Playing catch-up

Monday, July 25, 2011
It has been pretty busy around here!!!!  I have a bunch of random things to post about so bear with me.  I think I will do a two part bullet post:)

* Last weekend we took care of our good friends three children so they could escape for some fun in New Orleans. I am not sure how you Moms with large families do it.  All the children were very well behaved but I felt like I was constantly feeding people.  You can go through a whole loaf of bread in just one lunch. Seriously, how do you grocery shop for big families?!  We would just get things put away from one meal and someone else was hungry:)  I was worn out by the end of the weekend that is for sure.  I feel certain God knew what he was doing when He blessed us with 3 children.  It is perfect for us.

*Harry and Dave went to Dallas for a few days (while I had our friends kiddos) for the Judo Junior Olympics.  Even though Harry spent most of his Spring playing soccer instead of training for Judo....He won SILVER!!!!

We are so proud of him. This was the national championships and it is quite intense.  I think this means he is ranked #2 in the US in Judo for his age/weight group now:)

* I took Kate ice skating last week for the first time and she did great!!! By the end of the first lap, she was letting go of the wall and gliding along.  She loved it.



( I was actually skating backward as I filmed this with my I-phone so that is why it is so shaky)

* I got my craft on and made this headband for Kate. I had the flower laying around the house and the jewel fell off my Old navy flip flops.  I took the silk flower apart, ironed all the layers flat, hot glued them back together and added the jewel and affixed it to the headband. Cute, huh?  And I am not crafty so I was pretty excited that it turned out wearable:)



A few days later I ended up changing the headband part to a thinner, ribbon wrapped cream band (below).  I like it better.  Target sells simple headbands that are great for projects like this.  They usually come in a pack of 5-6.


* Will completed his volunteer internship at the zoo.  He volunteered for 120 hours working with the children's camp program and he really enjoyed it.  I am so proud of him.  He also volunteered for 15-20 hours at our church's Vacation Bible School this summer.

* Will left yesterday for 2 weeks of sleepaway camp.  He LOVES camp and I am sure he is shooting skeet as I type this since that is his favorite activity.  I am sure I will miss him but for now, I am enjoying the quiet of two children.  Harry and Kate play so nicely together. They just made walkie talkies/telephones out of paper cups, string and a pringles can and are having a big time playing with it.

* Harry will leave on Sunday to join Will at camp for a week.  He still likes to go for one week which is fine by me.  Kate says she is never going because she will miss me too much:)

* We kind of dropped the ball on making pies in the last 2 weeks but we are going to make one this week.

* Thank you for the prayers for Harry. I cannot really tell you how much they mean to us. His procedure was very painful but he got through it.  We have decided to keep Harry's medical diagnosis and situation private for now as it can be quite serious and debilitating.  We are hoping it will not be though. If and when Harry and we decide to share it, I will let you all know but continued prayer sure is appreciated.


  1. Busy, busy but sounds like fun! I am right there with you and wonder how my Mom did it with nine kids. She was always happy and nice and didn't seem flustered. Perhaps that is from the eyes of a child:). Love the headband might have to try it out as I have been searching for one that is coral color- no where to be found. Love that Kate went skating in Texas in the summer! She looks like a natural. Hope you enjoy the remainder of the summer and your quiet time next week. Continue to keep Harry in our prayers.

  2. Precious pictures! I love how you shot Kate off-center in the first one. I really have to take some lessons...

    Love the skating pictures! I know that rink as that's where my Will was playing when we came to Houston last year for games and I got to meet you at Starbucks. :)

    By the way, that was too long ago! We're overdue for a visit.

  3. I read this on my phone days ago and haven't made it back to comment but wanted to say a huge congratulations to Harry!!!!


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