Thankful for GREAT friends!

Thursday, August 7, 2008
There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.
Saint Thomas Aquinas

This week I am thankful for friends.   We are abundantly blessed with friends.  Each friendship we have is precious to our family.

There was a family in Houston when we lived there that we did everything with.  We went to church together, our boys played together, the parents hung out.  They were the type of friends who we didn't need to "entertain."  They would come over for the simplest of meals at the last minute.  We just enjoyed being together.  There was never an awkward lull in the conversation and the laughter was always plentiful. We came to know and love their extended families (some even came to visit us after Katrina as they lived in New Orleans).  They are Harry's Godparents. Shortly after we left Houston, they moved to Doha, Qatar. 

They came to visit us this week and it was perfect!  The kids had a great time and the grown ups had a lot of laughs too.  Our friendship is truly one of those rare gems.  There are no pretenses, no masks.  We are truly comfortable with each other and we all accept each other as we are. 

I did not really take many photos because we were so busy visiting.  They are moving to Canada shortly and we are getting ready for our move.  But here is a little glimpse of our time...

My creation
We visited a former president's home in our area.

Cathy and Scott



My creation
There is a breakfast place that is a local institution.  In our four years we had never eaten there.  So, we took our friends and had a HUGE and delicious breakfast!

 Happy Birthday to a blog friend that always has the most encouraging and thoughtful comments for everyone.  She has a way with words that is unmatched.  
Happy Birthday Lisa!


  1. We had friends like your Houston set when we lived in Honduras. It is so nice to have another family that everyone enjoys!

  2. I think it is a really special connection to be able to have friends that everyone in your family can enjoy. As I was growing up my parents had a set of friends like that, they are still a big part of our life even today. Everytime we go home we always see them, my children love them too. It is such a beautiful relationship that is a true blessing from God.

  3. I just love friends like that, those that love you just because you are you. Glad you had a great time catching up.

  4. You are so rich in friends it is just a testimony to the kind of family you have.

    I love Kate's brown and white dress. Sophia has it and it is one of my favorites.


  5. We had friends in CA that we just purely enjoyed. I miss them very much.
    You are such a sweet hearted person you are going to do just wonderful on your move...I don't know where you are headed and I understand if you don't want to share but if your in the Chicago area we would love to have you come play : )

  6. Kim,

    Friends whether near or far are indeed a blessing. This family seems to be great cause to be grateful and I am sure they're touched to be the subject of your TT. I am glad that despite the years and miles apart you've remained close.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes and for being my friend, Kim. Wishing you many blessings...


  7. SO glad you had a wonderful visit.
    Wonderful pics of special memories.
    I completely understand about how har dit is to visit everyones blogs in the Summer. Such a busy time...

  8. What sweet times your family is experiencing this summer!
    Such precious blessings!!!
    Thinking of you, my friend!!!

  9. I am so glad you got to spend this week with your friends. It looks like you had a blast. Kate looks adorable, as always!

  10. LOVe friends like that. Friends that you don't have to scurry around cleaning before they come. Friends that come unannounced and sometimes stay until the wee hours. And you love them MORE for it!! Jut love it.

  11. I'm so glad you got to re-connect with your friends! True friends like that don't come around all that often (sad to say) so it's great to see that you stay in touch!

  12. I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful time together.
    I LOVE those kinds of friends - the ones that it takes absolutely NO effort to be with. Priceless.


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