there this year if you want to share anythign with us just email me. Thanks, Kathy

  8. Way to go Kim!! I would love to use your code, please email to me when you have time!
    How exciting!

  9. So cute! Have used Minted before and may use them again. Would you send me the code please. Thanks!


  10. Congratulations!!! Minted is one of my favorites!!!

    I've been a long time follower of your blog. Just the other day I was looking through their mommy calling cards and recognized Kate. I was going to email you also to see if your were aware of it.

  11. those are lovely pictures! I LOVE minted and would appreciate the code. Thank you.

  12. so cute! your kids make perfect models!!! i have always thought your kids looked like little models!! by the way i loved that they changed harry's name to "coulter" while he was apart of the "sullivan" family. It's my maiden name and I would love to name one of my kids it one day!!

  13. Would you please come take my Christmas card picture? How on earth do you get such fabulous shots of all three of your adorable children? Every year we have to sacrifice one child, closed eyes, goofy grin etc.

  14. I am finally getting to catch up on the Peanuts! Looks like you had a great time at the beach!! All your pics are amazing (can't wait to see the family ones). I'm so sorry about your foot! Hoping it gets better soon. Call me after you go to the dr. and we can catch up!!

    Love you!!

  15. That is so awesome! Your children are natural models. I love minted and would love the discount code.


  16. Well how awesome is that!!! I'm not surprised that the pictures of your kids were selected. They all such beautiful kids. Your photography is so crisp, professional and downright awesome!! That is one thing I truly enjoy about most of the blogs that I follow. The photography is TOP-NOTCH! All of you inspire me!!!

    I as well would love the code. You can email me at

  17. Have not visited your site for awhile. I wanted to ask where you found Miss K Red Mary Janes in her first day of school pics?

    Love all your pics! Will have to go check out the Minted site!

  18. This is great Kim, how exciting...and you say that you are not a photographer:) Hugs~

  19. Wow...what an honor! You are an amazing photographer, and your children are adorable (not to mention dressed well ALL the time!) o it is no surprise that they chose your photos :)
    I have ordered from minted before and love the quality. I would like to see what kind of discount they are offering. My email address is Thanks!

  20. I read this post on my phone a few days ago and couldn't comment but I just wanted to say how cool this was!!! You must have been so excited - your kids are so adorable and your photos are beautiful!

  21. I read this post on my phone a few days ago and couldn't comment but I just wanted to say how cool this was!!! You must have been so excited - your kids are so adorable and your photos are beautiful!

  22. I love your pictures & found this site because of your blog. I love it & really want to order my holiday cards from them.

    You are an amazing mom & it is so helpful to a mom of babies to read about your successes with your kids. Thank you!

    I would love the discount code to Minted if you won't mind sharing it.


Thank you for your kindness.