Princess Rosie's Acting Debut

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Kate did her first summer camp this year.  It was a 2 week acting camp. She was in a group of 4 and 5 years olds and they "used their imaginations" a lot according to Kate.  In fact, every day when I picked her up at noon and asked what they did that day she would say, "We used our imagination!"  They wrote a script and practiced and at the end of the 2 weeks, they put on a play for the parents.

The photos are super grainy as no flash photography was allowed and I bought my D-80...

Kate played the role of "Princess Rosie"



Kate did a great job remembering her little lines.




Love that silly face above.  It is her "I am done with your photos, Mama" face!


Kate and one of the acting camp coaches:)

Here is a tiny clip of one of Kate's lines.

The entire 4 minutes show can be seen here.

I must tell you that Jerry Seinfeld was SO SO SO SO FUNNY!!!!  I have never laughed so hard.  My face actually hurt from laughing so much.  In fact, I never stopped laughing or smiling the entire hour and a half!!!!   He was pure genius. Honestly, he is in a class by himself.  Every single word and gesture was funny.

I have loved Jerry Seinfeld for many, many years.  I saw the first episode of Seinfeld when it first came on and never missed an episode.  When I was a professor, I often used clips from the show in the classes I taught.  I even co-authored an academic paper on Seinfeld and presented it at a professional conference.  So, my whole adult life, I have wanted to see him.  When Dave told me that we needed a sitter for June 24th, I quickly replied, "Did you get tickets to see Seinfeld?"  He was shocked because it was a surprise. I had no clue he was coming to town or that he was even on tour. I only said that because he is the person I would most want to see in my life.  So needless to say, I had high expectations.  And they were exceeded.  So, if he comes to your town, I would highly recommend seeing him.  Thank you so much Dave for taking me:)

And Jerry, if you and Jessica and the kids ever come back to town, we'd love to have you over!  Seriously, I want to be friends with them.  I know that is kind of crazy but I do.  I love Jessica Seinfeld  as much as I love Jerry. She has a great healthy cooking blog called Do it Delicious that has simple healthy recipes and fabulous videos for the beginner cook:)  I just know we would all get along famously;)


  1. I also LOVE Jerry Seinfeld and saw him a few years ago. Like you, laughed the entire show - so funny.
    Kate did a fabulous job as "Princess Rosie' .. daring!

  2. Have you gotten Harry checked out for an MSG or Aspertame allergy? Alot of Gluten free items..and well alot of food in general has MSG and it makes many very sick...I have intense migrains that make me cry and it takes alot to make me cry and they are MSG triggered....Just a thought :) Kyndle

  3. FUN! I did acting camps my whole life. I LOVED them. You look beautiful in the pics. My mom saw Jerry Senfeld in Lincoln, NE and LOVED him!

  4. He is coming to Atlantic City in August...
    I should consider getting the girls together and make it a weekend!
    Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Jerry belongs to the Porsche club out here that we used to hang out in (before we got the adoption bug!). He's a pretty low key, quiet guy when he's off the stage...tell Dave to buy a Porsche & maybe he'll come and hang out with you!

  6. Kate seems so intelligent and mature. :) I have followed your blog for a couple of years and can't help but to notice that she is always so "spot on" with her little performances. :) She is definitely the leader in this group, and always seems to be a step ahead :)

  7. What fun! Maddy did a theatre camp and my quiet, somewhat shy girl loved it!

    Saw Seinfeld here a couple years ago and agree that he was so funny! Everybody needs to laugh like that! Hope you have a good week!


  8. We are so going to NYC someday to watch Kate either in the New York Ballet or on Broadway!!!!!

    She looks so beautiful as Princess Rosie! I think the stage is "her thing!"


  9. LOVE Seinfeld! I am going to have to go google to find out if he is coming our way. We have never seen him in person. sounds like his show is a must see. And I am LOVING her silly face photo. ADORABLE!


  10. Oh were the perfect Princess Rosie...I am thinking Lucy needs to go to acting camp too!!

    I would love to see Jerry glad you had a great "much needed" good laugh Kim!!

    p.s. did you see Lucy in her matching Kate orange dress?? I just loved it!!

  11. THIS is exactly what children need! I cannot express just how impressed I am with this acting camp! Wow! Allowing children to use their imaginations and ENCOURAGING it. It is soo very crucial to their learning. I find it over and over again, that many children today have simply LOST their imagination. In a world where they are both instantly and over stimulated they have begun to lose their ability or necessity to imagine. I believe that this is one of the reasons reading and writing is not only less interesting, yet more difficult for them to acquire. I think that this type of experience for children is crucial and commend you for always opening up your childrens lives to so many amazing ideas!

    p.s. I totally want to befriend the Seinfeld's! HAHA!

  12. What a great experience (and great fun!) for Kate, she's lovely to watch!! :)


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