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Wednesday, July 6, 2011
We did so much over the holiday weekend that I almost don't know how to post about it all.  But I want to remember it all. Sometimes, when I run out of fun things to do with the kids, I look back to years past on my blog for ideas (silly, huh?) So, this might be a long one (aren't they all?)

Friday night, we had our good friends (Snicker's Godparents) over for dinner and family game night.  That was SO much fun.  I highly recommend the game Balderdash for family game night.  We always have some great laughs.

Then on Saturday we went to a fun pool where Kate went off the diving board swimming to the ladder (in 13ft deep water) solo for the first time.  Last summer, she went off the dive at another pool but I think Dave was in the water "just in case."


Harry had fun going off the high dive.  Will did also but I did no get any good ones of him.



dive1_0703 copy

Dive0704 copy

Kate loves the water.  She would swim all day everyday if we let her. We are thinking she should do swim team next summer.

Sunday morning the boys asked to go to an indoor rock climbing place or a laser tag place.  They both researched their ideas and presented them to me and Dave.  And while both places sounded like fun, they were kind of expensive and our whole family could not participate.  Kate is too young.  A few days ago, Will made a comment to me about how awesome our city would be to visit on vacation because there are so many fun places for kids and families. So, I decided to treat our city as though we were visitors and I looked for free and fun things to do as a family.  Dave and I found some interesting options.  First, we headed to a downtown spot to see Dockdogs.  This is an actual national sport thing where dogs jump off a dock into water.  It was really interesting.







Any breed of dog can participate but the labs really seem to dominate the competition.

After watching the dockdogs, we walked around the park.  There was a pro soccer table which immediately drew my little soccer player, Harry in.  Harry won a soccer ball.  I guess last week's soccer camp paid off:)





Then we wandered over to the splash fountains.  The kids had a great time there!  Please no comments about how lean my kiddos are.  They eat a full nutritious diet and are active, physically fit kids.  They also have good genes:-)





Harry had a blast jumping over the sprays of water!


I love seeing all 3 peanuts play together despite the 9 year age gap.  That does not happen too often!



Of course, boys will be boys.  Harry and Will found a way to fashion the sprinklers into guns to shoot each other...





It was a fun way to spend a few hours on a very HOT day!!

On the way home, we saw a building being demolished.  While we much prefer preservation efforts and  we were sad to see an old building go, we all found the demolition process quite fascinating.  Will and Harry both appreciate architecture and the building process, so we pulled over and watched for a few minutes.



(from the car window)

I think I will save the rest of our weekend for another post.  By the way, we are still exploring our city as though we are tourists this week.  None of the kids have volunteer work or camps this week, so I am trying to find a fun thing to do each day. Wish me luck.


  1. 13feet deep water....okay the child is a natural! Go Kate!!! I love the way you find FUN in your own "backyard"! I must agree, there are alot of things to do there!!

  2. I just wanted to say that I truly love your posts. The love you all have for each other just shines through. And I love the idea of playing tourist in your city! Can't wait to see what you all do next!

  3. What fun and what great swimmers you have there! I am still afraid to go off the board! :)

    You've found lots of cool stuff to do. Love Miss Kate's swimsuits!


  4. I loved this post!!! My 3 year old LOVES our water fountains at the malls - we have 2 in town - and kept thinking, "When does this end...." but glad we got a while! The dog thing looks cool too! Since having our son with us we have really gotten to know places near us as well...amazing what you can find - reasonably priced too - bet your kids will remember for a long time!

    PS Loved the comment about the lean kids....wish I had some of those genes :) my brother got all those - darn it!

  5. All your kids look great. Looks like a fun time! xo

  6. oh my goodness what fun you all had!!!!! Addison had on the same bathing suit as Kate I think(from Gap)?
    I have lived in the burbs of Chicago for almost 14 years and I am still exploring like a tourist..in fact, the tourist probably know more places then I do : P

  7. Love Kate's swimsuit. Looks like fun time had by all. Your pictures are always fabulous!!

  8. I love her bathing suits. The kids look great - healthy and happy!!!! I can not get over how long her legs are, she has grown so much. I dont comment often, but I have been reading your blog from the begining. So glad you didnt stay private, I'd hate to miss seeing her grow up.

  9. Your kids are beautiful! they look happy, healthy and full of summer!


  10. I love all the pictures! Looks like a great time!! I LOVE all of Kate's swim suits and her pillowcase dress! SO CUTE!!!

    Love you!!

  11. Looks like everyone is having so much fun! Kate definitely seems to be a natural in the water and looks super cute in her swimsuits.

    Gin =)

  12. I can't believe that girl jumping off the high dive! Wow! I also love that the boys fashioned the sprays of water into guns :) we love being tourists in our own city (stay-cationing!)

  13. Why would anyone comment on your children for being so healthy.. In the world of childhood obesity I think from reading your posts you make a profound effort to nutrionally educate your children..sheesh, they can even make pies.. They are all adorable to me..and perfect. Miss kate has gotten so TALL this year, she may be taller than her momma!

  14. Your kids couldn't be much happier or healthier looking! I love the one of Will, Harry and Kate together - it's a great one! :)

  15. I couldn't agree more your kids are healthy! :)

    Okay, so did you have a master plan for all this fun...did you plan on the dog event then the soccer event and the fun splash event and the demo event!?! If so you are an amazing tour guide and so smart of you to bring swim suits in the car! My boys would love to see a demo!

    Sounds like you and your husband plan more fun than any day camp!

    I can't wait to try this in our city with my 3 peanuts (although mine are a little younger and still need nap time). Looking forward to the stage you all are at!

    ~ Ali

  16. The memories you create with your children will last a lifetime! Kate seems like a natural, swim team will suit her well!

  17. What a FUN day! You have such fun as a family. Love it! Did you post somewhere where you got those darling bathing suits for Kate? I am dying to get the one in the first pictures! Thanks!

  18. Loved all the pictures, but my favorite one was of Dave's shirt. LOVE IT!!!


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