Harry's Turn~ Key Lime Pie {Sunday Snapshot}

Saturday, June 18, 2011
We probably did not choose the best summer to designate as the Summer of Pie because about 2 weeks ago we discovered a there was a hole in a hose of our dishwasher.  So there was a slow water leak that damaged our kitchen hardwood floors and our cabinets.   We have had huge heaters (yes, in the summer in TX) and enormous fans that are as noisy as a jet engine and water damage experts and insurance adjustors stopping by daily.  Starting Monday, the cabinet guy will be here working too.  It has not been fun.  It has been loud and messy and hot.  And we have not had a dishwasher in 2 weeks.  We are getting sick of washing dishes by hand.

And last week, I ruined Kate's delicious apple pie as I tripped over a cord to one of the heaters on my way to the refrigerator.  Our really nice Emile Henry pie dish broke and the pie went flying.  Luckily, we had all had one small taste (except Harry).

But we said we were going to make pies this summer and pies we shall make.  This week, it was Harry's turn and he wanted key lime.  Now, there is a key lime pie Dave makes but I decided that Harry and I would try a different one.  We chose Ina Garten's Frozen Key Lime Pie.

Harry did almost all the work from making the graham cracker crust and juicing the limes....


to separating the eggs (it calls for yolks only)...


It was fun teaching Harry how to separate eggs.

Harry had the beginnings of a migraine (he gets too many of them!) but he was a dedicated chef....



Harry and I had a really nice time making this pie together.  I loved spending the time alone with him.  We worked well as a team.  Despite the kitchen disaster we have going on, I am really glad we are doing this.  First of all, whoever is lucky enough to marry Will, Harry and Kate will be so blessed because all three of them will (and already do) know how to cook.  Secondly, it is so nice to work one on one with your kids to create something. When you have three children, you don't get a lot of uninterrupted time with just one of them.  I cherished this morning with just Harry.  And finally, it has sparked so much interest in cooking for Kate and Harry so far.  They want to cook everything now.

As far as the pie goes, the recipe is rather simple and straightforward.  It tastes delicious and it is perfect for the heat of the summer.   The hardest part was waiting for it to freeze (and that does take a long time!)  Also, you do not cook the egg yolks (although you can) and for some people that is not safe.

Just a note about Harry~ His stomach biopsies came back negative which is good news but kind of confusing since the skin patches were positive for so many foods.  So, for now he is still eating some gluten and dairy.  Unfortunately, while we were undergoing the previous tests, two new concerns were discovered.  One requires us to see a neurologist which we will do on Monday.  We are seeing the chief of neurology (who happens to be a friend) and we could use your prayers.

Sunday Snapshot

Next week, it is Will's turn to pick the pie and rumor has it he wants cherry!


  1. Key lime pie... yummie! One of my favorite!

    Regarding the damage in your kitchen, I'm totally with you. Been through this in August 2010. Horrible souvenirs but amazing results!

    Have a good week!

  2. Prayer for sweet Harry - and for you. Please, please, please keep us posted. Sumter went to a pediatric neurologist a few years ago because of his migraines. We have been able to control his with keeping him hydrated and keeping a close eye on his foods. I pray that his neuro visit will be positive!

  3. I meant to say last week how much I love the pie-making idea! What a fun way to spend time with Kate, Harry and Will! I've said it before, but you're such a great, involved mom - and I think that's so great. :) Sending you special prayers for Harry and for getting to the bottom of his health issues. He's quite the little boy, and I admire his strength and courage.

  4. yum!! key lime pie! hope all goes well for harry- seems like such a sweet kid.

    ps- chocolate pecan pie is a delicious pie!! yummmm

  5. I will continue to keep Harry in my prayers...
    Poor little guy.
    Don't forget that your old stomping grounds (Philadelphia) has CHOP!
    I worked there for a year (that is all I could emotionally handle) and can attest that it is truly an amazing hospital.

  6. oh that pie sounds delicious! and migraines suck. I can't imagine getting them as a child. poor kid!

  7. What fun it looks like you two had. These are memories your kiddos will never forget!
    Great news about Harry's stomach biopsies, but so sorry to hear you've got some additional concerns now. Praying for your visit with the neurologist, but it sounds like Harry is in the best of hands :)

  8. Dear Kim,

    I feel so for Harry with his migraines. I have debated many times whether or not to send this, mostly because I am sure it is a possibility that has already been considered by you and Harry's physicians, but I have decided to error on the side of caution. Does Harry have any sleep issues? I know that there is a link between sleep apnea and migraines, but some healthcare professionals are not aware of that, or they do not consider it, particularly in children.

    I apologize if this is redundant, but hoping that this may be somewhat helpful.

    Prayers for all of you!

  9. Seriously, ALL of your kid's future spouses will appreciate that you have trained them not only in the kitchen, but in all areas of life. It looks the the "summer of pie" continues to be a success.

  10. he looks like he is a GOOD cook! Prayers comign your way

  11. Prayers sent up for you, your family and Harry. What a great mom to teach all her children how to cook. My husband could barely cook mac-n-cheese when we met.

  12. What a wonderful summer tradition!

    We just put our son on a GFCF diet two weeks ago. It's going really well and I honestly canno believe how much easier it is than I thought ( my hubs and I have been toying with and researching this diet for months). I've been following your blog for a few years and want to thank you for all of your info. On this topic. Hoping that you get some answers for cut Harry!

  13. key lime...yummy one of my favorites...I always we order a slice at Paula Deen's Brothers place, Bubba's, when we make it to Savannah...Good Pie Choice...Hope his migraine is over and he is feeling better.

  14. Im so happy that you are still continuing to cook with the kiddies despite the kitchen troubles! It looks like they have so much fun!
    Sending prayers and good hopes for Harry your familys way...poor thing!

  15. What a fun pie-making time you all had -- even with your kitchen disasters!

    Keeping Harry and all in my prayes.


  16. Lifting Harry in prayers....always.

  17. Yummy our favorite pie! Glad you had a fun day with Harry. So sorry about the kitchen-yikes. Keeping Harry in our prayers and hoping all goes well with the neurologist. Take care!

    ~ B

  18. Mmmm, sounds amazing!

    Poor Harry, migranes are just awful. And that is too bad about the kitchen. Sorry. :(


  19. I love the pie idea! Key lime pies are one of my absolute favorites, although I dont think I've ever made one. Hope it tasted great!


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