Chocolate Cream Heaven

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It was time to get back to our Summer of Pie. So this week Harry, Kate and I made this chocolate cream pie.  It was pretty easy.  The hardest part was waiting the 8 hours for it to chill:)  I used Scharffen Berger bittersweet chocolate as I really think that good quality chocolate makes a huge difference in recipes like this.  But honestly, it might have been too good for Harry.  It was very rich and dark and Kate and I loved it.  But Harry thought it was "a little too chocolatey."  Men!  Don't they know nothing is too chocolatey?!!!  Actually, a small piece of this is plenty.



{I always want to take my time and style/prep the food photos I post but my kids are standing there with drooling mouths waiting to eat and I get flustered and rushed. One of these days, I am going to get better at food styling and photography.  It is a goal of mine}

So far we have made apple (Dave and Kate), key lime (me and Harry), cherry (Will and Dave), blueberry (me and Dave) and chocolate cream pie (Me, Harry and Kate).  I think Dave wants to make rhubarb and I am not sure what else we'll do.  We only have a few weeks left until school starts.


  1. You should make a strawberry pie! This was my favorite as a kid...and maybe as an adult too!

  2. Heck, I don't blame the kids! "Pictures! Smictures! Let me at that pie!!! Picture looks "DELICIOUS" to me!!

  3. Drooling here too! YUM!!! Wish I had a piece right now!!


  4. I think your food pictures are always amazing! dont be so hard on yourself!! This pie would have to be my favorite so far!!

  5. I LOVE a good Peach pie!! you could try that!

  6. It LOOKS heavenly!!

    And I have a rhubarb custard pie recipe if you want to try, it is INCREDIBLE!

    Jill :)

  7. ok, now THIS is my kind of pie!!!

  8. It looks delicious, please share the recipe.

    Ina Garten has a wonderful lemon curd tart recipe that I adore.

  9. Oh.My.Word! That looks good.

  10. YUMMO!!! Really wish I lived down the street!!!

  11. Yummy!!! I think ALL of your pics of your pies look amazing! Rhubarb and strawberries make a great tasting pie.

    BTW... Martha Stewart was on the Today show this a.m. making summer pies. She's following in your footsteps! :)

  12. Chocolate is a girl's best friend!

    After our vacation I’ve been trying to cut back on extra calories. However, if I eat this while on the treadmill it should all balance out. Right?! :)


  13. So yummy Kim!
    Loved Kate's video, she's such a graceful dancer! :)

  14. That looks delicious!

    PS--I just finished reading The Swan House per your suggestion in that reading post a while back and LOVED it! I even posted about it Tuesday!

  15. I am amazed at all your pie-making!! I'd gain a million lbs if I even had a bit of one .. well, at least go into sugar shock! ;)

  16. OH YUMMM!! You can never go wrong with Chocolate anything:) Looks so good!

    I will look forward to your Rhubarb recipe. One of my favorite summer pies is Strawberry. Not sure if you remember a dept store up here in PA called "Hess's" The big main store was in downtown Allentown and it was at least 6 floors. Down in the lower lovel, they had a very well known reataurant called "The Patio" My grandparents took us there when we were little. The food was great, but they also had models that would walk through the restaurant showing off all the newest fashions to hit the departments store. Kids were served their meals in these very cool "play kitches" They would open the door to the stove and pull out your meal. If that was not enough..... we finished every meal with their number one selling dessert. Strawberry Pie. I can still taste it to this day......and we have tried to replicate it for years. That department store closed long ago, but that pie is still talked about by many! Just thought I would share since you lived up in this area at that time....thought maybe you might have visited:)

    Enjoy your weekend~



  17. this looks delicious kim!! i will have to give it a try:)


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