It should be quiet around here...

Monday, August 1, 2011
Harry left for camp yesterday.....



Two of Harry's friends now go to camp with him.  They are all in the same cabin too which should be fun.

Waiting to board the buses, they ran into another kid from school...


Kate tries to get in on the boys conversations...




A little whisper to big brother.


And a hug goodbye.  These two are very close.  When Kate woke up this morning her first words were, "Is Habu home yet?"

A final hug for Dad.

Luckily, I have already seen photos of Harry at camp and he looks as happy as can be!

When we pulled into the parking lot for the drop off a familiar face walked up to greet  us.  Our former babysitter, Taylor (Kate called her Tigger) used to work for the camp and she was there checking in kids.  Taylor is an incredible person. She met her husband at the camp my kids go to and they are the most lovely Christian couple.  She is a child life specialist and he is studying to be a doctor.   We adore them and it was so nice to see Taylor.  It took Kate a minute to figure out it was Taylor. It was 6 am:)


Will has been at camp for a week already and I have seen his very happy face in the camp video update and several daily photos.  He looks like he is having the time of his life.    I am telling you---my kids go to the most incredibly fun Christian camp.  I so wish I could have gone there when I was  kid.  In fact, I think they should offer us Moms who never got to go to sleep away a camp/retreat:)

So it is just me and Katie Ru.   It should be nice and peaceful, right? Except that our hardwoods are being sanded, stained and refinished due to a water leak we had  a few months ago.  So it is noisy and dusty and smelly.  Our kitchen has been a construction zone ALL SUMMER.  Our dishwasher had a slow leak and damaged the floors and cabinets.  And we have been without a dishwasher all summer.  It has not been fun.  So, when Kate asked to go to gymnastics day camp this week, it seemed like a good idea.  I hope she is having fun.  This is the only week I have had all sumer where I am childless from 9-3.


  1. Camp.Is.Good. :)

    I too would like to go to my older dd's camp. It's more like a retreat than a sleepover camp!!

    It's just the little one and I swimming every day in our pool and staying cool!

    all the best,
    Snick & Sunshine & Brill

  2. When I move in January, it will be my first time with a dishwasher...I won't know what to do with myself!

  3. Oh Kim, enjoy your quiet time, wow, you lucky girl!! :D

  4. my goodness...didn't know about all the floor problems!
    9-3. yay you.
    even though my girls are big( except for little one) i haven't had a 9-3 all summer either !

  5. Oh my -- Harry and his buddies are so cute -- what a great age! And sweet Kate --wow -- she will be missing those big brothers! Hope the floor repairs go well!


  6. no dishwasher all summer? Bless your heart!

  7. I love how much Kate misses her brother! I am sure she is counting down the days until she gets to go with them...

  8. Kim, what camp does Harry go to? Rick will be 10 this summer and I am just starting to think about sleep away camp (first child).
    Trish from Cville and the old hood

  9. Enjoy your no-boy, quite time!! ;) .. and I am sure you will be loving that new dishwasher!

  10. Hooray for summer camp! Cute drop off pictures. Carson leaves Wednesday and he can't wait!

  11. I am sure Habu is having the time of his life already!! Sorry your "down" town isn't relaxing (yet)...grab your book and head to a coffee shop!

  12. I hope Harry has a wonderful time at camp and Kate has a blast at gymnastics day camp! And I really hope you have a wonderful week! =)

  13. wow!! enjoy your free mornings among all of that construction, that isn't fun!! i hope the boys are having a great time at camp:)


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