Here she goes.... {Sunday Snapshot}

Sunday, August 21, 2011
I have been on the verge of tears all day today.  Tomorrow my sweet little Katie Ru starts kindergarten.  I find myself choking back tears and unable to explain where all the time has gone.  When Kate first came home from China and for 3 years after that she was my shadow. She clung to me. She rarely left my side.  She NEVER played independently.  And honestly, it kinda drove me CRAZY!  I used to say (half jokingly) that my happiest day would be the day Kate started kindergarten becasue I would finally get some peace.

However, in the last year or so, she has changed and grown so much.  She is still my little buddy and she still shadows me sometimes.  However, she has grown some beautiful wings.  She has gone to camps this summer and she has developed the skill of playing independently. She makes friends easily and she trusts others.  That one took a while.  She has a fabulous attention span and she cooperates so well with others.  She never argues with her little girlfriends and is so good at sharing and taking turns.  Most of all, we have fun together.  So much fun.  I am going to miss her.

I am a little sad that she will be gone all day everyday.  But most of my emotion is about being so very proud of who she has become.  She is a delightful, joyful, funny, artistic, outgoing, respectful, loving, generous and intelligent little girl.  And I am so excited to see what she does in kindergarten.  My last baby is flying the coop:)  


Today, we got a little rain (which we have not had in forever and we are in a drought).  Kate begged to puddle jump. She put on a bathing suit, rain coat and boots.  Dave snapped a few photos and while I know it is totally out of focus...this photo seems perfect for this post.

Kate, keep jumping in the puddles, taking chances and getting wet.  You are going to do great things.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. My 5-year old Chinese Princess is still clinging to my leg! There are short moments of independence, but not that long yet. We'll be homeschooling her for Kindergarten, mainly because we'll be spending this school year in NH, ME, FL & back in ME, so attending school isn't all that practical ;-)
    I gotta say while some days I wish I could go to the bathroom by myself I am loving having my little shadow - our older kids are 12 & I'm just not ready for them to get bigger!
    Here from Sunday Snapshot, although I do follow your blog too, just don't comment very much (sorry).
    I hope Kate has ab wonderful Kindergarten year!

  2. {sigh}

    Miss Kate Emerson is going to rock Kindergarten; you know that, right? She is going to have SO.MUCH to tell you everyday and you are still going to be her very best friend!

    I know its hard. I will say a prayer for you tomorrow!


  3. a big day for you both!

    beautiful post Kim!


  4. This is the sweetest post. I will be saying a special prayer for you both tonight. Your little Kate is so beautiful, and she will be magnificent in Kindergarten!! Can't wait to hear all about the fun of her first day! :) With love...

  5. yay sweet kate!!
    what a beautiful confident child she has become!!
    thinking of you tomorrow
    i know that it is a happy event yet as mamas we want our babies in the nest...with us :)

  6. She is going to do great!! Kindergarten is ALWAYS a hard milestone for me, Madeline will be number 5 to go and I know I will feel the same as I did with number 1, kinda lost for a few days! Now that I have 2 that have graduated from college I realize how our lives change so much every year but they are always our babies:) My oldest still calls me everyday as she leaves work:)
    I'll be praying for you tomorrow and that Kate has a wonderful day!

  7. The picture is perfect for this post. :-) It's crazy how fast they grow up! Thinking of and praying for you tonight and tomorrow morning. Sounds like she's ready! Hugs!

  8. Glad yall are back! Hope you had a ball on vacation. we loved the photos. lets get together soon. miss you and the gang! SAL

  9. Ah! Great pic and post. She will do great in Kindergarden. How exciting!

  10. I know exactly that emotion you're feeling, not totally because she is leaving you, but because you are SO proud of her. Dito.

    Kate is beautiful girl in every way, it's no wonder she makes you so proud. She is going to accomplish great things.


  11. I was wondering when the big day was!!!!! I know she is going to do great.. And, so will you once you get use to the extra time... A few more years for me to be in your shoes!! I am excited for Kate, and Sienna and Ruby to spread their wings this year! All three have so much to give... It has been a gift to watch Kate grow over the past four+ years! You are an amazing Mama!!!

    Hugs for tomorrow!


  12. Ahhhh - kindergarten. I bet she is going to absolutely love it and I can only imagine how hard it will be for you for a few days. I think I will be depressed when the day comes for Lillie to head off to school. LOVE that picture of her playing in the rain!

  13. Exciting day!! I hope it goes GREAT for both of you! Can't wait to hear some 1st day stories! :)

  14. I was right there with you 2 weeks ago. When she climbed on that bus with her big sister it was killing me. But I was so proud of who she was, and how excited she was for school, just like you! I hope Kate loves the big K as much as Shaelee. Blessings, J

  15. What an exciting day for Kate! It is kinda bitter sweet for us Momma's. I will have a few more years until I will be in your shoes. He is starting 2 day a week Preschool though. It will be a nice little break for me!

    It kinda hit me when I took him for Day Camp this summer. He said good bye to me and took his buddy's hand and never looked back.... I cried. He was always happy to see me in the afternoon though!


  16. im so happy for her and starting this new adventure. She is going to do so darn well!!!! I am happy for her and for you too :) Keep us posted on how it goes.

  17. Oh Kate is going to do wonderful! She is gonna love Kindergarten! I can't wait to see her "1st day of school pics" post! Wishing Kate a HAPPY SCHOOL YEAR as well as Will and Harry!

    PS My little bird flew from the nest as well today. She started Pre-K today and was as independent as I knew she would be. Once there she was like "Bye Mom!" She has always been an independent little one. She is very loving, affectionate, boisterous, and a talker (oh boy can she talk)!!

    When I got to school she happily walked in her class and announced "Good Morning, Ms M"! My name is _____ and promptly hugged her and hung up her backpack and found a seat next to a little boy.

    The little boy was having a little difficulty "letting mom go" and she went over and gently took his hand and said "You are gonna be alright, I'm gonna be your friend, okay?!

    I guess the poor kid was either shocked at either her "boldness" or the fact he had "already made a friend"! :)

  18. Such a SWEET post Kim! I have two other good friends whose girls start kindergarten today and have LOVED all their photos this morning. One school had a "Boo Hoo Breakfast" for the kinder mothers after drop-off; SO cute, isn't it? I know Kate will be a wonderful student and have the best time in school! I cannot wait to read more about her first day...with an outfit photo please :)

  19. Hope she's having a fabulous first day and you are too. It is hard for us Moms-- but I know that you and she are going to do wonderful!


  20. LOVE the pic! It really does seem to fit :) Sending them off to K is so hard on us Mamas. I hope she (and you) had a great day.

    BTW, I came over from SS.

  21. Hope Kate had a great first day at Kindergarten!I hope you had a good day as well! I have one more year until the girls start and I know I will be just as sad. Although I know they will do great and will be much more than ready! Kate will have a great year and I am sure will enjoy every moment!! She's a little sweetie and I can't wait to see what's in store for her!!

  22. Kim- hope today was easy...for both of you!

    Dave couldn't have taken a more perfect picture if he had tried! That one says it all- in focus or not.

    Happy 1st Day of Kindergarten Kate.

  23. I bet cutie pie Kate rocked Kindergarten today! I can't wait to hear all about it! The first week was very rough for Kamree but today was much better (thanks to a bribe to the Dairy Sweet this afternoon)! Thank goodness!

  24. HOW CUTE!!!! Love it!!!! Growing up sometimes just stinks!!!

  25. Kim, How was Miss Kate's first day! I have repeatedly thought about her (and of you) and wondered how the first day went. Hope the boys has great 1st days too. Ruby starts back on Wednesday....she's a big ole 2nd grader!

  26. I sat in the car and sobbed after dropping K and M off for their first day of Kindergarten. I totally feel your pain.

    I'm sure Kate had a wonderful first day today and hopefully you were able to join so quiet moments alone.

  27. Awwww....this is such a sweet post. What a big milestone for Miss Kate!! She is going to be so great and love every minute of it! I bet you learn to love it too :)

  28. You just described my Emerson, oh how I will weep.


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