Monday, June 20, 2011
I did not post about Dave yesterday morning because I wanted to do a Father's Day post on however we spent Father's Day but I am not sure I even took one photo.  We mostly just hung around the house and let Dave call the shots all day. I did get him kolaches for breakfast.  Then he wanted to mow the lawn and do some things around the house.  He also wanted to cook dinner.  I offered to cook or take him out.  We did swim and the kids made him some very lovely gifts.  Harry wrote a poem about Dave called My Hero. Will made a sculpture out of a can (it is really cool) and Kate gave him several homemade goodies. We also gave him a small gift or two.  But basically, Father's Day was very low key.  Dave does not like a big deal at all.

Dave is such an incredible father.  I did not have the best father/daughter experience growing up and so when I began seriously dating, I made a very conscious decision to really think about what kind of husband and father each guy I dated would be.  I never had a checklist or anything but I knew that it was a deal breaker for me if I did not think a boyfriend would be a good Dad.  And luckily when I fell in love with Dave I KNEW he would be an incredible Dad and husband.  And he is.  He is more hands on than any other Dad I have ever known.  He makes lunches, cleans up vomit, folds laundry, gives baths, takes kids to the ER, coaches their sports teams, cooks dinners and goes to all of their performances.  He comforts them after a nightmare and helps change the sheets if someone wets the bed.  He is there for the tough stuff.  He teaches them morals and he tickles and wrestles and jokes around with them. He is a tough disciplinarian too though.  He provides an incredible model to our children for what kind of Dad and husband they should be or marry. He is an amazing father and he has been my complete and total partner in parenting.  And for that I am so grateful.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of Dave and the peanuts...


 The next couple are all completely candid of Dave just being a great Dad....

Daddy and his dancing princess

{this one was not staged..he was entertaining Kate while I took photos of my sister and that is one reason I love it so much}

A Kiss for Daddy

At Kate's 2nd birthday party.


Harry hugging Dave after opening a Christmas present.


Building sandcastles and hanging out with Will...


Thank you Dave for all you do and for all that you are.  We love you very much!


  1. It sounds like Dave had a wonderful and relaxing Father's Day:)

    The photos you chose for this post are so telling of what a great Dad and Husband he is...... really great moments captured by the camera!

    BTW, just read your post about the Key Lime Pie.... that is the recipe I always use. Key Lime is one of my husband's favorite summertime desserts! I will look forward to next week's recipe~

    Have a great week Kim.



  2. Great photos of a Great doubt!

  3. We are so blessed to have wonderful husbands and fathers for our children. Love all the pictures!


  4. What a lovely post - your kids are so blessed to have such a wonderful Dad!
    Hope all turns out well with Harry's tests!

  5. i think the peanuts are blessed by both of their parents. i have so much respect for you kim & that dave, well what a winner he is!!i love these pictures too

  6. He is amazing, there is no doubt!
    I think every day is father's day for Dave.


  7. What a sweet post to your great husband! Love these photos.

    Hope you're having a great week!


  8. Your husband sounds like an incredible husband and father. God knew what your heart needed after not having the best father yourself. God brought you your husband but you made the choice to marry him. God gives us free will and you made a very wise decision!

  9. He sounds like such an incredible father, that really goes above and beyond!

  10. What a sweet post for your house boy! So glad he had a fun and relaxing Father's Day!

    Love, love, love the beach pictures!

  11. A wonderful post for a wonderful man...

  12. What a sweet way to think about an amazing dad on father's day!!:)


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