Monday, June 27, 2011
UPDATE: Someone asked where to get this first bathing suit.  I happen to see it here today for $26.  Kate wore it to the pool today and it is SO cute!

Really, I am.  I am not supposed to be shopping.  And really, I am not.  Not too much.  You see, Kate will be wearing a uniform to school this year.  So she really is not going to need many clothes.  In fact, I will be clearing out her closet here very soon (and might sell some stuff too).  But I still cannot help checking out Zulily everday. Do you know Zulily?  They offer beautiful boutique clothing for baby, kids, home and Moms at discounted prices.  But quantities are very limited and they run out quickly.  And you need to sign up.  But it is free to sign up.

Here are just some of the adorable things I have seen lately.  And don't have a heart attack Dave, I have not bought all of these things.

Okay, how cute is this bathing suit?  And it comes with the skirt.  I might have bought that one.


And how adorable would this one be for the 4th of July??


And this dress!  Isn't it darling? I can totally see it on someone at Christmas time.


These rosette tanks were a steal!


This would be a sweet baby gift, no?

And wouldn't the pants below be so chic on Kate?
I wish I had grabbed them (they even fit our uniform code) but they sold out very quickly!


Love this swing coat!

And how sweet would this be at the beach?



I did snag this hair accessory bundle above for a GREAT price.  And Kate will certainly wear them. If Kate cannot wear cute clothes to school, she will "jazz it up" with hair accessories.


I think these capris are adorable too.
Today's offerings include the following...




all at a fraction of the retail price.  Yes, I am addicted.

So, even though I am not buying much these days, I still enjoy checking out the sweet deals at Zuilily everyday.  Sometimes, I have little shopping sprees in my imagination:)

P.S.  Zulily has all sorts of stuff for the home and grown-ups (and boys clothing too).  I just am drawn to all the little girl stuff.


  1. I love zuilily! And I may be a little addicted too:) I've gotten some awesome deals though!

  2. Me too! I am addicted to Zulily. Their smocked dresses are a steal!

  3. I check daily as well-love it!

  4. Love, love Zulily! After 4 boys, I'm a little nuts about the girl stuff, too! :)

  5. I may have purchased several items for Ruby at Zulily...and then there are my twin 2 year old cousins, that I may have bought a few things for, then there is my cousin Chloe (our family's China Doll)that might have received a few things from Zulily...oh what the heck, My Name is Norah and I'm addicted to Zulily.
    Have a great day.

  6. love love love that store - only if i had a lil one to dress!

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika at ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

    LAST DAY Bloggers to stop by and enter~Light as a Feather necklace GIVEAWAY~ it’s an almost $50 value!

  7. Yea. I'm addicted too. I get my coffee and just wait for 8:00am to finally strike. :)

  8. I love Zuililly!! Such cute stuff on their site.

  9. I love love love zulily as well! The first suit that you may have bought for Kate is darling! I totally missed that one! What is the brand? I would love to try and find it somewhere else! Have a fabulous summer with the peanuts!

    We are looking forward to a summer of pies when our babies are old enough to remember it! Love the idea!

  10. After an American Express bill with too many Zuilly lines, I just delete the email when it come in every day - no scrolling down to see what they are offering, and certainly NO opening the site - far too dangerous!

  11. I LOVE Zulily!! I bought an adorable bubble today for Emme Jade!!!! I LOVE the suit you bought Kate!!!

    I need to find something great for Ainsley to wear when she meets Emme. So, if you see something in pink, let me know!!!


  12. P.S: I hope you bought that dress for Kate for Xmas.
    I would LOVE it for Sienna!!!!!

  13. Love, love, love Zulily!! I can easily convince myself how much I'm SAVING when I make a purchase (not that I would ever pay full price for most of those things!). But, dang, it's hard to resist!

  14. I NEED to have a little girl someday...those clothes are simply priceless!!! My fav...the bathing suits!! Do they come in our size? :)

  15. Like it all, and the top suit is SO sweet!! That hot-pink dress is perfect for Kate!
    I always knew we were a lot alike, had to laugh at this post, could have been written by me, hehee. :)

  16. i am totally addicted to zulilly too. i have bought lots of shoes for the kids from them, they are great!


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