First Day

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
It was a BIG day yesterday.  It was Dave's first day at a new job.


Kate was so funny.  She told Dave he looked "SO handsome!" And she told me that she liked Daddy's "black jeans."  He usually wears khakis to work but he had black wool pants on and she called them black jeans:)

 It was Will's first day as an 8th grader (and the beginning of the longest he has ever been at one school due to moves etc).  He is big man on campus this year as next year he moves to high school.


Will get braces on his top teeth tomorrow so his smile will not look like this for a while.

Harry is also big man on campus this year as it is his final year in elementary school.  He began 5th grade with an awesome teacher and many of his best buddies in his class.  He goes to an International Baccalaureate school and he will do a big exhibition project this year too.


And of course, Kate had her first day of kindergarten.  And of course, I had to document it all....

from her sleepy bed head having Daddy's pancakes for breakfast....

 (when I went in to wake Kate at 6:40, she was already sitting up in bed and she said, " Mama, today is a very special day!"  Then she looked outside and said, "It might be dark outside on my way to kindergarten, Mama.")


to brushing her teeth...


Don't you just LOVE those red patent mary janes?  I do.

Will and Harry did NOT approve of Kate's clothes.
They have a uniform code but it is somewhat flexible.








The boys and Kate were SO sick of my camera that they were not very cooperative.  And Harry was MORTIFIED that I was actually bringing it to school....



This is the only year Kate will EVER go to school with one of her brothers.  Sniff Sniff.


Posing with the bronze statue outside of the school.  Unbeknownst to me this is kind of a first day tradition.  The boys never did it though:)


Kate and her new teacher.  They have the same birthday!

A reluctant hug goodbye...


I know Kate is so happy that her brother is right upstairs.

When I picked Kate up, she immediately blurted out,  "I LOVE KINDERGARTEN, MAMA!!!!"


She showed me the fish picture she made and I had to take a photo with my phone.

And then we went to the cafeteria to get Harry.  This cute little boy (he was Asian too) came up and sat snugly next to Kate and told me he loved her.  He was SO cute.  He took Kate by the hand and marched her right over to meet his Mom and he told his Mom he loved her too.  He followed Kate around for a while just completely enamored with her.  I took their photo with my I-phone but will not post it for privacy reasons.  It just made me laugh so hard.

We went out with some other families for milkshakes after school. it was a great long day for everyone but an exhausting one too.  Dave got home way later than usual and Harry and I are feeling kinda sick.

{I did really well.  I got a bit teary but I did not full out sob.  I did miss my little buddy but my friends swooped in and kept me busy.  I even went out to lunch with a friend!}


  1. Sounds wonderful. Kate looks adorable. I can remember being horrified when mom was taking a million pictures on the 1st day of school. Looking back at old albums you can see how annoyed we got, but glad we have them!

  2. Love the 1st day pics!! The boys are getting so tall and I just LOVE Kate's pic w/the bronze statue.

    Also, I'm am a fanatic for RED PATENT LEATHER SHOES! I have searched high and low for them! Would you mind sharing where you found them. I had one store tell me "the red patent shoes" are usually seasonal". I was so disappointed. Her feet has really grown over the summer and the ones from last year are too small.

    Looks like your school year is off to a great start!!

  3. Love the photos! Kate looks so grown-up! Glad the first day went well. Just wondering if you have time and don't mind sharing how you made the decision to send Kate to Kindergarten on time - I remember you posting about this dilemma. Best wishes for a great school year for your 3 peanuts, Wen

  4. You know I took my camera to school every first day of school, k thru 12th. sometimes I had to hide in the bushes though. lol.....
    Time flies , Im sure glad Im getting to start it all over again with my littles.

  5. One of our elementary schools is an IB early years, we implemented the middle years program a few years ago, and have had the IB Diploma in our school, the first public school in GA to offer it, for a long time and my girls both got the diploma. I love the way it encourages thinking and asking lots of questions and they really do become "deep thinkers" if they continue on. And if you stay in Texas you get one full year of college credit for the diploma! We have this in GA now, but it was too late for my girls, although they did get some credits, just not a whole year! Have a great school year....this is my last one, the caboose is a senior.

  6. Love the monogrammed uniform! Cutest pictures!

  7. Wow Kim, what an awesome first day for everyone! Kate looks SO excited for school! And how wonderful for you to now get some time all to yourself!! Will looks like a giant next to his little sister and I'm so tickled with Kate's shoes ~ I had a red pair like that when I was her age and they were my favorite! :D

  8. Awwww -- what a great first day for your kiddos and hub! They all look so sweet and happy as do you! She looks adorable in her uniform and her backpack! Love the first day of school posts! Glad you had some fun and a lunch out too!


  9. Kate looks adorable!! I love the classic uniform look, especially with the red touches and monogrammed shirt. I'm taking notes for when I hopefully have a little one!

  10. Hope your first day was AWESOME, Kate! Katiebug flew the coop yesterday and LOVES kindergarten! Can't believe it - it seems like yesterday that we came home from China...

  11. Hi! My name is Sarah and I'm new to your blog!

    I was drawn to your blog when I saw that you adopted your sweet Kate. My parents adopted me from Korea almost 29(!!!) years ago. I love hearing stories about other families like mine. (And for a long time, I thought it was normal for Asian kids to have Caucasian parents because all of my friends were my mom's adoptive parent friends!)

    Your family is amazing and I love hearing all of your adventures! I hope you don't mind that I'm reading! :)

  12. So glad she had such a great day and that you did as well:)

  13. Awww...Katie Ru is too precious....just too precious! She is super brave and I just love her to pieces!!!!!! Whatever will you do with yourself sweet Kim? I would be in tears too....if that makes you feel better:)

  14. ps Oops, meant to congratulate Dave on his new job too!! :)

  15. Two "big men" and a precious girl! I think Kate looks darling! Hoping everyone has a fabulous week - including Dave with his new job!

  16. So precious - thank you for sharing your photos! It was indeed a big day for everyone in your home! We had the first day of 3rd grade here and it went very well. Here's to a great school year ahead!

  17. The kids look so cute, especially Kate. LOVE her uniform. : ) Glad she loves school - the fish picture is awesome! That was a big day for y'all.

  18. Wow, what an emotional day! I absolutely LOVE her red shoes. :)

  19. Wow Kim!! Everyone is in school, i can't believe it! Time goes by so fast, i hope you are all doing well:)

  20. As always your pictures capture everything so perfectly. YES I love her red patent Mary Janes... and I love that her bow matches!

  21. Wow, it sounds like everyone has had a big week at your house. Kate is seriously adorable in her monogrammed uniform and I'm loving those red patent Mary Janes with matching bow. I'm glad to hear she had a good first day, and what an awesome job on that fish picture.

    Gin =)


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