Princess Dance Camp

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

There was a cute little neighborhood "Princess Dance Camp" last week.  On the last day, the girls did a little dance they learned that week.  I was pretty impressed that they taught the girls a dance in only 4 short mornings.

Kate loved it!  She loves to dance and she dances around our house all day long (which kinda drives her brothers crazy).  In fact, she has been begging me to get tickets to see the Nutcracker and I just bought tickets to see it Thanksgiving weekend.




Will taped it with his flip because Dave and Harry were at the Judo tournament that day and we wanted to be able to show them her little dance.

They did the dance twice which was so smart because all the girls did better the second time and Will and I put the cameras away and simply watched!!

(I sent her to camp with her hair neatly pulled into a bun but she must have danced HARD cause this is what it looked like when I showed up for the little performance;)

Oh how I love my little ballerina!  I realized that I never posted about her Spring recital.  I guess May was so crazy busy that I forgot. Since this is our only scrapbook... I need to  post that soon.


  1. I LOVE her tutu! Where did you get it?

  2. She is so sweet and cute! Looks like she has the perfect long legs for dancing!


  3. She will soon realize how lucky she is to have those LONG skinny legs!! She will be the envy of many girls!

  4. Is it me or did Kate grow 5 inches this summer? I know what you mean about the hair. I would drop my 2 youngest off to school in the am perfectly coiffed ponytail and ribbon and when I picked them up the baby girls hair looked like a HOT MESS and would drive her still perfectly coiffed big sister mad! LOL!

  5. Oh my goodness!!! That was SO adorable! Kate looked beautiful and danced so gracefully!! You should have seen Sasha watching so closely and dancing along to parts... (she and Ollie thought Kate was Sophie at first)! So so sweet!! And I love how she comes forward at the end... what a little starlet!! ♥♥♥ I tried to call you b/c I had a blogging question for the master. Call me when you can... sorry I couldn't talk much earlier. Movers are gone now. xoxo Shana

  6. What a fun camp for your little princess....and I agree, she does appear to have grown a lot this summer. It is hard to believe how quickly our girls are growing up. I looked back at some pictures of Sarah from last summer and I can hardly believe it.

    Hope all is well in Texas......and BTW, LOVE your little self-made hairbands with the big beautiful flower. I LOVE IT!

    Enjoy the rest of your week~



  7. She is absolutely the cutest little thing!


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