Does this match, Mama?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Kate dressed herself yesterday and she came down like this....



Black polka dot bow, lime and cream polka dot shirt and navy polka dot shorts.  And you know what? I let her stay in it ALL day!  We did get a few sideway glances but I didn't care.  She was happy.  Polka dots can make a girl happy, you know.

Another thing that makes us SO HAPPY.... Some of our very best friends in the whole world (Harry's Godparents) moved back to town this week after being overseas for a few years (you can read more about them here--that post makes me miss my VA house so much.)  They were transfered shortly after we moved to VA and we always hoped we'd wind up back here together.  We met at story time at the library when Will and her oldest son were just 4 months old.  And we have been great friends ever since (14 years).  We put together a basket of some our favorite TX things to welcome them back...


We put in my favorite tortilla chips and salsa (Salsa Texas--it is the BEST!), Shiner Bock local beer, St Arnold's local root beer for the kids, phiton necklaces for the boys (since they are very popular here in the US), Dave's favorite Goode Company BBQ sauce, TX BBQ potato chips, and a real Simple magazine for my friend because she likes it.  I also put in a Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon because you always need stuff there when you move!


I must tell you that Dave came up with the idea for the basket.

And just one more reason to be happy... Di and Jeff have sweet Miss Emme Jade.  They are in China adopting again and they are now the official parents of this beautiful little girl!



I am really behind in posting.  I have all these things I want to post about but we are spending a lot of time this week in dentist, doctor and orthodontist offices (Will is getting braces) before school starts.  I will catch up soon.

***We have a few road-trips coming up in the next few months and Dave and I really enjoy listening to a book on CD together in the car while the kids watch their movies.  Does anyone have any suggestions for something we would both like?  We listened South of Broad last year when we drove to Disney.  And while we loved the plot and we could not wait to hear what happened next, the language and themes were a little too much to risk the peanuts overhearing. They wear earphones but you never know when one will decide to take them off.


  1. Kate's outfit is adorable. I mean, of course it matches! It's all polka dots :)

  2. Love her outfit! Polka dots always match and she looks adorable!

    What sweet gifts for your friends! You are a treasure.

    Following the journey to Emme Jade -- so beautiful and so incredibly sweet. What a wonderful family!


  3. I've been a reader for awhile but I think this is my first time leaving "Kind Words". Love the blog, btw! One of my favorites as you always have something interesting going on and you are a great photographer (which is part of how I came across this blog initially)!
    First of all, Kate's sense of style must derive from the same place as one of my former coworkers. She had polka-dot EVERYTHING! She even painted her classroom in polka-dots, carried a polka-dot purse, wore something polka-dotted everyday, she even used stickers to make her calculator polka-dotted!
    Second of all, as far as audiobook suggestions go, I have to recommend Connie Willis' "To Say Nothing of the Dog". The narrator is excellent (having charming and believable voices for each character), it's very engaging so it keeps you attentive on the long drives, and there are some parts that are so comical that I had to pull over to finish laughing and listen again. The author weaves a detailed story of time-travel, mystery, romance, and historical and literary allusions that you will probably want to listen to it several more times just to marvel at the complex strains she went to in writing the novel. A friend (who does a yearly listen- or read-through) suggested it to me and it's probably something that you will want to pass on as well. It's also one I plan to read to my children someday so you may find yourself inviting the peanuts to listen too.
    Third of all, best wishes to Will with having to get braces! As a former metal-endowed individual, I know they can be rather irritable. Make sure you have some soft foods for him for a few days after he gets them on and when he gets them tightened. I had a kid in our youth group who could only manage warm apple sauce for a couple of days after.
    Last of all, hope Harry is doing well! My girlfriend and I have been praying for him, her little sister has some nasty GI stuff so we understand about the crazy doctor parade. Glad to see he got to spend a great week at camp with his friends! Jesus bless you all!

  4. Oh do we love the POLKA DOTS here! I think its pretty cute actually!

    I'm so happy for Diana and her family. I'm an avid follower of her blog and truly enjoying the updates. What a beautiful little girl, AS ALL HER GIRLS, are! Emme Jade will fit in perfectly.

    Summer is in winddown mode. Wishing your Peanuts a fun school year!

    Sorry no suggestions for "books on tape". I'm sure you will have lots of good suggestions though.

  5. Oh do we love the POLKA DOTS here! I think its pretty cute actually!

    I'm so happy for Diana and her family. I'm an avid follower of her blog and truly enjoying the updates. What a beautiful little girl, AS ALL HER GIRLS, are! Emme Jade will fit in perfectly.

    Summer is in winddown mode. Wishing your Peanuts a fun school year!

    Sorry no suggestions for "books on tape". I'm sure you will have lots of good suggestions though.

  6. We enjoy listening to books when we drive and really enjoyed Franklin and Winston by Jon Meacham (your children might enjoy it also). Outliers is a good one to listen to on long drives. We also listened to Charlotte's Web with our children and some Willa Cather.

  7. Love love Kate's outfit! No doubt a polka dot and a polka dot do of course match!!

    And if you are looking for a family book on CD- the entire Harry Potter series on CD is seriously amazing. I know you have probably read them and seen the movies but I am telling you that listening to them on CD is actually really great and feels so different from reading or watching the movies.

  8. Good to get an update from you. I love friends like the ones you described. We have a very similar relationship with the people in our dinner club. We enjoy each other very much. Thinking of you and your crew!

  9. Love the polka was a dotty kind of day! She would have made me smile if I had seen her out and about :)

    Unbroken is a book enjoyed by both men and women. If you haven't read it already it might be a great choice. We just listened to Harry Potter on the way to NH. We haven't made our way through the series and we are trying to catch up.

  10. LOVE Kate's clothing choice, can just imagine her thinking all polka dots must match, tooooo precious that you let her wear it all day:)
    The pic of Emme in her suit is just beautiful!!

  11. Those polka dots look lovely on her! I'm so glad for Diana and her family. Emme Jade is adorable=)

  12. Of course, ALL polkadots go together! Could she be any cuter?!

    I, too, am following Di's journey and Emme is absolutely darling. I am sooo excited for them!

    Hope you have a great week!

    P.S. Hi, Dave!

  13. Beautiful job, Kate! I would let my Christina pick out what she wanted to wear and boy did we have some doozies! Now at 24 she is still dancing to the beat of a different drummer! Always stressed to do what made you happy! And you have a happy bunch of peanuts!

  14. She is adorable in anything she wears! And at least the polka dots are roughly the same size =). That basket is the perfect "welcome back to town" gift.

  15. I just love Kate's choice!! Polka Dots always go together! She has the most adorable dimple.

    Enjoy time with your friends and your last summer flings. We have barely had any sun at all this summer. Kinda sad!! Yesterday it was so cold I actually had on a sweatshirt.

    So glad that things are going so well for Di and Emme!


  16. Kate looks adorable adorned in all her polka dots!!

    That basket of Texas goodies is making me hungry right now. Dave is good.... I am sure your friends will love their welcome back basket:)

    So happy for Di and family! Emme Jade is just precious.



  17. LOVE Kate's outfit! And Emme Jade Looks absolutely precious!

  18. Kate matches just perfectly as far as I am concerned! She looks cute as always. Love the gift basket my favorite chips are in there! Couldn't you just eat up Emme?! Too cute! Hope all is well!

  19. Kate would look adorable in any color Polka-Dot. I think she looks cute as can be!!!! And, good for you letting her go out in whatever!! That's hard for me some days!!

    Thanks for your prayers for Emme Jade!!!! She is napping as I type. So happy your friends are back too!!!!

    Have a great beach trip!


  20. the piucs are so cute!!! are really like it!

  21. LOVE your blog!! I would love to talk with you about your adoption journey! My husband and I live in houston and are just getting started!!! My email is! We look forward to hearing from you!


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